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spring break + coverups

I've never really found a beach coverup that I've been in love with. All through college I ended up wearing oversize sorority tanks as my coverup because I couldn't find the ideal option. Obviously I still love shopping for them, but it's harder than it looks!

Let's start with Lilly Pulitzer. When I think beach, I think Lilly. They've actually toned down some of their merchandise to reach a larger customer base, which is honestly a good plan...I'm a converted ex-Lilly girl, and sometimes the prints can just all blend together. For this post I've chosen my two favorite coverups from their collection this season.

The Castilla Tunic comes in white (with blue embroidery) and navy (with yellow embroidery), but I strongly prefer the white. I love the pink tassels! The Nita Off the Shoulder Cover Up honestly looks like you could wear it off the beach. It's so cute.

If you're going for low-key, then the J. Crew Voile Tunic will do the trick. The whole menswear-inspired vibe is so cool, and it's the perfect coverup to just throw on.

Otherwise, I love the see-through eyelet look in black or white. I found this tunic at Nordstrom and it's just transparent enough. The high-key version of this is the Surf Gypsy Crochet Cover Up; really leaves nothing to the imagination, and you're already wearing a bikini. I have the Vineyard Vines Eyelet Cover Up, which is super cool because it's actually part of a collection that's made completely in Italy...and you can also wear it with a cami and white jeans to dress it up.

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spring break + swimwear

kate spade scalloped bikini (top | bottom) | l*space rocky bikini (top | bottom) | monday swimwear clovelly bikini (top | bottom) | o'neill batiki one-piece | ted baker plunge one-piece | triangl gigi bikini | triangl milly bikini | tory burch tie dye (top | bottom)

It's swimwear time! If we're going to be completely honest here, what you bring to wear on the beach is probably the most important part of packing for spring break (given that you're going to the typical tropical destination). Most of your time is going to be spent on the beach or by the pool in a cute bikini or one piece.

A moment of silence to praise the return of the one piece.

This year I won't be donning my usual obnoxious one piece (I'm a repeat offender of the "Bae Watch" red suit) for a couple of reasons. This is a reunion trip with my girl friends, not a beach darty in college. I also  have only a short amount of time on the beach, so I'd rather focus my time on minimal tan lines. But, I found a couple of cute one pieces while shopping for this post. 

If you're going the more chic and fashionable one piece route, go for a looooww plunge and looooww back. It adds a little bit of sex appeal. I'm not a huge fan of complicated straps or cutouts, so suits like this Ted Baker one or this O'Neill from Nordstrom are perfect. 

I, however, will be wearing this amazing bikini from Monday Swimwear. I have been wanting it for years, and for my birthday I got a "bikini of my choice" for Florida, so it was the perfect time to snatch it up! 

I'm a big fan of the black bikini (they're basically the only bikinis I wear), and you really can't go wrong with a black string bikini. This L*Space bikini is really cute too, and Monday Swimwear has a similar option on their website, too. I have always been obsessed with this Triangl bikini, but the thing is, they're really not flattering on me. Boo. 

So, I ordered the Monday black underwire bikini with this bottom last week. Obsessed. Will post more about it when I go through what I'm actually packing for Florida. But, I just found this Kate Spade pink scalloped bikini on Shopbop.

Guys. How stinkin' cute is this??? Like oh my gosh it's adorable! It's really girly and flirty and doesn't really fall in line with my style but I'm loving it! It also comes in black, which will probably look less ridiculous on me, but the pink is just so cute. Kate Spade has a couple of scalloped swimwear options this year, and this bikini is my favorite by far - love the strapless look. 

What cute swimwear have y'all seen this season so far? Let me know!

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spring break + beauty must-haves

Okay. Let's talk Spring Break beauty must-haves. 

Obviously, sunscreen is at the top of the list. But even before I get to the beach, I like to take the proper precautions so I don't look like Casper the Ghost in a bikini. Hello St. Tropez. In a few days I'll gave a complete run-down of my faux tanning routine, so today I'll keep it short. To give your skin a little boost of color before spring break, go for St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse. Always remember the tanning mitt so the mousse goes on smoothly and evenly. I've decided that I'm going to do my own self-tan instead of going to Palm Beach Tan to get a spray tan there. I am just loving St. Tropez! Also, don't forget to take the proper pre-self tan precautions!

I have weird skin in that when I was growing up, it was very sensitive and I would burn easily, but still get tan. Now, it's not very sensitive, and I can get very tan. While I obviously love my tanned skin and freckles, I have to be very careful to always wear sunscreen because large pores are not ideal. 

