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My Fave Work Desk Accessories

I am currently in the process of organizing and decorating my work desk. For some reason I am having a mental block on how I want it to look, and whenever I go out and about to shop for accessories, I can't find anything I like. 

I started my job the last week of June, and it's taken me until now to actually think about making my desk a little more personalized. 

This is currently my desk chair (fantastic right???) and my desk looks a lot like this. I'm super happy about the amount of space and the amount of creative liberty I have. My coworker and I are trying to get standing desks TBH, or at least a raiser for my computer and monitor. 

I never thought that I would be into the whole standing desk craze, but after sitting for the better half of 8 hours, getting the chance to move around and stretch my legs is super tempting. 

Yesterday I went to Homegoods to check out their selection of office accessories, and unfortunately the location closest to me isn't really top notch. It is, however, across the street from the SouthPark Mall in Charlotte.

Guys, this is literally the greatest mall I've ever been to.

It has everything.

In Connecticut, I lived near three slightly mediocre malls that just didn't really do the trick. Now, I'm near the Mecca of malls and I have to resist the urge to go shopping there on a weekly basis.

I actually needed to pick up a new planner, and I've had my eye on Lilly's navy and gold pineapple large agenda for a few weeks now. Stay tuned for a full post dedicated to this agenda, because WOW they've made some great improvements since the last time I had a Lilly agenda!

I think a good agenda is a staple for your desk. Although I do have everything on iCal, I like physically writing things down in my planner, too. I'm trying to stick to the gold + white + pop of color theme for my desk accessories, and this agenda is very in theme.

Currently, I have a fake aloe plant (at least I think it's fake?) on my desk, and I'm looking to get another faux plant or flower arrangement to add some color. This is on the pricier end, but I'm obsessed with these hot pink faux peonies from Wayfair. IKEA has some great faux plants and flowers too, as well as Target.

I want to put up a couple of picture frames on my desk, preferably in black or gold. The next time I go to IKEA or Target, I'm going to look at their options because I'm definitely not looking to spend a lot! My plan was to have at least 1 personal picture (probably me and my sorority sisters, let's be real), and then maybe a graphic or a framed watercolor. There is space on top of my desk, as well as a display area on the shelves underneath. Maybe I'll try both?

I already have a coffee cup that I bring to work (or tea mug, in my case, since I don't drink coffee). Definitely the easiest way to add some color and personality to an office space!

Otherwise, I'm looking for a cute pencil cup, mousepad, and mini decorative objects for my desk. I honestly have a ton of space, and right now it's only occupied by my plant, phone, and computer! Hopefully I'll find some cute items in the next few weeks. It's time to make my work desk mine!

Have a great Wednesday! If y'all know of any good places to find cute office accessories, leave a comment below.

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