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lifestyle + what to do when you're sick

Hey guys. Writing from my deathbed.

Jk it's just a cold, I just feel like death.

Summer colds have got to be the absolute worst. It's hot outside and people are having fun, meanwhile being in hot weather feels like crap and fun is not what I'm having.

I am watching a lot of Downton Abbey and Southern Charm, so life isn't too bad. 

I feel useless if I just sleep all day, also I'm not tired, so I like to keep preoccupied. 

Reading is always a good idea. Books, magazines, blogs, all of them. 

I started Girl on the Train last week, so I got to finish it yesterday while I was in bed. Not my favorite book...people said it's a nice equivalent to Gone Girl, but I much prefer the latter. Any suggestions to continue my summer reading?

My mother picked up Porter and Domino magazines for my reading pleasure, and I've been checking up on new blogs and have been tumblr-ing/pinning everything in sight. I'm actually fairly sick of my computer. 

I don't really like staying in my room if I'm feels really enclosed, plus I like to just get out of my room. I've posted up in our den (hello Apple TV and access to the kitchen).

I honestly don't know what I would do without my fur blanket. I've had it for years and it's lasted through everything.

I went to the doctor on Monday and they literally gave me the response "oh year um there's no medicine for what you have so, like....drink a lot of fluids."


I've had to get up every twenty freaking minutes to pee because of how much water and tea I've been drinking, but I'm doing what the doctor told me.

My favorite brand of tea is Yogi, and I prefer "Detox" or any type of green tea but in the spirit of my general health and immune system, I have switched to "Immune Support." It's good! Not used to it, but put enough lemon and honey in something and all tea will taste the same.

I hope all of y'all are thriving and healthy and having lots and lots of fun. You don't realize how nice it is to breathe clearly and speak without a lost voice...

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lifestyle + my fave style and design books

In the quest to figure out my next moves in life, obviously obtaining (and more importantly, decorating) an apartment is high on the to-do list. 

I love coffee table books. Love them love them love them. I think they're so fun to flip through, and I constantly look through them for style, beauty, and lifestyle inspirations.

I've collected quite a few style and design books throughout the years, and definitely have my favorites. Here are a few of my top picks, as well as a list of my next purchases!
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lifestyle + i ate a lot when i was in new york

Ugh it's Monday we all hate them but honestly I'm kind of happy that it's not the weekend because it means I can get back on track with diet and exercise considering how much I stuffed my face this past weekend in New York, no regrets at all but I don't think I'll ever be hungry again. 

That was a long sentence.

Hopefully y'all get the point.

I took the train into the city on Friday afternoon to have a mini reunion with some college friends. Two came in for the weekend, and one just moved to the city a couple of weeks ago. We spent the majority in Chelsea, Meatpacking District and SoHo, places that I'm not too familiar with (despite living in the area for most of my life).

Friday night we went to Catch, a seafood and sushi restaurant in Meatpacking. I got sushi for dinner, but the real winner was the dessert.

I'm a self-admitted not-dessert person. I would much rather have an appetizer (preferably drowned in cheese), but in the spirit of being a free spirit in a trendy restaurant in the city, I ordered a cinnamon roll donut with coffee ice-cream.

(Also all my friends ordered dessert and I didn't want to be the odd one out)

GUYS IT WAS CRAZY GOOD first off I hate coffee but I looooove coffee ice cream, so that was amazing but the donut was so cool, I don't know how this is possible but there was a cinnamon roll inside of the donut. I am impressed/entertained easily, but this was a whole new level of excitement.

That night we went to a couple of bars, which was fun because A. I haven't been out since graduation and B. I've never been out in New York before. I made the mistake of ordering tequila sodas...first off, ew, secondly, I was sipping the drinks so slowly that I ended up not really drinking anything at all, which I guess is good in the long run? 

Oh well.

Anyway, the pride and joy meal of this weekend was at Dos Caminos in Meatpacking District. 


