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what to wear + homecoming

Warning: this is going to be one hell of a long post. 

It's absolutely ridiculous and I need to grow up but I’m so excited to go back to Wake Forest for homecoming I’m literally nauseous. 

That’s not an overexaggeration. When I get #nervousbutexcited, I get anxious, and I get nauseous. True story. 

Homecoming is t-minus 7 days away, and I am honestly counting the minutes at this point. My friends and I have been looking forward to this weekend since the moment we walked across the stage at graduation. Depressingly enough, it’s the last thing we really have to look forward to for a very…long…time…

So, we’ve got to make this weekend count.

Click "Keep Reading" to hear what I'm planning on packing and wearing to my college nostalgia-filled extravaganza!

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style + the black vest

vest | turtleneck (similar) | jeans | boots (similar) | sunglasses

Happy Thursday. We are SO CLOSE to almost being done with this workweek. I'm really over this uncharacteristically warm weather. When it's fall, I want it to be fall, no questions asked. Supposedly this weekend temperatures are supposed to drop and I'm very much looking forward to that. 

Not because I particularly like cold weather, but because I do like my fall clothes. 

I loooooooooove this vest. I didn't have to go into work on Columbus Day, so my mother and I decided to go shopping (much needed stress relief). I had seen this vest online, but it was on sale in store!! Obviously if something is on sale it means buy it.

It looks like it's fur, but it's actually just very soft fleece. The black is my favorite color option...not because everything I own is black, but because it's honestly the best color offered. I've already worn it like three times since I bought it, so definitely a win.

This turtleneck is also one of my faves. I got it at this local boutique (which has since closed) and I keep meaning to look at the brand and see if they have a website, but life gets in the way. It's literally the softest turtleneck in the entire world. I like it because it's form fitting, but not suffocating. I'm finally moving past the oversize-everything phase of college! 

V happy that I have it in white, but I want to find it in black too. Updates to come.

Shop this look below! Let's have a great Thursday!

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beauty + an ode to coconut oil

I know everyone and their mother has jumped on the coconut oil train, but I’m a late bloomer.

After finally getting my hands on some of the glorious magic known as coconut oil, I have been converted to a die-hard fan. Right now, I use it as a deep conditioner and moisturizer. I know I’ll end up using it for way more than just those two things, but for now, the deep conditioner is my new go-to.

What does coconut oil do for your hair? For starters, it adds a ton of moisture back to your hair. It's the only hair oil that can actually get "inside" the hair, instead of just sitting on the surface. Your hair can absorb the vitamins and nutrients from coconut oil way more effectively than regular products. 

It's excellent for scalp health and supports hair growth by preventing split ends. It improves circulation when directly applied to the scalp, which also is great for growing your hair out. Also, if you the tiniest amount on dry hair, it works as a frizz-tamer to smooth out your hair. 

Basically, you scoop out a tablespoon of the oil, which is a solid at room temperature. After heating it up a little in the microwave (30 seconds should do it), it becomes a liquid. 

A rule of thumb for coconut oil: a little goes a looong way. The first time I used coconut oil as a hair mask, I was unconvinced that I would only need a tablespoon, so I scooped out a little more. I ended up having way too much oil, and my hair was close to dripping the stuff.

So, lesson learned.

When it’s nice and liquid-y, just start scooping it in your hands and applying it from root to tip. Really massage it into your roots. It should be evenly distributed throughout your hair. Then, put it up in a bun and either put a shower cap on, or sleep with a towel on your pillow. Considering it’s an oil, it doesn’t dry, and you definitely don’t want it spreading to your pillows. 

I like to sleep with a hair mask on, but really it’s up to you. You can leave it on overnight, or just 30 minutes, whatever your fancy. I’m thinking I’m only going to do a coconut oil treatment once or twice a week, because I really do like my other deep conditioning treatment cocktail that I sleep in usually.

Do y'all use coconut oil? Any clever uses for this amazing product? Let me know!
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style + the black turtleneck dress

Happy Turtleneck Tuesday! I'm going to make this a thing!

I've referenced this turtleneck dress twice actually, so it's not a new obsession, but honestly, how great is this dress? It can be dressed up or down, it's black (automatically a winner), and the amount of accessories to pair with it is unreal.

