lifestyle + birthday recap

Well, birthday weekend is over. I got less sleep and ate more food than socially acceptable, but I had the best time. My birthday is actually today, but since it's Sunday (and since we have spent the past 3 days celebrating), it's really low-key. Keep reading after the jump to see more pictures of birthday weekend!


what to wear + snow party

snarty (n): snow darty
darty(n) : day party

This is what us college students have been occupying ourselves with thanks to Winter Storm Jonas. North Carolina is embarrassingly bad at dealing with the smallest amount of Wake uses leaf blowers to get rid of snow. We haven't really had any food places open on campus since Friday, and my car is currently stuck in my dorm's parking lot because (shocker!) Mini Coopers aren't particularly apt in snowy weather conditions.

Given that we're basically trapped in the Wake Forest bubble, my friends and I gathered our resources and walked to super-close off-campus houses. Let me tell y'all: as much as I love my Barbour, it is not appropriate winter-wear for a snarty. I was freezing! Here is my official list of things to wear if you're going to be enjoying the snow with friends!

what to wear + basketball game

One of my favorite things to do at Wake during the winter is to go to basketball games. My best friend and I actually went to every single home game last year, of which I'm pretty proud. I haven't had as good of a streak this current season, but I'm determined to go to the rest! The games are really fun (even if we're not very good...last night we lost by ONE POINT. IN THE LAST SECOND. Still not over it), and it's not as much of a huge event as a football game. 

one: top | jeans | vest | boots
three: jacket | tee | boots | jeans
four: top | jeans | boots | earrings

I literally wore a variation of the first outfit to the game last night. I'm a huge fan of Piko tops; they're made of bamboo and I feel really cool when I tell people they're made of bamboo. This is such a typical college girl outfit, but it's so comfortable and simple that you really can't go wrong. 

When writing this post, a girl in my suite told me that I needed to put something with color in the here we go. A red top! Shocking! I swear I do wear some color during the winter. Free People's henleys and knits are great when it comes to having so many different colors and styles. However, they do fall apart easily so proceed with caution. I would totally wear this outfit if I had more FP tops. Obviously I had to include the Dolce Vita flats because they're perfect and that's that. Also the beaded wrap necklace...that's another jewelry staple I like.

I just got a leather jacket so I'm trying to think of new ways to style it. Pair it with a thin white t-shirt and booties and you're set!

A couple of my friends have wrap tops like the one shown in option number four, and I think I really like them. I'm not sure if they would look good on me, but with black pants and black boots it's really cute. 


beauty + hungover beauty tips

We've all been there. Gone too hard the night before...forgot to take off your going-out makeup...dehydrated to an unreal level...the morning after is very real. While the shameover is worst than the hangover, the hangover isn't a cake walk. 

Take off your makeup As hard as the extra one minute is to take off whatever eye makeup you have on, do it. Suck it up and do it. It's so worth it. 

Leave a bottle of water next to your bed before you go out Then you won't have to destroy your room looking for any viable source of hydration if you wake up in the middle of the night dying for water.

Use the right beauty products It may seem like this is sponsored by Benefit, but I just happen to think they're the best! First, use the Instant Comeback facial serum, followed by the Its Potent eye cream. I use both of these every day (even when I'm not hungover) and they're great. Next, either the Puff Off eye gel or Ooh La Lift cream will work to brighten your eyes. Since you'll most likely have less-than-ideal dark circles under your eyes, use the Erase Paste concealer to rid yourself of any unwanted shadows.

Take care of your hair Whether you wash it or not, a high ponytail or top knot are the best options for morning-after hair. Otherwise, throw a baseball cap on and call it a day. 


what to wear + birthday dinner

T-minus 6 days until I turn twenty-two! It sounds extremely old to me (and it means I'm that much closer to graduation) but I'm really, really excited for this next weekend for all of the celebrations.

I am one of those people that makes their birthday a huge deal for no reason. My birthday last year was when I could legally drink, and it was on a Saturday, so it was a very high-key, outrageous event. I am determined to make the most boring birthday of all, year twenty-two, even bigger and better.

Saturday night, my birthday-eve, my friends and I are having a big dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. What's better than cheap margaritas and lots of queso? Kind of unsure about what's happening the rest of the weekend, but I can't wait!

