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what to wear + homecoming

Warning: this is going to be one hell of a long post. 

It's absolutely ridiculous and I need to grow up but I’m so excited to go back to Wake Forest for homecoming I’m literally nauseous. 

That’s not an overexaggeration. When I get #nervousbutexcited, I get anxious, and I get nauseous. True story. 

Homecoming is t-minus 7 days away, and I am honestly counting the minutes at this point. My friends and I have been looking forward to this weekend since the moment we walked across the stage at graduation. Depressingly enough, it’s the last thing we really have to look forward to for a very…long…time…

So, we’ve got to make this weekend count.

Click "Keep Reading" to hear what I'm planning on packing and wearing to my college nostalgia-filled extravaganza!

Next Thursday, I’m leaving work early to catch a flight to good ole North Carolina. Why am I going on Thursday instead of Friday? My friends and I were determined to go to our favorite college bar on Thursday night with the rest of the undergrads. I’ll be staying until Sunday night, and I’ve only planned like three things between Thursday and Sunday. Definitely want to leave room for random activities! 

So, as said before, Thursday night is bar night. Friday day I have no idea what’s going on, but two of my friends have birthdays the week before Homecoming, so we’re going out for a big birthday dinner on Friday night. Afterwards, and probably one of the most exciting events of the weekend, we’ll head to our old stomping ground in a disgustingly perfect frat basement. 

Since graduating, I’ve realized that I’d much rather go out in a basement then a real, above ground bar. Sad but true.

Saturday is GAME DAY! Wake is playing Army, and we’re surprisingly not horrible this season so we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed we'll actually win!

With these main events, I need to pack. I have honestly been thinking about what I’m wearing to homecoming for around 2 months now. How depressing is that? I have plucked and waxed and highlighted and scrubbed everything on my body, as well as exercised and stuck to a healthy eating plan in preparation for this weekend.

The way I look at it, you don’t want to go back to your alma mater as an alumni worse off than you left it. And we left Wake in pretty bad shape, which is saying something (I refuse to have peaked in college). So, I dropped sugar and gluten and dairy (for the most part, let’s be real here) and have religiously used my Sweat with Kayla app since graduation. 

...We’re going to be looking good for homecoming. 

I think I’ve finally decided my outfits for the weekend. I’m laying out my basic packing list, as well as my picks for each day / event. But, I’m facetiming with my best friend a few days before homecoming to go over our outfits, so final approval will be closer to my actual departure. 

Also, I'd like to say I change my mind every 5 seconds. I'm really really bad at sticking to one plan, therefore I'm bringing some extras with me in case I get to Winston-Salem and immediately hate everything in my suitcase.

OKAY. Let’s get into it. 

I’m going to the airport straight from work, so I’m obviously changing when I get to Winston-Salem for the night. My plan, as of now, is to wear my new Sugarlips Black Feather Cami with black jeans and boots. All black errryday.

Honestly it’s pretty alarming that I am not planning on packing anything with color. 

I haven’t decided yet if I’m wearing plain black jeans or ripped black jeans. I’m thinking I’ll wear plain on Thursday, and ripped on Friday night. I also haven’t decided if I’m wearing over-the-knee high heel boots or block heel booties. No big deal though, cause I’m planning on bringing both regardless. 

I’m also debating on wearing my leather jacket, because it’s cold at night, but I don’t want to carry it at the bar, because that’s annoying. We shall see.

So that’s Thursday night. Friday day doesn’t really matter…I’ll most likely end up wearing a vest (OBSESSED with this one from J. Crew that was in today's first post, it's all I wear now), long sleeve shirt, and leggings. Friday night, however, is the grand return to the frat party scene. 

The real kicker with this particular weekend is that it happens to be Halloween weekend. My friends and I aren’t going to be the people that come back and dress up, no matter how much we want to, so we’re just going with regular going out / frat outfits for the night. 

I do have a pair of multicolor sequin cat ears from Topshop that I am bringing with me for the weekend. Subtle, but still festive. They completely clash with my top for the night, but that’s the beauty of the lights-off basement. 

So, I went full college undergrad and paroused the going-out megasite Tobi. God I don’t miss that kind of webshopping whatsoever, but I wanted to find something new but cheap. With the help of 3 of my closest friends, finally decided on a snake-print bodysuit (HA) to wear with black jeans. It’s actually pretty cute, and I had a dress in the same print that was a total go-to when I was a junior in college, so #tbt. 

Okay, here’s a very serious question. What shoes do alumni wear to frat parties? Wake parties are very specific in that all the sorority girls wear different color Chuck Taylor’s, corresponding the their sorority’s colors. Well, I threw my Chuck’s away during move out because they had actually ripped in two over the past four years of dancing in dark spaces. 

I have 0 clue what shoes I’m going to wear. I don’t want to bring something that’s going to get ruined, but I just don’t want to bring / wear my white Chuck’s. Comment with suggestions pleaseee.

Saturday, game day, tailgate. Would it really be a return to Wake Forest if I didn’t wear at least on turtleneck? The outfit I posted two days ago, with the black turtleneck dress and over the knee boots, is what I plan to wear to the game. School colors, turtleneck, mini dress. All good things. Plus over the knee boots. I’m very happy.

Depending on weather, I’ll be wearing my Barbour coat or no coat at all. TBD.

In terms of accessories, I’m bringing my trusty Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac. Actually my favorite purse ever. 

I’m also bringing my normal jewelry, as well as a black choker and gold hoops. I’m really not a jewelry kind of girl, and homecoming won’t change that! 

I've included a packing list too, obviously above.

Is there anything I'm missing? College homecoming veterans, anything I should know? It's going to be v sad when I'm come back from homecoming and the only exiting things going on are holidays (even though I'm already completely in a Christmas mood). But, I think it's good to get this whole college-nostalgia thing out of my system which it's still early.

Have a great day! I'm catching a cold which is a real bummer, but I'm trying to get it over with before I leave a week from today. Have to catch up on my sleep this weekend!

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