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What to Wear: Home Sick Outfits

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I had a completely different post in mind for today, but due to recent events I am sitting at home in my apartment drinking tea and watching Netflix.

That's right, I'm home sick.

I was feeling off yesterday, so I went to Urgent Care and left with a diagnosis of strep throat and a prescription for antibiotics. 

I am constantly getting strep throat, which isn't really the best thing in the world to have, and I honestly hate being sick while it's still warm outside. Something just doesn't feel right about curling up under tons of blankets watching TV when it's 85 degrees and sunny. 

So, today I'm working from home when I can, and sleeping / watching a nice mix of Nancy Meyers and Disney movies when I can. 

It’s getting to the time of year where I watch "The Holiday' weekly, and I can confidently say that Cameron Diaz’s character inspired the items in this post.

Moment of silence for how amazing her wardrobe is in "The Holiday." Lord.

The pink + grey + winter white theme she had going on with her loungewear was to die for.

When I'm sick at home, I literally only want to wear something comfortable and to have my faux fur blanket near me (I'm a woman of simple taste).

Let’s talk about my necessary items first.

We have to start with an eye mask. I need to sleep with an eye mask to get a good night’s sleep, since complete darkness is so necessary. I don’t have curtains yet in my bedroom (hopefully soon), so I rely on my trusty CVS brand sleep mask to get the job done. 

I AM OBSESSED with this Nordstrom Faux Fur Eye Mask. It is so extra. It is so girly. It is so something that I need to have. It is currently on backorder.

Regardless, this eye mask is so wonderfully luxurious that it almost makes you forget that you’re sick. Perfect for mid-day naps.

Next, the outfit. When it’s cold out, I prefer some form of turtleneck and pajama pants.

I cannot waittttt for turtleneck weather.

I’m loving this loungewear version of a turtleneck from J. Crew, especially when paired with their Vintage Pajama Set. I have their pj’s in navy and light blue, as well as this amazingly soft set in grey stripe.

(J. Crew’s pajamas are great to have during the holiday season, especially as Christmas gifts)

So, confession. I got a new pair of UGG boots when I turned 23. So literally, my most recent birthday. And I am not ashamed. I know they get a bad rep and that they truly are not the most attractive of shoes, but good lord they are so comfortable and warm. If you must leave your bedroom or couch while you're sick, UGG's are the way to go. Obviously, if you don't want to go full 2007 teenager, their shearling slippers are fantastic.

If you're going to fully avoid the shoe / slipper route, these socks from Nordstrom are crazy comfortable.  

I have about 12 different kinds of tea in my cabinet, considering I don't drink coffee, and I am constantly guzzling tea when I'm sick. Currently, I'm using mugs from Kate Spade and Anthropologie, but I'm loving the white and gold options from Shopbop.

Being home sick while you're an adult is weird because you're doing work in between sleeping and coughing fits. The antibiotics I'm currently taking are for 10 days, so I'm working from home today and will be back for the end of the week, but I'm definitely taking the weekend off. Very much looking forward to staying in my apartment and being a hermit for a few days.

What do y'all like to wear when you're at home sick? Anything you like to do?

Have a great day!

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