No surprise that I would wear it with over-the-knee boots. I wore this outfit last Friday to work, and I plan on wearing it to homecoming next week. 

Shop this look below!

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health + soulcycle

I have a psycho-level obsession with SoulCycle. Like, it’s what I look forward to most (besides sleep) each week.

Let’s start from the beginning.

For those of you for don’t know, SoulCycle is a 45-minute cycling class, but with choreography, dim lighting, and blasting techno music. You literally are drenched in sweat 5 minutes in, and the classes go by ridiculously fast. You’re instantly sore afterwards, but a kind of sore in that you want to do it again.

I went to a couple of SoulCycle classes in Greenwich the summer before I was a junior in college, and I really enjoyed them. But, I was on a hot yoga kick, and would have rather spent my money on sweating my body weight in complex, flexibility-necessary positions than sweating my body weight to club music.

I have since changed, and now the 45-minute, heart-racing class is the calmest 45 minutes I have each week.

About a month ago, during a particularly stressful week at work, I decided to #treatyoself and reserved a bike at SoulCycle. I love working out, and I wanted something that was different and didn’t require any planning on my end. It was absolutely amazing. If anyone lives in Fairfield County, specifically near Westport, take any class with Ryan. I’m determined to be friends with him, number one, and number two, I look forward to his classes each Sunday. I missed one two weeks ago because I was out of town, and was actually sad.

Soul Cycle’s whole philosophy is that each rider is on their own personal journey, so each class is dictated by what is best for you at that moment. They really push personal growth and strength, as shown by the huge mantras plastered on the wall. The instructor isn’t yelling insults at you, either…it’s more of keep going, do this for yourself, prove you can do this, etc.

Right now, I go once a week (Sunday). It’s a nice way to break up my Kayla Itsines and regular cardio workouts. I am all about routines, but it’s actually not good / effective if you keep doing the same workout every time you exercise.

It really is a full body workout, too. You’re constantly moving up and down, leaning forward, doing pushups to the beat of the music, and there’s even an arm section towards the end of the class. You think that 1 to 2 lb weights aren’t anything at all, but your muscles are aching by the end of the 5-minute segment because the constant repetition of tiny movements. 

So, moral of the story. Go to SoulCycle. It's a downward spiral once you get addicted, but it could be a whole lot worse. 

Do y'all go to SoulCycle? Has anyone tried FlyWheel or Joy Ride? Let me know!

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style + the cable knit sweater

sweater (similar) | jeans | boots (similar) | jacket | sunglasses

Hey team. Happy Monday! This lovely fall weather has got me feeling some kind of way. I basically spent my whole weekend working out / watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family (I won't call it "Freeform"), so actually having to be a real person today is brutal

Anywho, here's a post about cable knit sweaters. 

There are some days you just want to wear a big, comfy sweater and riding boots and feel v preppy. This outfit caters to that. I'm actually wearing my mother's sweater that she wasn't a huge fan of, but obviously it's the perfect casual fall sweater. 

I'm also wearing my new favorite jeans, the DL 1961 Emma Legging. They're incredibly stretchy and comfortable, and I plan on wearing them all the time. I wear black jeans to work like 3 days of the week, but unfortunately my previous jeans were from Banana Republic and have completely lost their black color (literally wearing dark grey jeans now). So, decided to invest in a long-lasting pair! 

Shop the look below!
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what i want + october wishlist

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

Happy Thursday. One more day until the weekend. I’m particularly excited about this weekend because I actually get to venture outside of the tri-state area and go to the bright and shining city of Baltimore! My brother lives there, so my parents and I are visiting for the weekend. Half agreed to go on this trip for family time, half agreed because I need to get out of CT and NY. 

There's my life update.

Anywho, it’s October, so here’s my October wishlist. I have been so MIA with blogging, also I haven’t looked at any shopping sites for literally the past 3 weeks so this has been a joy to make. I feel in the loop now!

Kendall and Kylie Peplum Tank I have lukewarm feelings about peplum styles (can’t decide if they’re flattering on me or really, really unflattering), but I’m obsessed with the bustier-style neckline and waist of this top. Also, you can’t tell in this picture, but the back is cool too. 

