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beauty + growing out a lob

Well, it's been a total of two and a half months of having short hair, and I'm currently in a slump. I can't help thinking what my hair would have looked like if I didn't cut 7 1/2 inches off my hair (I cut another inch and a half off right before my birthday). There's nothing I can do now, unless someone who reads this blog can give me believable extensions, ha, but wait it out and go through the steps to grow my hair longer.

My problem is that I literally change my mind every month and a half about what length of hair I want. 

Oh, to be a Kardashian and have all lengths and styles of hair with a text to Jen Atkin.

However, that's not the case for me. I think because I've never completely grown my hair out to bombshell lengths that I always want to try it...yet always get bored halfway there and make another shoulder length chop. Right now, my hair falls is just above the shoulders, and the only hairstyle I do is messy / bedhead waves. It's easy to do and always looks good, but I can't help but want something a little bit more. 

As I don't have the patience to grow it fully out, I think a nice compromise would be to have really healthy, thick, and shiny mid-length hair. My hair grows fast, so I know it won't take long, and in my opinion I'd rather have perfect hair on the shorter side, than meh long hair. Whenever my gets too long / I get to impatient, it gets really weighed down, feels/looks thinner than it actually is, and just all around doesn't look fantastic. 

In my opinion, Rosie Huntington-Whitely had the chicest grow-out period from a lob to medium-length hair. She had the perfect messy lob, and transitioned it perfectly while growing it out. Her hair is a lot thinner than mine, which is a shame because I would so take her picture to the hair salon and ask for whatever she's got going on, but if you're ever looking for hair inspiration, her instagram is the way to go. 

So, on the quest for the greatest mid-length hair I can possibly have, here are my top tricks and products for growing out a lob. 

Take the right vitamins I've been a long-time proponent of the magic of Biotin and Viviscal for overall hair health. No, Viviscal isn't technically a vitamin, but it's the best supplement to take to help grow hair. It does take at least 6 months to notice faster-than-average growth, but it does improve your hair's condition drastically in the beginning. Both Viviscal and Biotin are great options to improve your hair's health from within, but if you're going for the cheaper, easier option, go for Biotin. It will give you shiny, strong hair, which helps hair growth in general, however it won't actually speed up the growth process like Viviscal can.

When it doubt, wear a masque It's literally the easiest thing you can do; while you're working out, sleeping, watching Netflix, put on an intensive hair mask for at least 20 minutes. My favorites include Bumble and bumble's Mending Masque, Ouai's Treatment Masque and Oribe's Gold Lust Transformative Masque. You want to add nutrients and moisture back into your hair (that's most likely been taken out from heat styling and processing) so it won't break off. Split ends are the worst thing if you're trying to grow your hair out, so you want to avoid them as much as possible, which leads me to my next tip...

Use heat sparingly When I was really focused on growing my hair out the first time around (almost two years ago), I used the absolute bare minimum of heat tools for five months straight. My hair grew significantly, and its condition was insanely better than when I used heat tools every day. Unfortunately, now I blowdry my hair after every time I wash it, and use a curling and/or flat iron, too. I only wash my hair probably three times a week now, so it's not like I use heat every single day, but it's still enough to need some extra love from heat protectants and deep conditioning treatments. Nexxus' Pro-Mend Heat Protecting Mist and Living Proof's Split End Mender are great options to protect your hair from any damage. If you're really devoted to growing out your hair, heat styling should be at a minimum. Embrace your natural texture! If need be, use some additional styling products (like Bumble and bumble's Don't Blow It) to help define any natural waves you might have.

Give your scalp some love I got a scalp massager for Christmas and it's honestly magical. Stimulating your scalp is great for hair growth, and a scalp massager is an easy way to do it a little bit every day at home. Having a healthy scalp is important for hair thickness, so watch out if you have too much direct contact with sunlight (wear a hat if you're at the beach!) and use the correct styling products to keep it moisturized.

Coconut oil is your friend Coconut oil is the tried and true "it" beauty trend of the past couple of years, and the results don't disappoint. If you want a cheaper version of a repairing mask, go to Trader Joe's and pick up some coconut oil. It adds moisture back into your hair, it's excellent for scalp health (it improves circulation), and supports hair growth by preventing split ends. It also the only oil that can penetrate the hair shaft, instead of just sitting on the surface. Your hair can absorb the vitamins and nutrients from coconut oil more effectively than regular products. I've written a whole ode to coconut oil here if you want to read how I use it and some of the added benefits.  

What are y'alls top tips and tricks for growing out your hair?

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  1. I love all the hair inspiration pictures. I want a lob now.

  2. Oh the pains of growing out a lob. I chopped my extremely long hair in 2014 and and kept it that way for a while. Now I'm growing it out and wish it would grow quicker. I have no patience. While I would love extensions, I dye my hair to often to upkeep with extensions. I'd have to have those dyed all the time too.

  3. I just started doing hair masks once a week (I try various ones, depending on which is on sale at Ulta) and find it has helped strengthen my hair immensely. I cut 9 inches off my hair in September and that has also helped the healing process of my hair tremendously. It is bouncy and full. My hair is so thick that it looks flat and dull when it is too long.

    XOXO Rachael



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