what to wear + baseball game

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I really enjoy going to sporting events, and while I haven't gone to a Wake baseball game or Dash game in my four years in Winston-Salem, I have little to nothing to do from now until I leave for Myrtle Beach...so why not go to a baseball game?

Baseball games are super casual and usually involve some combination of a t-shirt, denim shorts, and Chuck Taylor's. Don't forget sunglasses (or even a baseball cap, duh) because there's nothing worse than being blinded by the sun when you could be enjoying yourself. 


lifestyle + sorority shenanigans

Fairly certain this was one of the most socially busy weeks of my entire life, so apologies for irregular posting.  It was my second to last week of school, and also Senior Week for my sorority. I had major events on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so I'm ready to sleep for a week to recover. Click read more for more about my last days of college!


beauty + best texturizing products

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I use at least one texturizing product in my hair every day. I love this stuff. I used to be into the whole smooth and sleek look but messy hair is now my go-to. 

Oribe is the literal bae of any texturing product, with the major downside being that it's crazy expensive. I take a Carrie Bradshaw approach when it comes to my beauty products, however, and opt to always have a bottle of the Dry Texturizing Spray at hand. I'll use it on curls, waves, and straight hair to give the perfect bedhead look. Oribe also has mini cans of most of their products, which is an added bonus. 

Bumble and Bumble has a great dry texture alternative to Oribe, and it essentially has the same result. I personally prefer the scent of Oribe (half of the experience, tbh), but if you're not into scented hair products, go for the Bb. 

I've recently started to use the Not Your Mother's Beach Spray, and I think I really like it. I'm used to all the Bb. beach products, but I've found this isn't as drying.

When I had shorter hair and went full on beachy-flatiron waves, I used the Bb. Texture Creme every single day. If you're not a fan of sprays, and prefer to hand-mess up your hair, use this! It's pretty thick so I only used a very, very small amount but it gets the job done and lasts for a long time.


style + banana leaf print

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You've probably seen it everywhere, but for good reason. The banana leaf print has been taking over and I can't complain. It's tropical without being obnoxious, and the specific color of green isn't offensive or unflattering.

Both of the rompers above are super cute and definitely something I would wear. As it gets closer to summer, this print is perfect for a variety of occasions.

I need to stop buying unproductive phone cases as I'm about to go to the Apple Store to get my screen fixed for the fifth time since I started college....however, this case is awesome and just simple enough without being boring.

It's a long way off until I get my first apartment (need a job first LOL) but the pillow shown above would be a fun option.

Lastly, THIS ONE-PIECE. I really need to do a post on just one-pieces because they've totally made a comeback in my mind. I love this one from Revolve and it's perfect for summer!


lifestyle + beach weekend recap (sort of)

Well ladies, I literally only took one picture this entire weekend. Thank the Lord it was cute, however my goal was for my last beach weekend to be immortalized in more than one picture

Beach weekend was fun, Myrtle was a mess, and the weather wasn't as horrible as everyone had predicted. I ended up getting a lot more sun than I had anticipated (I hate tan lines, oh well), and we were able to hop from fraternity to fraternity because we were all so close to each other.

Unless you have to, I really don't recommend going to North Myrtle Beach. I'll be back in less than 30 days, giving me just enough time to recover and prepare. 


beauty + best products for curly hair

After years of denying my natural texture by straightening the crap out of my hair, I have finally accepted my curly mess of a lion's mane.

Truth is, when I was psycho-platinum blonde with over-processed, over-styled hair, my curls looked awful. They were dry and I really had to fix half of my hair with a curling iron to look like it was natural. It was frizzy and huge. While I love big hair, an afro isn't the best look for me. 

Now that I've regained my sanity and realized that I don't have to be the blondest person in the room, my curls are SO MUCH HEALTHIER like I can't even begin to express the disdain I feel for the years of bleaching my hair into oblivion. I don't have to use any heat products to fix my curls, they look healthy AF, and they're super manageable. 

I've also gotten to experiment with a bunch of different products for curly hair. I'm really bad at just sticking to one product and using it until it's empty (I probably have like 25 different kinds of serums and gels and things I don't even need), so I've pretty much tried it all. I've broken down my five favorite products for curly hair, so click read more to hear about my go-to's.

what to wear + beach weekend

Okay guys, update on yesterday's wax.

By the grace of God I am unscathed! It wasn't painless, let's be real here, but it was a whole lot better than when I ended up like Khloe K when Kourtney attempted to give her a wax.

If any of y'all are in the Winston-Salem area, I highly recommend going to Jamie East Esthetics.  A girl in my sorority recommended her and I cannot praise her enough. Kinda salty I just found out about Jamie since I only have 40 days left in North Carolina.

However, I am now bikini ready. Meaning, beach weekend ready. Pro is that I get to get off campus for a few days with my friends, con is that it's supposed to be cold. Will I even wear a bikini? Was the wax worth it? To be determined.


beauty + waxing tips

We're getting really intimate today, y'all. 

As the temperature goes up, clothes come off, and you don't want to be stuck in a "hairy" (pun intended) situation when you're flaunting your smallest bikini bottoms.

I'm going to the beach this weekend, and have decided to take my unfortunate third plunge into the "Beauty is Pain" side of body care. I'm getting a wax today. I've finally discovered the excellence of getting waxed, even if it does sound daunting at first.

lifestyle + carolina cup recap

Christmas came early this year, and it was glorious. Carolina Cup is one of my favorite events of college, and yesterday did not disappoint. Click read more to see other pictures from the day!

wishlist + april

Happy first day of April!

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Finders Keepers Top I don't know how flattering this would be on me but I think it's adorable. You give me the term "bustier top" and there's a high chance I'll like it.

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses Just to instigate my deepening sunglass addiction. At least these are cheap.

Lilly Pulitzer Romper Y'all saw this romper on my "what to wear + graduation parties" post, and I'm just as obsessed with it as I was when I wrote it. I've decided that the green and blue would look the most flattering on me versus the pink and orange.

Lovers + Friends Romper So perfect for spring and summer! 

Choker This is a great layering choker. Plus it's more fun than my typical black or white jewelry.

Gladiator Sandals Still on my wishlist from last month.

Triangl Bikini I have a couple Triangl bikini sets but I love this new one!

Coffee Table Books I'd like to think I'm going to have my own apartment soon. I'd like to think I'll decorate it with fun and fashionable coffee table books from Shopbop. Ha ha ha.

Ripped Jeans I have these jeans from James Jeans in white and they're my absolute favorite. They're technically "jeggings" which is lol-worthy, however you'll change your mind when you try them on. Very comfortable, very flattering. I'm on the hunt for a good pair of destroyed jeans and I think these may be the pair!

Free People Free Fallin Tee Great for layering or on its own. I've seen this top all around campus and I think it's totally worth it.

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