Considering I'm going to be taking an unreal amount of pictures for my birthday, I'm trying to find a cute outfit to immortalize the event. Here are my favorite options to wear to a winter birthday dinner!

what to wear + winter coats

It is freezing. Literally under 32 degrees, so actually freezing. This past week was so nice, and then starting yesterday everything became miserably cold. I typically just wear my Barbour 24/7 but right now I am actually hating life being this cold, so I'm rethinking this lack of puffy jacket thing.

one | two | three | four

Coats one and four are my personal favorites (I like the hood). Go-to places to look are the North Face, J. Crew, and Patagonia. Puffy jackets are great now because they have gotten stylish to the point they don't make you look like a Michelin man if you're wearing one.

My heat isn't working in my room right now (so it's pretty much a constant 65 degrees...the air will work, but not the heat!) and I've already called to have them fix it...with no results, unfortunately. May have to invest in one of these coats to sleep in!


lifestyle + recruitment recap

Since last Wednesday, I've been in sorority lockdown for spring recruitment. It actually went by super quickly and I had a great time. Since it's my senior year, it was a bittersweet week considering it's my last time to actually get to meet the girls that will be up-and-coming in my sorority. But, now we're back in action with classes and real life instead of just spending hours at a time having rush parties. Here are some pictures from the week after the jump!


lifestyle + artwork in bedroom

Ever since I posted "lifestyle + my bedroom," my mother and I noticed that the wall behind my bed was extremely bare and needed a little livening up. Now my wall is almost completely covered in artwork and it's definitely the change my room needed. Check out more pictures after the jump!

beauty + skincare

I've always been more of a hair and makeup type girl, but it really pays off to start early on with a good skincare routine. 

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

My skincare routine is pretty basic. I rotate between three different facewashes (no particular order, usually just my mood that day): M-61 Power Cleanse, Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser and Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub. My favorite thing ever is my Clarisonic; it makes SUCH a difference. I use it about every other day with one of my three scrubs. 

Next, I'll apply the Benefit Instant Comeback serum. This was a recent (slightly impulsive) purchase. Do I think it's doing anything? I can't really be sure, but my skin feels smooth and looks glowy after I use it.

Then comes moisturizer. I go for creams rather than just regular lotion because I feel like it's making a bigger difference. I love the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream, but the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream is a close second.

My eyes get really dry at all times of the year, so I always use the It's Potent eye cream by Benefit.

Lastly, whenever I want to take everything off, I am a huge fan of the Neutrogena makeup removing wipes!


style + the navajo influence

Long live Abercrombie & Fitch. Literally lol at the fact that the brand that made lace camis and skin tight polos popular in the mid-2000's is now one of my go-to places to shop. They're killing it this fall and winter. This printed cardigan is from A&F, and it's perfect for a casual day at home...aka my entire winter break. 

Check out more pictures after the jump!

lifestyle + weekend recap 1/4

This is literally a post about the different food I ate this weekend, masquerading as a "weekend recap" post. I am currently in the middle of nowhere driving down to North Carolina, so this past Saturday and Sunday were my last two days of an actual winter break until....who even knows when. This weekend was filled with shopping, primping, and just general getting everything together in order to pack my itty bitty car with all my clothes and shoes to take back to school. 

Read more and see pictures after the jump!

lifestyle + new year's resolutions

I'm not really a person who believes in resolutions only for New Year's. For me, if I want to change something, I'm not going to wait until a certain date to do it. However, in the spirit of a new year, I've made a list of things that I basically do already, but not as much as I should. 

What are some of your New Year's resolutions? Anything interesting? Yesterday I literally walked around my house until I finally made my step goal on Fitbit because I am really determined to keep up with this list! 


lifestyle + new year's recap

Happy New Year's everyone! Last night my friend's and I went out to one of our favorite bars in Connecticut to celebrate the end of 2015. We started with popping bottles at my house (literally the only time we took pictures the entire night, so excuse the amount of champagne pictures), and headed over to the lovely Brother Jimmy's. 

Guys seriously, if any of y'all are in the New York/Connecticut area, go to Stamford on NYE. It's so much better than heading into the city because A. you don't have to go to the city, B. it's definitely cheaper than going to the city and C. it's not as crazy busy as you'd think it'd be. We bought tickets to Bro J's a week ago, and when we pulled up we were absolutely shocked that there weren't any lines and it was comfortably crowded inside the actual bar. 

The tickets we bought for NYE included an open bar, which was actually pretty convenient. All in all it was a great night and we don't even feel bad today!

Now I just have to run errands and pack before my ten-hour drive back to school on Monday. In the spirit of #newyearnewme, I'm going to be more diligent in my diet and exercise...mostly because of how poorly I ate over Christmas break (but #noregrets). Only a couple more days of freedom until rush and second semester take over, so I'll enjoy having the ability to eat non-campus food and work out whenever I want!

Hope everyone had a great night last night and have an amazing 2016!

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