Naked Ultimate Basics Palette Because I really need another eyeshadow palette. But it’s Naked! It’s basically a “best of” for the matte Naked Palette shades. 

ASOS Black Turtleneck Dress I’m put this on my wishlist, but I bought it while I was making the collage. Oops. Planning to wear it to the Wake Forest Homecoming tailgate! Because black + turtleneck + mini dress. Right up my alley.

Wayf Embroidered Lace Top No need for this, it’s just super cute. Great for going out.

ASOS Turtleneck Dress Again, turtleneck, mini dress, ya know the deal. Plus it’s thick and perfect for riding boots and tights when it gets chillier.

Free People Keyhole Tank I have my eye on this for Homecoming as well. It comes in 4 great colors, and I honestly had a hard time choosing between black and maroon. Considering my outfit for Thursday night of Homecoming and Saturday are both all black, I went with the maroon. I swear I have a really cheery personality that off-sets the amount of black I wear. For those of you who followed The Pink and Green Prep, this is a complete total joke that I exclusively wear dark colors now.

Tarte Lights, Camera, and Lashes Inner Rim Brightener This is definitely one of those slightly unnecessary but 100% useful products. I read about this in a magazine recently, and I was instantly hooked. I don’t know about y’all, but when I don’t get enough sleep / am stressed (so every day), I have really bad dark circles and my inner rim of my eye is straight red. Obviously I correct the dark circle situation (thanks Urban Decay), but correcting the color of the rim is a little trickier. This eyeliner was made for exactly that problem. It is a nude-colored, eye-brightening liner that you apply when you need a little extra help in the mornings. Tarte liner, meet my shopping bag.

Oribe Smooth Style Serum Since making the “Blowout Must-Haves” post, I realized that I would like to add some more Oribe to my hair routine. Starting with the Smooth Style Serum.

J. Crew Leopard Print Sweater I mean it’s a leopard sweater. Come on. 

What’s on y’alls wishlist for this month? Let me know!

Shop this post below!

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beauty + blowout must-haves

It's funny, when I started Whimsical Charm I was in a strict "no heat styling" phase of my hair-routine-life. I did not use a flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer for three months straight, and my hair was better for it. Earlier that year, I cut 7 inches of damaged, buttery blonde hair to attempt to rectify my cycle of endless heat styling and excessive bleaching. I went a tad darker, removed all the dead ends, both of which helped my hair grow. When my junior year of college ended, I went back to my natural hair color (except for some face framing highlights, we all need those) and cut heat styling cold turkey. My hair grew two inches in three months, and the condition of my hair was radically different from the year before. 

My hair is now the longest it's been since 7th grade, and the healthiest since probably 5th grade, when I didn't use any heat products (you know, because I was 11 years old). Now that I color my hair once every six months (instead of every six weeks), my hair grows like a weed. I use deep conditioning treatments a few times a week, and opt for soft curls instead of straightening my hair until it's fried.

Something that I love to do, though, is blow-dry my hair. 

I consider myself to be very good at hair and makeup. Ask my sorority sisters, whom I did their entire beauty routines for for 3 years in college. I have taught myself to do the perfect blowout, complete with round brush and an easily flippable part. 

The way I look at it, my hair is so healthy now, and I use the right products, and it's not bleached out, so I can indulge a little and blow-dry my hair every other morning. 

I start by separating my hair into three main sections; I split my hair straight down the middle and separate right and left, then take out my shorter, angled face framing pieces. I blow-dry the front section first, parting it to the left, right, and middle so I can flip it to whatever part I want later in the day. I use regular Conair clips for sectioning, but I have my eye on these drybar clips.

I then remove the clip from my left side, brush it out, and put half the hair up in a clip. I blow dry the bottom section with a big, round brush until smooth and dry and then take out the clip so I can make a "middle" section of hair. Blow dry, unclip top section, blow-dry, repeat with left side. 

I then like to flip my hair upside down just to make sure I've blowdried my whole head. Give it a blast of cold air for 10-20 seconds and you're done!

In terms of products, I always use the Bumble and Bumble Repair Blow Dry Cream. In a perfect world, I would use Oribe products exclusively. I got to try the Supershine Moisturizing Cream last weekend at my hair salon, and it's wonderful. I've heard excellent things about the Royal Blowout Spray and the Imperial Blowout Crème (a girl can dream) and I'm planning on picking up samples of these ASAP. 