I just ordered Beautycounter's Protect All Over Sunscreen as my face protection for my upcoming trip to Florida. I'm obviously obsessed with all their other products, so I have high hopes for this new one. Sunscreens are unfortunately notorious for causing skin breakouts, and I am not about to wreck my skin! I have had completely clear skin (seriously - not one blemish in sight) since I started using Beautycounter in November, so fingers crossed. I'll keep y'all updated on my opinion of this sunscreen post-spring break.

Two face sunscreen fan favorites are La Roche Posay's Antihelios Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid and Neutrogena's Clear Face Liquid Lotion. I've actually used both, and I prefer La Roche Posay, but they both get the job done. I use at least SPF 30 on my face (usually between 30 and 50), and typically SPF 30 on my body. 

For the body, I definitely like spray sunscreens over lotions just because of convenience. Sun Bum is my personal favorite for body sunscreens, and you can find it at Target and Ulta. 

In case of a burn, always apply aloe! My friends always burn when we go on spring break, even when they layer sunscreen, and it definitely helps to have an after-sun lotion or gel to help soothe the skin. I'm planning on getting Sun Bum's Moisturizing After Sun Gel in case I get a little too much sun one day!

In terms of after-sun face repair, stick to a repairing and moisturizing face mask. I have my eye on a Sephora Lotus Sheet Mask for moisturizing and soothing skin - just want to add a little extra something to my skin!

Lastly, you can't forget about haircare. Direct exposure to sunlight is very drying, especially at the beach when there's the added salt water damage. I love a good beach wave as much as the next girl, but if I'm trying to grow out my hair a couple of inches, I don't want it to be a dry mess when I get home! I love the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask, especially since it comes in a smaller, travel-size version - perfect for packing! I've been known to leave on a hair mask while I'm tanning outside; it's low-maintenance and adds an extra layer of protection. 

If you're more inclined to keep on the mask during your post-beach shower, then make sure to use Fekkai's Pre-Soleil Radiance and Protection Mist. I've been using this product for years. It's a quick-drying spray serum that protects against UV rays while you're outside. It's also great for saving your hair color so it doesn't get too brassy from the sun.

Post-beach, I like to embrace my beach waves. My hair is curly naturally, and when salt water and sun are added into the mix, I have the perfect messy ringlets. But, to recreate that look after showering and getting ready for dinner, I use Bumble and bumble's Surf Infusion Spray. It's the non-drying version of the classic Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, and while I do love the original, it gives my hair a weird texture. Surf Infusion has a mix of salt and oil to hydrate your hair while still giving it that beachy look.

What are y'alls beauty must-haves for spring break?

Here's to hoping that I can fit all these products in my carry-on.....

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spring break + cool girl sunglasses

On Friday I leave for my "Spring Break" trip to Florida with my college friend group! I put spring break in quotations marks because it's just a long weekend, but considering this is the real world, and the real world doesn't have week long spring breaks, this is as good as it's gonna get!

For the next week, I'll be posting about all my favorite spring break topics: swimsuits, beauty must-haves, coverups, faux tan tips, just to name a few. I'm very excited for next weekend, and writing these posts have actually helped me figure out what to pack for the trip!

So, first up: spring break sunglasses. Let's jump into it.

It's about time that I venture out from the typical Ray Ban aviator look. I'm pretty sure that any time I recommend sunglasses, it's the classic Ray Ban green and gold aviator, or a flash lens version. I truly believe they're the greatest sunglasses of all time, and are universally flattering, however, #newyearnewme, and I'm trying to be a little trendier and a little more adventurous in my personal style.

I love sunglasses, and actually have a small collection growing in my bedroom. However, they're just variations of the same Ray Ban sunglasses, and I'd really like to venture out into edgier waters.

Real talk: if you're looking for cheap but outrageous and trendy sunglasses, go to Bp. at Nordstrom, Free People, or Urban Outfitters. Not all of us are willing to shell out cash for a new pair of sunglasses, and they actually have a great options for spring break. Free People honestly probably has the best selection, which is so random to me considering their clothes are so absurdly overpriced. 

Personally, I have my eye on a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. How fun??

I'm really loving the 70's-inspired almost translucent colored sunglasses. Think Stephen Hyde from That 70's Show. If I'm not going for the reflective look, I'm definitely going for the barely there look. 

If you're looking for a thicker frame, I definitely recommend the Quay Cat Eye sunglasses. I have a bunch of friends with these sunglasses, and they're so friggin' cool that they're currently sitting in my shopping cart on Nordstrom. Definitely a statement piece, so those faint-of-heart fashionistas should probably try them on in-store before buying.

Tomorrow I'm running around on my day off to find a cute pair of cheap sunglasses. Fingers crossed I'll find some!
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beauty + berry lips

Happy Saturday! I'm heading to Sephora today to restock a few items (also pick up a few sheet masks), so I thought I'd check out their selection of berry lipsticks. I have the perfect red liquid lipstick (thanks Kylie Jenner), so next on my to-find list is a perfect dark berry lip.

