what to wear + thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is official one week away (what) so let's start planning what to wear to all the forced family engagements that will soon take place. 

I can't really say anything about "forced" family time on my end, Thanksgiving is literally just my immediate family sitting in the den having a Harry Potter marathon, not eating turkey. 

Christmas is our specialty, not Thanksgiving

I tend to stick to the leggings / sweater or pajamas route for Thanksgiving day, but for those of you actually leaving the house, the go-to is a sweater dress. Turtleneck, crew neck, v-neck, any type, just go for the sweater dress. Pair with tights and boots and you're gucci. So easy

Also, hold the judgment for my inclusion of UGGs. You're a damn liar if you don't think they're the most comfortable shoes in the world. 

What are y'all doing for Thanksgiving? I'm running a Turkey Trot 5K this Sunday, and plan on not leaving the house Wednesday through Sunday. I mean, there's the Gilmore Girls marathon next Friday (ARE Y'ALL AS EXCITED AS I AM????) so it's the perfect time to just binge and relax. 


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