Obviously I loved drybar, the one time I went lol, but regardless, their Hot Toddy Heat Protecting product is a fan fave. DO NOT BLOW DRY HAIR WITHOUT A HEAT PROTECTANT. I literally use as least two every time I blow out my hair. I'm a huge fan of the product cocktail.

After I blow-dry my hair, I do Lauren Conrad-esque everyday waves (the pretty, super quick and super easy curls that have been part of the sorority girl uniform for years) and set them with Nexxus Comb Through Touchable Hold Finishing Mist. There's nothing I hate more than crunchy curls. I want my hair to be long-lasting without the dead giveaway of maximum hold hairspray.

What are y'alls favorite hair products for a blowout? Anything I should know about?

Have a great day!

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style + fave turtlenecks for fall

one | two | three | four | five | six

Happy Turtleneck Tuesday! A tradition that my best friend and I had in college, every Tuesday (given appropriate weather) we would wear a turtleneck. I'm going to try to bring this back on the blog in some way, so stay tuned!

Today I thought I'd give my current favorite turtleneck options for fall. I have demonstrated ultimate self-restraint with shopping, mostly because I really don't have time (good for my wallet, bad for the blog), so I haven't been as up-to-date with the trendiest and newest turtlenecks at my favorite brands. Thank God for this weekend because I actually got to catch up with posting to this blog!

Typically, J. Crew and Madewell are my go-to places for turtlenecks. They always have a consistently good collection in a wide variety of colors. Unfortunately, Madewell doesn't have any on their site right now, but typically in the colder months they have some amazing options. 

I basically only stop at J. Crew, Madewell, Nordstrom, Revolve, Shopbop, and ASOS, so I think I'm covered with every clothing / accessory need ever. They also have a fairly large selection of turtlenecks. Right now I'm loving sleeveless turtlenecks, which are super fun for going out (especially when there's a little side-boob action going on, see above) and can be worn with or without a bralette. 

Everyone needs a good black turtleneck, and right now I'm on the hunt for a fitted knit version. I don't want it to be too thin (like the J. Crew tissue tee), but not bulky and shapeless. Obviously an oversize turtleneck with leggings and boots is the dream outfit for fall and winter, but sometimes you want something a little bit more form fitting! 

Am I the only one who's this obsessed with turtlenecks? I hope not. They're too great not to be obsessed over.

Have a great Tuesday!

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style + all black everything

How amazing is this Free People sweater? It's crazy hot without being too obnoxious. I got it months ago and finally have been tempted to wear it, considering the change in temperature in CT lately. 

Something else that's new in this outfit? THE HIGHLY COVETED AND FINALLY MINE FRAME LE RIP BLACK JEANS. First off, I've been trying to find the perfect ripped jeans just in general, and I have finally found them in black. Y'all have heard me go on and on about wanting these jeans forever, and now they're mine! Honestly they live up to their name. 

So comfortable and stretchy.

The perfect rips...your whole leg isn't showing through the holes, even though there are rips up the entire thigh.

Total joke that they're on sale now, when I spent full price on them, but whatever. I'm wearing these to every non-work occasion and 100% bringing them to Wake Forest Homecoming in three weeks (outfit planning details to come).

Click "Keep Reading" to see more of this outfit!

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style + top 3 boots for fall

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

Love me some boots. I've been wearing booties pretty consistently since the middle of August (obviously rejecting seasonal appropriateness), and now it's finally the time to wear riding boots and over the knee boots!

The way I look at it, fall boots come in three categories: First, the riding boot. Think typical Tory Burch, brown leather boot. Second, the block heel bootie, preferably in black, preferably suede. And third, the over the knee boot. They can either be flat and super tight, like the classic 5050 boot from Stuart Weitzman, or really over the knee and heeled. 

I have my eye on the pair of Steve Madden OTK boots (shown above) current pair of heeled OTK boots broke apart (I have no idea) and I need a good replacement. The good thing about Tory Burch and Steve Madden is that they always have amazing sales, whether they be on their actual website or through department stores. 

Have a great Monday!

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