I was inspired by this makeup tutorial by Lisa Eldridge of Rosie Huntington Whitely getting ready for a birthday dinner. She has the perfect grown out lob (#goals), glowing skin, and is wearing a majestic berry lipstick. I'm obsessed. Her lipstick was from her makeup line at Marks & Spencer, and while I'm sure it's great, I'm really picky about my makeup shades and really prefer to choose them in person.

Let's jump into it.

I would rather the lipstick be darker than rosy and bright. It also can't be too purple. I made my own lipstick shade with my Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette, and it was basically a dark purple. It was fine for the occasion (literally just dinner with my parents), but I'd really like to find what I'm looking for.

The berry lipsticks I'm most looking forward to trying are Anastasia Beverly Hill's Liquid Lipstick in Vamp, Tarte's Tarteist Matte Lip Paint in Acid Wash, and Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick in Blackmail.

You can't have a good lipstick without a good lip liner. It makes your lipstick last longer, and it's honestly just fun to do the whole shebang. Hopefully I'll find one that is a good match for my future berry lipstick!

I can't really vouch for any of these colors, I'm gonna be honest, but based on my Instagram, Pinterest and Google research, these are some of the best berry lipstick and lip liner options out there. If y'all know of any others, please let me know!
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beauty + growing out a lob

Well, it's been a total of two and a half months of having short hair, and I'm currently in a slump. I can't help thinking what my hair would have looked like if I didn't cut 7 1/2 inches off my hair (I cut another inch and a half off right before my birthday). There's nothing I can do now, unless someone who reads this blog can give me believable extensions, ha, but wait it out and go through the steps to grow my hair longer.

My problem is that I literally change my mind every month and a half about what length of hair I want. 

Oh, to be a Kardashian and have all lengths and styles of hair with a text to Jen Atkin.

However, that's not the case for me. I think because I've never completely grown my hair out to bombshell lengths that I always want to try it...yet always get bored halfway there and make another shoulder length chop. Right now, my hair falls is just above the shoulders, and the only hairstyle I do is messy / bedhead waves. It's easy to do and always looks good, but I can't help but want something a little bit more. 

As I don't have the patience to grow it fully out, I think a nice compromise would be to have really healthy, thick, and shiny mid-length hair. My hair grows fast, so I know it won't take long, and in my opinion I'd rather have perfect hair on the shorter side, than meh long hair. Whenever my gets too long / I get to impatient, it gets really weighed down, feels/looks thinner than it actually is, and just all around doesn't look fantastic. 

In my opinion, Rosie Huntington-Whitely had the chicest grow-out period from a lob to medium-length hair. She had the perfect messy lob, and transitioned it perfectly while growing it out. Her hair is a lot thinner than mine, which is a shame because I would so take her picture to the hair salon and ask for whatever she's got going on, but if you're ever looking for hair inspiration, her instagram is the way to go. 

So, on the quest for the greatest mid-length hair I can possibly have, here are my top tricks and products for growing out a lob. 
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lifestyle + the search for a new wallet

I'm looking for a chic and stylish wallet. 

I'm currently using a glitter turquoise mini-wallet for when I go out, and a HUGE hot pink one for regular use. While I'll still hold my brightly colored Kate Spade wallets near and dear to my heart, I think it's time to graduate to a more mature, seasonally appropriate option. 

Considering every other thing I own is in the black / white / grey spectrum, I'm not above choosing a wallet in that color spectrum. Prints are okay, as long as they're not too loud.

My personal favorite option that I've come across on my search is the Tory Burch Robinson Flap Wallet. I am loving it in the blush pink color. So chic!

Otherwise, I literally can't find anything I'm in love with. Does anyone have any other brand suggestions but Tory, Kate Spade and Michael Kors? They seem to be the most "affordable" of the higher-end wallet brands.

Help a girl out and let me know y'alls favorite wallet choices!

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beauty + an ode to sheet masks

I am really becoming more of a skincare girl these days. Don't get me wrong, applying makeup is still one of my favorite pasttimes, but in the past 6 months it's really dawned on me how important it is to take care of your skin. Having better, clearer, brighter skin makes your makeup (and all around body confidence) look better too.

Like every other beauty-obsessed blogger in the world, sheet masks are my new favorite holy-grail product. They're easy, they can be less expensive (or more expensive, depending on your price goal), and they deliver results.

I try to look for sheet masks that include the word "brightening" in the title. My skin is extremely well moisturized (thanks Beautycounter and Kiehl's), and I have clear skin. I don't really have any pressing skincare issues, but in my quest to have the perfect dewy skin, I go for the brightening sheet masks.

