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My Holiday Wishlist

Next on the holiday lineup: my Christmas list. Only 7 more weeks until I'm home in Connecticut and it's Christmas morning, but until then, all I can do is make lists on lists of gift guides for the holiday season.

I love Christmas. I love Thanksgiving. I love decorations, I love how happy everyone is during the holiday's, and let's be real - my last name is literally Holliday. I have to love this stuff.

Okay, so this is a broad overview of my top picks for Christmas. #1 on the top of my list is the Series 3 Apple Watch. This is a lot about peer pressure, considering everyone at work has one, but I do believe it's time to retire my trusty Fitbit and upgrade to the Apple Watch. it was like I blinked and then everyone I know got one! Plus, I love the interchangeable watch bands - my favorites are black, white, and light pink.

Obviously an Hermes Apple Watch is the goal, but I'm trying to be realistic. HA.

Next up, I've been really thinking about a new bathrobe. I'm getting TOO exciting here guys, I know, but I've been spending a lot more time lounging about my apartment and I'm really loving the thought of a huge plush fluffy soft luxurious bathrobe. I haven't narrowed down anything specific, but I have found some contenders at Nordstrom.

Let's talk about hair and makeup. One of my top 5 beauty products of all time, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous. I could bathe in this stuff if I had that option. I bought some in January, and finally hit pan a few weeks ago and I honestly feel so dull without it. 

I haven't actually tried this product, but I've had my eye on the Beautycounter Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum. I'm super into serums and oils lately, and I love Beautycounter products, so it seems only natural to try it! 

Lastly, the Drybar Buttercup Big Bundle Collection. Although I hate when other people do my hair (something I need to learn to get over, tbh), so the whole allure of Drybar is actually lost on me, I love love LOVE their products. The one time I went to Drybar (I'll admit, I liked how they did my hair, but I know I could have done it better), I spent more time gushing over their products and hot tools than the actual hairstyle. Drybar has a collection of their blowdryer, hair straightener, round brush, hair clips, priming serum spray, shine cream, and texturizing spray. WOW. My hair straighter sucks and my blowdryer is eh, so the chance to get both of those + all those amazing products is so tempting. 

As far as clothes go, only two things have really caught my eye. I featured this vest on my What to Wear post about NFL games, and I'm reallyyyy liking it. Other than that, I found this poncho from Tuckernuck yesterday and thought it HAD to be included.

Lastly, there's something about a millennial pink purse that really has me going. All my purses are either black, grey, or leopard print, but I love this light pink purse from Tory Burch. Also, it's ON SALE. Sold!

So, there you have it. What are y'all asking for Christmas this year? 

Happy Saturday!

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