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Let's Talk About Balayage

In two days time, I will be home for the Hollidays (ha ha ha, last name pun). But, before family visits and Thanksgiving is in full swing, I will be returning to my local hair salon for a much needed cut and color. 

I have been taking very good care of my hair, with DIY hair masks and weekly Olaplex treatments, in an effort to grow it longer and stronger. While I will be getting a little trim (keeping length, but definitely getting rid of split ends), I am extra excited to be getting it colored.

My highlight process of choice is a balayage, something I've been doing for almost three years now. I used to be very, very blonde, but it completely destroyed my hair quality - not to mention, having to keep up with the super blonde lifestyle is quite expensive. 

I cut my hair almost to my chin my junior year of college to get rid of all the damage going blonder had done to my hair. I went to a new hairstylist at a new hair salon, her specialty being balayage. 

MAJOR shoutout to Dena at Hopscotch Salon in Greenwich, CT. MY GIRL.

Balayage, if you don't know, is a special hair coloring technique in which the dye is painted on their hair. It's a much more natural look, and grows out soooo nicely. The goal is to look effortless and have lots of dimension. 

Also, I find that my hair is much less damaged with balayage than when I used to do a full head of foils - go figure. Less of my hair is colored, plus it's not as shocking blonde. No more breakage!

Throughout the years, my hair has gotten increasingly darker, almost by choice - I go to the salon to get a half-balayage twice a year now. My hair is almost completely its natural color, except for the top section...I'm trying to avoid the dull, mousy dark blonde I was blessed with. However, right now my hair is probably the darkest it's ever been - a little too dark. I am in desperate need of a color refresh. 

Bright, blonde, balayage.

I have been scouring Pinterest for the past few weeks to find the perfect inspiration photos for my upcoming trip to the salon. I don't want to go too blonde - I've been trying to avoid chemical damage and I'm not about to start again. I'm going to ask my stylist if I can do an Olaplex treatment while I'm there, as well. The more help I can get, the merrier!

Do y'all get balayage? What are your thoughts? 

Have a wonderful Thursday! Today's my last day in the office until I get back from "break" - very much excited to have a change of scenery! Packing, however, is a different story entirely...

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