The sheet mask that is always at the top of every "must-have" list is the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. It's on the pricier side, and I haven't tried it myself, but it's definitely on the wishlist.

Last week I used the Miss Spa Brighten Sheet Mask for the first time, which was extremely well priced and I ended up loving the result. When I first put on the mask, it was very cold (despite leaving it room-temperature in my bathroom). I must admit, it was very refreshing! This product promises to help eliminate a dull complexion and sunspots, and you only need to keep it on for 20 minutes.

My go-to sheet mask, as well as, in my opinion, the easiest choice, is the face mask line from Sephora. They have eight options to choose from, addressing concerns such as "nourishing and repairing" to "anti-fatigue and energizing." Rose, Pomegranate, and Pearl are my favorites. Sephora also has eye-sheet masks, and overnight masks, too.

If you want to go full-on beauty guru, put in a deep conditioner while you have on a sheet mask. 20 minutes of at-home spa worthy primp time.

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beauty + my new fave dry shampoo

Let's talk about dry shampoo.

If we're being completely honest, I've never been a fan. I've tried multiple kinds from multiple brands, and usually it just ends up being a waste of money. It's literally like my hair was rejecting the product.

I love fixing my hair, but it's very time consuming, as well as bad for my hair's health. Blow drying + curling every day is not the best! I generally use a hell of a lot of Oribe Texturizing Spray each time I start my hair from scratch, and it keeps my messy waves in tact from mid-shaft to ends, but my roots are a different story. 

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the angel that is Lauren Conrad cut her hair a couple years ago from long, perfect waves to a short, beachy bob. It was amazing. Not kidding, I chopped off my hair a week after she did (there were other reasons why I cut my hair too, obviously, but LC's influence was a contributing factor). The lovely Kristin Ess, the celebrity hairstylist known for her amazing instagram and beauty blog, was the creative genius behind LC's bob. You can also see her amazing work on Lucy Hale, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and Halle Berry. 

Basically, I live for Kristin's instagram, so I was so happy to find out that she had paired with Target for her own haircare line! I went to Target this past week and picked up the one item that I desperately needed - a halfway decent dry shampoo.

Guys. Unreal. Can't tell if this is gross or beauty-conscious, but I haven't washed my hair since Tuesday and it still looks fresh! I like the fact that when I spray the dry shampoo on my roots, I can physically see the powder. This hasn't been the case with the other options I've tried. Once applied, you rub the powder into the roots and your hair is instantly refreshed.

Don't get me wrong, my hair is as messy as ever, but since that's the look I'm going for, it's not a negative.

That being said, I don't really know how this product would look if you didn't want bedhead waves. It works so well with the Oribe spray, but I'd really like to see someone with smoother and less hair than mine try this dry shampoo. 

Have y'all tried any of Kristin Ess' hair products? Or do y'all have another fave dry shampoo I should try? Let me know!

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what to wear + superbowl sunday

The Christmas of football season is here: that's right, it's finally Superbowl weekend. Given that I couldn't care less about the two teams playing, I don't have that much of an emotional investment in sports part of the game.

Lady Gaga, however, is high above us mere mortals on earth, and I am really watching the game for the spiritual experience that will be her halftime show performance. 

As with many events since graduation, I will be at home with my parents watching the game. I am right in the middle of being sick with a cold (thanks birthday weekend), so I'm pretty happy just laying in pajamas on my couch rather than going into the city and overexerting myself. Plus, a lot of my friends are Patriots fans...I bow down to Peyton Manning, so my fascination with Tom Brady is slim to none. 

So, for the night I'll be a Falcons fan. 

For all of you social butterflies actually leaving the comfort of your own couches to embrace social interaction and athleticism, here are some Superbowl watching-outfit essentials for the occasion. 

Football Jersey Pretty much a given. Last year I wore a Manning jersey for the beloved Broncos versus Panthers game. If you're a big enough of the team playing to own a jersey, you should probably wear it.

Wrap Top I am loving the wrap top trend lately. As I don't actually own a wrap top, I'm obsessing via pinterest and instagram (it's the thought that counts), but I believe it to be a perfect addition to a comfy yet stylish athletic-watching event outfit. Pair with a dainty choker, half-up top bun, and ripped or bootcut jeans. 

Open Shoulder Sweater Ideally, an open shoulder turtleneck sweater. Yes.

Slippers Aren't these shoes weird and cool? I love slippers, and I think they're great to wear to Superbowl Sunday considering they're low maintenance, but still sassy. 

Over the Knee Boots I've yet to really think of a "what to wear" post topic that doesn't require over the knee boots. So, here's another pair of perfect, thigh high glory. 

What are y'all wearing on Superbowl Sunday? Any fun plans? 

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