I love Mexican food more than the average person, I admit, but goodness gracious this meal was un-freaking-real. The brunch deal was that you get coffee or tea AND either a mimosa/screwdriver/frozen maragarita/etc. and then whatever food you want. I ordered the breakfast quesadilla and a frozen marg, and I was so, so happy. 

I tried shopping, but I just couldn't find anything that I loved. I've started this new phase in my life where I'm not going to buy anything unless I cannot live without it. Hopefully this will be easier on my wallet, and I'll end up loving everything in my closet. 

Okay so here's my fun little story. All my friends who read this blog are rolling their eyes right now because of how excited I get when I talk about this, but whatever. We went to Ladurée in SoHo (my first time, I was very pleased) and my friend and I were at the counter buying our macarons when I noticed something weird about one of the customers in line. There was a woman with a forearm piercing, and all I could think of was why on earth would anyone get anything besides their ears pierced, let alone their forearm. But, then I looked up and she looked very similar to Amanda Bynes...long, platinum hair, HUGE sunglasses, cheek piercings and all. GUYS I SAW AMANDA BYNES I know she went off the deep end, but I still love her and I can't believe I actually saw her just out and about in NYC! I know for sure it was her because my friend googled a picture of her and she does in fact have a forearm piercing! 


Saturday night was a winner too. We went to Rana in Chelsea Market, which is the great little Italian restaurant. One of my favorite things on this planet is truffle, so I obviously had to get the truffle ravioli. 

Obviously I did spend my entire weekend consuming delicious food, but I walked 17,000 steps on Saturday so whatever. 

I had so much fun seeing my friends, and have warmed up slightly to New York as a whole (baby steps)! 

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what to wear + fourth of july

I love the Fourth of July. My family used to spend every summer in Jackson Hole, so for like seven years I never celebrated the holiday at home in Connecticut. But, since I started working for the past three summers, we're finding our footing in Fourth of July festivities at home. 

Thank the Lord for our pool this summer. I intend to be as bronzed as humanly possible over the holiday weekend. 

In terms of what to wear, I've picked out my favorite looks for holiday. I'll most likely be in a bikini the whole weekend, but for those of you who are out and about, here are my top picks!

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve | thirteen (top / bottom)

I like the orange Lilly dress because it's a little more fitted and the neckline is really flattering. It's also comes in navy, but I prefer the orange because I'm actually quite a fan of the color. I haven't seen the white J. Crew maxi in person, but it's so flowy and summery that it's perfect for this holiday. Plus it has embroidery, so I obviously like it. 

THE GRAPEFRUIT TOTE. WHAT. I haven't seen it before which is a shame because it's so darn cute. 

I just got the white J. Crew top (on sale!) and actually brought it with me on my trip to the city. It's very lightweight, so it can be paired with shorts if it's hot out, but with jeans and a cardigan if it's cooler. My absolute favorite top in this post is the striped bustier top, like goodness gracious it's perfect. I'm waiting for it to go on sale, and when it does I am snatching it up. 

There is no holding back in terms of swimwear for this holiday. I happen to have an American flag bikini and a star one-piece (it's lucky I don't get embarrassed easily). If you're not into the obnoxious American pride, opt for a white bikini! My favorite is from Monday Swimwear

I just noticed that both the shoes included in this post are cork. I have the cork Lilly McKims and they're my favorite pair of casual sandals. I love the regular leather McKims, but unfortunately they stretch out if you wear them too much (which I do), but the cork sandals don't. I am loving the cork heels, I saw them on Tuckernuck and fell head over heels (ha ha). 

I can't pinpoint why, but I really, really like the navy tie-waist J. Crew romper. It comes in two colors, navy and this bright orange-y red, and is extremely versatile considering the amount of accessories that can be paired with it. 

Don't really know what I'm doing for the Fourth yet. My friend is having a party, so I'll probably go to that, and I don't think my family is doing anything special because my brother is away all summer. Lots of grilling and tanning though! 

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style + the printed midi

dress | shoes (similar-ish) | aviators 

Working slowly but surely to replenish my post-grad closet. Let me introduce this dress.

