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My New Go-To Skincare Regimen

Skincare is tough. Even when I feel like I've found a brand that I love, that works, and that is actually benefiting my skin, I still find myself looking for the next best thing. My entire life I was always more of a "makeup girl" than "skincare girl," and it wasn't until around a year ago where I really started paying attention to the ingredients in the products I was using and focused more on healthy skincare. 

Growing up, I would use the basic Neutrogena cleansers (shoutout to the Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub) and pretty much exclusively used Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. Around my freshman year of college, my skin became more problematic and I started to use Proactive. That ish is amazing and my skin instantly cleared up. Since then, my only skin issue is occasional dryness - I really can't complain.

I love my skin masks and peels and scrubs, but despite all the fancy and trendy add-on's, a basic and beneficial daily skincare regimen is so necessary. I have used Beautycounter since the end of 2016, and I still use their Charcoal Cleansing Bar and a couple drops of the Soothing Face Oil (which they have since discontinued, sad Hannah) every day with my moisturizer. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love Beautycounter. But once I ran out of the cleanser and day moisturizer, I wasn't really in a rush to reorder. I have beauty product ADD - once I finish something and I'm not completely obsessed, then I look for something new to try.

Well, I was in luck, because once I was on the hunt for a new daily regimen, I found a new skincare line. Meet Targeted Skin.

Targeted Skin is an up and coming skincare brand that literally has one of the coolest concepts I've heard in a while. Basically, it's centered around the idea (and scientific proof) that your DNA is the key to how you age and how your skin looks. The products are preventative, as well as work to combat daily environmental factors.

The process was fairly simple. You can order individual products from their website (cleansers, moisturizers, toners, serums, eye products, etc.) or you can do what they recommend, which is to get your DNA tested and purchase a three-product or five-product kit. The three product kit includes a cleanser, day moisturizer, and serum, while the five product has an additional night cream and scrub/toner (depending on your DNA results). I got a five product kit.

When you order, you first receive a DNA swab kit so you can actually get a sample for the lab. It's basically two q-tips and a questionnaire, and you just do a quick little cheek swab. Then, I sent it back to their corporate office, where they proceeded to test my DNA and determine what my individual risk factors were. 

When the DNA-testing process is complete, I was sent an email with your personalized DNA report, and a couple days later I received my product and a printed version of the report, as well. 

I consider myself pretty well-versed in my own body's needs, risks, and issues, so I wasn't surprised by my results. 

My DNA was tested for a variety of factors, mainly my risk for firmness/elasticity, sun spotting and pigmentation, free radical damage, sensitivity, and glycation. I was told if I was at a low, medium, or high risk for these factors. 

So, my results said that I was at low risk for every factor...except sun spotting and pigmentation. SHOCKING. Considering my obsession with freckles and a healthy summer glow, I was not at all surprised. I love being in the sun, and while I do always wear SPF, I have always had freckles and there's a history of sun damage in my family. But, it was super helpful to know that my risk for other things, like wrinkles and sensitivity, was low. 

There are three Targeted Skin product lines - Balancing, Brightening, and Reviving. Based on your results, you could get all three/five products from one line, or they could be mixed and matched from all the lines. Personally, I received all of the Brightening products, which included a Brightening Citrus Cleanser, Brightening Day Moisturizer, Radiate Serum, Brightening Scrub, and Brightening Night Cream. I was secretly hoping I would get some brightening products, since the fresh-faced and glowy look is my absolute favorite.

I use the Brightening Citrus Cleanser every morning and night, and I have to say, I really like this product. The ingredients work as hydrating exfoliators and natural skin brighteners, and I definitely feel refreshed after using it. Also, it's an amazing eye makeup remover! Usually I go through makeup wipes like it's my job, but this cleanser gets most of my mascara off with just one wash. Huge bonus.

The Brightening Scrub is recommended as the next step after your cleanser, but I only really use it once or twice a week. It really works, and since I have a spray tan most of the time, I try to only use this scrub as an exfoliant to get rid of any trace of a previous faux tan. 

Next up in the regimen is the Radiate Serum. Obviously it's meant to brighten skin. It's recommended that you use it twice a day, but I typically only use it in the morning; I use the Vitamin-A Serum at night. 

As I said previously, my skin is on the drier side if anything. I really like to load up on moisturizers and creams morning and night. After applying serum, I use the Brightening Day Moisturizer in the morning, and the Brightening Night Cream (wait for it) at night! The Day Moisturizer has Vitamin C and works to alleviate any pigmentation issues. The Night cream is really thick, and I typically only use one pump each night. Its purpose is to aid your skin's natural renewal process and I can honestly say it's super hydrating!

Since I have a low risk for most of the other factors, I luckily have the ability to try their other products without worrying that they'll adversely affect my skin. Besides the Brightening line, I have the Reviving Mint Cleanser (LOVE), the Vitamin-A Serum, Prevent Serum, and Natural SPF 30 Sunscreen. The Mint Cleanser works to aid firmness and elasticity, and the Prevent Serum can be used to help free radical and sun spotting damage, as well as firmness. 

I friggin' love the Vitamin-A Serum. If you were to buy any serum, this is my personal favorite. It's a non-prescription retinaldehyde that really works against aging. Obviously I'm 23 and anti-aging isn't really at the top of my to-do list, but I just love how it makes my skin look! 

I will say that there are a couple things to know about the ordering process that might be a little off putting. One is definitely the price. As the typical struggling post-grad basic girl in her first apartment, spending a ton of money on beauty products is questionable. A three product regimen (with DNA test) is $249, and the five product regimen is $349.  But, I really do value skincare and the products seem to really work, so I'll put the price on the backburner. 

Secondly, it does take a couple of weeks from the time you order to when you actually receive the products and DNA report. It makes sense, considering you have to get the DNA swab, send in the swab, the DNA has to be run in the lab, then it has to be packed out and sent out. In a world where everything is based on instant gratification (I'm looking at you, Amazon Prime), it's a little different to wait two weeks to get any type of product after ordering. 

Another note - these products include really high levels of active ingredients. Since my skin isn't very sensitive (thanks DNA report), I didn't experience any negative reactions when I started using the five product regimen. I also didn't follow the recommended "try one product and continuously add on more once your skin has become accustomed to it" philosophy. Oops. If you do have sensitive skin, definitely take it slow with trying the products. While the ingredients are great, they're really, really potent!

I do want to try the Luminous Eye Cream next - the skin around my eyes (without concealer) tends to be pretty discolored so the idea of a brightening undereye cream is pretty alluring!

Have y'all heard of Targeted Skin? I'm honestly super happy with the results and have stopped even wearing BB cream since using the regimen!

Update 9/19: There is currently a sale happening at Targeted Skin! 3 Product Test + Kit is now $99 and 5 Product Test + Kit is $199 - so $150 off. Okay. Check it out now!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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