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what i'm wearing + birthday weekend

Today is the first day of birthday weekend, and I am quite excited that the day is finally here!

January has been very bleak to say the least. For the past four years I've had sorority rush, syllabus week parties, big/little reveals, and my birthday weekend to wrap up January. Now, I've had New Year's resolutions and lots of working out...while still managing to keep up the birthday weekend tradition. Post-grad January is definitely not as exciting. 

My friend group is having a mini reunion this weekend (four out of eight of us will be in NYC), and I'm having a huge birthday party on Saturday night to kick off the most boring age: 23. Thank God Miley Cyrus has an amazing anthem to honor the number. 

So, let's talk outfits. 

Friday night will probably be pretty low key (I have no way of knowing - most nights that are supposed to be low key end up being very high key, and vice versa), and I didn't feel like buying a new outfit for the occasion. 

The pink silk top that I have shown is close to what I'm wearing, but not completely. What I'm actually wearing is a blush pink silk top with black almost looks like a Victoria's Secret sleep cami if we're going to be completely honest. So, that + jeans and black booties. Pretty simple. Oh, and of course my favorite leather jacket. It's still January in NYC, folks. Pretty freakin' freezing. 

On Saturday, my friends and I have a very large very fun brunch planned in Midtown, and I was quite inspired by this outfit on Pinterest. I've been wearing my bootcut/flare jeans all the time lately, specifically when paired with these booties...mainly because I bought those jeans when I was a freshman in college and a size or two smaller, and now I am finally able to fit into them again! Hurrah for health. Anywho, I'm wearing them with a band tee and leather jacket.

Let's talk about this band tee thing. 

So I did a post a while ago about band tees, but I had yet to actually buy an actual band tee. Urban Outfitters is so absurdly overpriced it's not even worth it, Forever 21's are ripped to shreds or cropped, and everywhere else I just didn't like or know the bands on said t-shirts. 

Guys, I am telling you - Hot Topic is the hidden gem of band tees. 

They literally have everything. And they're cheap too! I went online last week to browse their selection, and they had the coolest Rolling Stones multicolored tee that I immediately fell in love with. Also, being the hardcore rocker that I am (ha), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy a classic Led Zeppelin shirt. Of course, if I had ordered online the tees would have been delivered the second week of February, thus missing the date I wanted to wear it, so I had to drive to New York to the only Hot Topic in the surrounding area in order to find these tees. 

Surprisingly, they had everything I wanted and more, and I was able to get both t-shirts for less than the price of the exact same Led Zeppelin t-shirt at Urban Outfitters. Praise the Lord.

So, in conclusion, if you're looking to seem cooler than you really are and want to wear a band tee, go to Hot Topic. 

Moving on to the main event. My birthday party will be just me and 50 of my closest friends (ha!), and I've had my dream outfit in mind for a while now. Silk tie-waisted black dress, sheer tights, over the knee boots. SO GUCCI. I'm very excited about this. The dress was inexpensive and is all I've ever dreamed of, and I had to take this opportunity to wear thigh-high boots. I'm not completely sure what jewelry I'll be wearing - like always, either gold hoops or this gold choker that I wore on New Year's Eve. It'll be an in-the-moment decision. 

My bag of choice for the weekend will be my go-to party bag, my oversize Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac. I guess it's just a Mac then? I don't know, but it's larger than your typical mini mac. I literally stuff it with makeup remover wipes, emergency makeup, gum, perfume, the works. 

I AM SO EXCITED. I'm trying to convince my friends to stay in NYC and live with me (fingers crossed), and honestly I haven't seen a bunch of the people I invited to my party so it'll be fun to have a reunion. 

Pray for me, y'all. I love birthdays more than the average human, and this is my first non-Wake Forest birthday weekend so things could get pretty rowdy! 

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. I love the band tees. I'll have to check out Hot Topic.

  2. Enjoyed every bit of your article.



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