I honestly really like midi dresses. My all-time favorite dress, my senior spring formal dress, was midi. They're very refreshing; not as heavy as a maxi dress, and not as common as a mini dress. You don't have to worry about the hem getting dirty or flashing anyone. A happy medium. 

In terms of wedges and heels, I've been so dead set against wearing them for the past few years that I've been wearing the same few pair forever. The pair in this post are from Steve Madden, which I'm actually a huge fan of. 

Sorry, I don't have much to say about this's cute it's comfy yay midi dresses okay. 

Completely off topic, I'm in the city right now and had the most delicious desert of my life last night. I'm not even a dessert person, yet alone a doughnut person, but I had a cinnamon roll stuffed donut. Pictures to come later. 

Have a happy Saturday!

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lifestyle + what's in my purse

Ayoo happy Friday! Today I thought I would give y'all a glimpse into what's in my purse. I've made a conscious effort to grow up and have everything I need with me at all times (I can't just run across the quad to my dorm room anymore). So, I keep the essentials in my purse, and I'm trying desperately to keep it clean and clutter free!

I've recently been using this purse from J. Crew. I oddly have a lot of bucket bags, and I attribute that to the fact that J. Crew and J. Crew Factory are always having sales. Literally got this bag on sale. 

It's small enough that I don't feel burdened by bringing it everywhere with me, but big enough to carry my necessities. It also fits my DSLR camera which is a huge plus. 

My mother needlepointed my keychain a couple of years ago, and I refuse to get rid of it. It's really cool because she actually made the design herself (impressive, right?) and it's typical Han: animal print + monogram. 

Of course a pineapple had to be thrown in here somehow. 

I used to have a million different knick-knacks and keys on my key ring, but since I've decluttered every other aspect of my belongings, I thought I should do the same with this. Just the essentials!

For the past four years, I've either been carrying around a Lilly Pulitzer wristlet with all my junk in it, or I've had a card-carrier stuck to the pack of my phone. So, I've never really been in dire need of a purse or a wallet. 

It's time to grow up!

I got this Kate Spade wallet on sale and I love it. It's really girly and I think the scalloped edge is the cutest, plus the way that it opens is much preferable to the zip-around kind. 

In terms of random other things, obviously I have to have my sunglasses of the day. I'm trying to be better at putting my glasses in a case, but it doesn't always happen. Given my sunglass addiction, I have at least two pair with me at all times. 

It's aggressive but whatever.

I have to have a ponytail holder and a clip with me at all times. I get annoyed with my hair really easily and am always playing with it, so it makes things easier to just be prepared.

I'm planning to do a whole other post on this, but as a preview, I am obsessed with lip liner. I don't wear lipgloss or lipstick, just lipliner and chapstick. My absolute FAVE and the only one I will wear is Chanel in 05 (Nude). It's the exact color of my lips, so basically I just line my lips, apply lip balm, and I'm on my way. It's a game changer. I just had to replenish my liner, so the one shown above is the little nugget that I have left of my original!

In college I was slightly notorious for always having a broken phone (pretty sure my screen was shattered for 90% of spring semester), so I went and bought an Otterbox super late in the game. 

I hate it.

It's ugly, it's clunky, the screen protector will not get clean as much as I try to clean it, and it's just not my kind of style. I did get it in pink, so that made the case a little bit better, but not much. 

But, I haven't broken my phone since using it.

In the spirit of complete honesty, I don't believe I'll be breaking my phone as much as my college days because I won't be bouncing off the walls in frat basements or dropping it off my lofted bed onto my cold, hard floor. Basically, I won't be as idiotic. 

I'm starting to trust myself more with my phone, so yesterday the reward was a pretty and flirty and adorable new phone case à la Kate Spade


I know it's old news because this case has been around for a while, but it's new to me and I am endlessly entertained by moving it back and forth so it can wink. 

