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My Weekend in Winston-Salem: Homecoming Recap

I am back and barely alive after my second post-grad homecoming. 

Good lord y'all. How do college students do it?

We were nonstop on the move for three days straight. I'm used to laying in bed and maybe running errands on weekends! I am not the srat star sorority girl I used to be!

I'm currently catching up on my zzz's and am going through a full body detox. A weekend of plenty of alcohol + eating out every meal really messes with you. Plus, I'm going to a tropical destination for Christmas, and I would rather start my diet and exercise plan three months in advance, rather than freaking out a month before and crash dieting. Ya feel me?

That being said, homecoming was a blast. Since this was my second year out, it didn't sting as much that I wasn't back in college. I have no clue who half the school is, and post-grad life is way better now than it was when I first graduated. 

Life moves on after college. Who knew? 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was highly aggressive with my sorority girl group shots.  You only get so many picture taking opportunities! I was staying at my grandlittle's house with a bunch of other girls, so it was great for everyone to be reunited. 

My friend group hasn't had a full reunion since February, but a majority of us were able to make it to Winston-Salem for a mini-reunion. 

So I definitely overpacked. We knew that coming into this weekend.

On Thursday night, I wore my go-to white palm print romper from Vestique. So happy I bought this. Did its job, got great pics in it, and now I'm ready to retire it until next summer.

I didn't get any pictures of my outfit on Friday during the day, but I wore a purple printed Lilly Pulitzer Dusk top and white jeans. It was actually my first time wearing a Dusk top and I'm really happy with it. I've had my eye on the navy and white options for a while, so I will definitely be picking them up next time I get a chance! 

On Friday night, I wore my favorite pair of jeans and my favorite going out top from Urban Outfitters. We attempted to go to frat parties (tbt) but they were shut down like 5 minutes into showing up. It ended up just being a big alumni reunion, which actually worked out well. 

I wore this romper to the tailgate and football game on Saturday, and it's honestly one of my favorite articles of clothing. It's less of a romper and more of a skort, which is super nice if you're not a huge fan of your thighs. Everyone was wearing black, white, or another muted color....I definitely was not. My freshman year, everyone wore Lilly to the tailgate. This year, I was the only one (lol). Definitely a throwback to the Pink and Green Prep days (never forget). 

The Deacs won our homecoming game, I saw a majority of my college homies, and I am perfectly content with staying at home being a washed up alumni. 

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