beauty + an ode to ice rolling

I have a very large, round face. If I lost 100 pounds, I would still have chipmunk cheeks. Although I gained weight everywhere in college, a majority of it was on my face. Too much tequila and not enough water, plus a sub-par diet really adds bloat (shocking, I know).

Now that my face is significantly reduced in size, I like to take the necessary precautions to at least give the illusion of me having a striking bone structure.

Meet the ice roller.

I first read about it on my fave blog, and I'm hooked. I've been on a huge skincare kick and the ice roller really makes me feel like I'm having a facial without actually leaving my house. An ice roller is exactly what it sounds like; a handheld, steel roller that you put in the freezer to get nice and cold, then you take it out to roll it over your face. 

I literally bloat by looking at food and alcohol, especially in my midsection and face, so the ice roller is a nice way to combat puffiness. Every morning, I like to take the ice roller out of the freezer and have a nice little ice facial while I'm eating breakfast. The great thing is that the roller stays cold forever. While you do get used to it after a couple of minutes, if you let it rest for a few afterwards, then go back in for round two, it makes a huge difference; it kind of renews itself and goes back to being cold!

The ice roller helps with puffiness, fatigue, redness, as well as tightens your pores for a clear and soothed complexion. Use it if you have a sunburn, after an especially hard workout (get rid of that red face!), and the morning after a night with one too many margs. 

The specific ice roller I bought off of Amazon is currently unavailable, but similar versions can be found here and here

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  1. I've never tried ice rolling before but it sounds awesome- who doesn't want to get rid of some bloat?



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