Busy weekend. I'm leaving for NYC this afternoon and am staying until Saturday/Sunday to see college friends, and Sunday I'm with my high school friends all day! Guys I'm very happy with myself, I'm actually making strides in actually seeing people besides my parents on a daily basis. I've been graduated for 5 weeks now so it was about time! 

What are y'all doing this weekend? Anything fun? Let me know!

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what to wear + white ripped jeans

Last summer I bought a pair of white distressed jeans from James Jeans, and all was well. 

love those jeans. They're comfortable, they're cute, they can be dressed up or down. They're the best

Unfortunately I'm not the most careful person, especially when getting ready in a hurry, so I've many a time stepped in the knee hole and have ripped the jeans even more than their original state. 

Oh well.

I have my eye on a new pair of distressed jeans, and honestly in a perfect world I would buy them in both white and black, but this is not a perfect world, and I do not have the resources to purchase one, yet alone two of these raved about jeans. 

Again, oh well. 

one | two | three | four | five // six | seven | eight | nine | ten // eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen | fifteen // sixteen | seventeen | eighteen | nineteen | twenty

White jeans, specifically ripped white jeans, are great for summer because they're lightweight enough to not overheat you (the ripped part really helps), and they are crazy versatile. 

Some notes on the collage above:

1. Just got this Madewell sweater on super sale. V good when paired with a white cami. Nantucket-esque, post-beach, casual type of sweater. 

2. THAT CHOKER I'M DONE I think it's so cool and I"m definitely not edgy enough to pull it off but a girl can dream! I love it! Ah!

3. I was looking for tops for this post and fell head over heels for the black high-neck top. I'm a sucker for anything high-neck, tbh, but this top is super cool because of how sheer and detailed it is! It's black and summery, a combination that's tricky to master. The jeans in this outfit are the jeans I have my eye on, btw. 

4. The fourth outfit is very style blogger a chambray off-the-shoulder top is about as Pinterest as you can get. Prep your white ripped jeans up with Jacks and a revamped classic top.

Another thing, slightly off topic.

There is an unreal amount of sales going on and I'm kind of confused as to why, but really I can't complain.

ASOS: Up to 50% off, new sale items
Bloomingdales: Extra 25% off select items
Kate Spade: 30% off all sale items with code SUNSHINE
Madewell: Extra 30% off of all sale items with code EXTRA30
Neiman MarcusOne sale item = extra 25% off, two sale items = extra 30% off, three or more sale items = extra 35% off (through June 22)
Shopbop: 25% off all markdown items with code 25EXTRA until June 24th
Tory Burch: Extra 30% off sale with code EXTRA30
Tuckernuck: Extra 15% off sale with code CPCEXTRA15

Have a great Thursday! Out to dinner with my high school friend group tonight. Yay for being social!

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style + off the shoulder obsession

Hello hello! Happy Wednesday! Not a fan of the term "Hump Day" so we're sticking with plain old Wednesday. 

First off. This dress. I'm done. I mentioned I preordered it from Revolve on a previous post, then I un-preordered it, only to regret it so I tried to order it again but it was sold out, so I put my name on a waitlist only to have it be delivered like 2 days after! It's fate. 

I love love love love love seersucker, especially blue seersucker, so I obviously love this dress. It's very light which is perfect for summer, while still sticking with the off-the-shoulder trend that is sweeping the fashion nation. 

Secondly. These sandals. Y'all know I've been on the hunt for gladiator sandals for basically the past year now, and I think I've finally found my pair of lace-ups. They're tricky because I've yet to find the perfect way to tie them so that they don't fall down every couple of minutes, but I am v determined. 

Third. Probably wearing this outfit when I go into the city this weekend. I've been feeling very apathetic towards shopping lately, mostly because I can't find anything I like. I'm in the process of redoing my closet (literally gave away everything when I graduated college), but it's hard because (1)  I don't have a job, so it's tricky to know what I'm going to be wearing most days, and (2) nothing is really catching my eye. 

Except for this dress. It 100 p caught my eye. 

Have a great Wednesday everyone!
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