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style + shopping for birthday weekend

Hello lovelies. Happy Wednesday. 16 days until Birthday Weekend, so let's start planning outfits now.

I've mentioned Birthday Weekend in a previous post, and I believe I did a roundup last year with details of my 22nd birthday. This year two of my best friends are coming to NYC for the occasion. The first night of the weekend will be a regular going out night, and the second night is the birthday celebration: we're having a big party / bar night with a bunch of friends from college and post-grad. While I'd like to have new things for both nights, I'm not counting on it, so the real goal is to make the party night the special one. 

My big thing this year is to find something inexpensive without turning to Tobi or Forever 21. I graduated college almost 8 months ago, time to move on. So, in the collage above, I'd say 75% of the products included are "inexpensive" - and the rest are things I already have (ie. Le Rip jeans, Oribe spray, over the knee boots). Just to give you an idea of the look I'm going for for this particular weekend!

Tricky thing about my birthday being in January: it's cold. I hate the cold. Why I actively chose to live in an area that has four seasons, I don't understand, but I'm beginning to regret it. Going out when it's cold outside is a total buzzkill (literally), and it makes picking out outfits difficult.

So, I just ignore the weather and wear what I want anyway.

I wore a romper on New Year's Eve, I typically go out in a leather jacket + cami / jeans combo, and last weekend I wore heeled booties in a snowstorm.

I may be an idiot, but no one can call me weak.

That being said, I am going for one of two options: dress, sheer tights, over the knee boots + leather jacket OR top, ripped jeans, booties + leather jacket. Warm enough, appropriate enough, and probably will be all black.

I was looking for options yesterday and sending them to my best friend for opinions / approval, and she was giving me a hard time because literally every option I sent her was black. Guys, I'm serious, I would love to wear more color if there were cuter choices! I am just not loving anything not in the black / dark red / grey range lately. It goes with my mood and the time of year. 

Okay. Let's get into what options I've come up with for Birthday Weekend. 

Black Top Because you can never have enough black tops. If I had more funds / no qualms about ordering four very similar looking tops, I would buy all options above...but that's not the case. I am loving the Topshop lace velvet bodysuit (one of my favorite choices above, by far), and of course being a fan of the turtleneck / choker (really anything around my neck), the ASOS halter top. I think the black top + black jeans combo might be better for the first night of Birthday Weekend......decisions, decisions.

Booties HOW AMAZING ARE THESE BOOTIES? They're metallic! I have some similar, but they're only plain black...definitely not as cool.

Crossbody If we're really going to be honest here, I don't like crossbody bags. Yes, they're convenient; yes, they're safer to take out; yes, they're the "go-to" party bag, but real talk - they suck. You can't fit anything in them! I like putting everything in one place in case of emergency (not a real emergency, but having concealer and an eyelash curler available if need be), and crossbodies are not the bag for emergencies.

That being said, I have a designated crossbody that I use for all going out occasions because it's big enough without being a hassle, and I end up switching out my wallet for a miniature version so I can fit more "supplies" in my bag. It's a jumbo version of the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, and for the life of me I can't find my specific bag on the internet. So, instead, I've included cute, less functional options that are aesthetically pleasing. No clue if they can hold things effectively, but who doesn't love some cheetah print?

Glowy Skin Glow baby glow all the damn time. My favorite highlighter of the moment is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Creme in Champagne Pop...if you're deciding between Poured, Pressed, or Liquid, I would go with Poured. I've found it lasts longer! I do, however, layer Poured with a powder highlighter because I have a highlighting problem, so if you're as psycho about makeup as I am, just grab them all.

Messy Hair I have perpetually messy hair (a lot of effort for making it look like no effort was used), and I owe a lot of my "look" to Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

Moto Jacket I have this jacket and it's never done me wrong (it's also on sale, so go for it). I got bored with putting the same black leather jacket picture on all of my collages, so instead I've spiced things up with a maroon suede jacket from BLANKNYC. It's a little pop of color (a very loose interpretation, however), but it looks warm and chic so perfect for going out in January in the northeast. Basically, a jacket is non-negotiable, so make it look good.

Over the Knee Boots
 Not shocking.

Silk Cami Dress I ordered this dress yesterday and (fingers crossed) I think it's the look I'm going for for Birthday Weekend. I actually have this dress in a midi version and wore it all through the fall, so I'm hoping the mini version with over the knee boots, sheer tights and maybe even a choker will work!

Tan Skin (Kind of) Being this pale makes me self-conscious, but it's nothing that a good two layers of St. Tropez Bronzing Lotion, bronzer, and face / body bronzing highlighter can't fix.

GIVE ME Y'ALLS IDEAS AND INPUT! I'd love to know your thoughts!

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