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style + cold weather accessories

I am one of those annoying people who is always cold, and always complains about being cold. I bring a blanket wrap with me to work, I frequently wear my winter coat at my desk, and given the opportunity, I would bring a space heater with me everywhere I go. 

Probably not the best idea for me to be staying in the northeast post-grad. 

I have literally been so cold at work some days that I wear gloves. Am I overdramatic? Definitely. But there is nothing worse than being miserably cold, in my opinion.

Now that other people in Connecticut and New York City are starting to feel as cold as I normally feel, I'm thinking it's more socially acceptable for me to be wrapped up in every winter accessory possible. The Sunday before Thanksgiving I ran a Turkey Trot in my hometown (Thanksgiving recap post in process, btw), and it was literally 35 degrees outside. I woke up, and there was snow on the ground. Of course, the day before it was 60 freaking degrees outside, but when I decide to actually run a 5K, it's snowing. 

However, it made me realize that I own 0 pair of earmuffs, and the only hats I have are the charming Kate Spade hats with "Bah Humbug" or sunglasses printed across the top. 

Not really the best for actual outdoor cold-weather experiences.

I used to wear earmuffs all the time in middle school, but considering that's now 8+ years ago, it's probably time to reevaluate and restock. 

I love head wraps, and my best friend always wears them and can pull them off, but for some reason my head just looks odd in them. I always try them on, but never end up buying any. It's a shame, really.

I love the J. Crew trapper hat, mostly because it's borderline over-the-top with the shearling and fur. I would totally wear a faux-fur Russian-inspired hat, but I live in CT, not the arctic. 

In terms of gloves, I think my mother and I collectively have had a hundred pair of J. Crew gloves and mittens in our lifetimes. They're easy, come in a lot of colors, and J. Crew is always having sales. My favorite option shown above, however, is the pair of Kate Spade mohair mittens. The fur! I actually have a pair of Jack Wills mittens that are unreal they're so warm. I have made it a priority to never lose them because I wouldn't know what to do without them!

Have a great Monday!

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