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health + soulcycle

I have a psycho-level obsession with SoulCycle. Like, it’s what I look forward to most (besides sleep) each week.

Let’s start from the beginning.

For those of you for don’t know, SoulCycle is a 45-minute cycling class, but with choreography, dim lighting, and blasting techno music. You literally are drenched in sweat 5 minutes in, and the classes go by ridiculously fast. You’re instantly sore afterwards, but a kind of sore in that you want to do it again.

I went to a couple of SoulCycle classes in Greenwich the summer before I was a junior in college, and I really enjoyed them. But, I was on a hot yoga kick, and would have rather spent my money on sweating my body weight in complex, flexibility-necessary positions than sweating my body weight to club music.

I have since changed, and now the 45-minute, heart-racing class is the calmest 45 minutes I have each week.

About a month ago, during a particularly stressful week at work, I decided to #treatyoself and reserved a bike at SoulCycle. I love working out, and I wanted something that was different and didn’t require any planning on my end. It was absolutely amazing. If anyone lives in Fairfield County, specifically near Westport, take any class with Ryan. I’m determined to be friends with him, number one, and number two, I look forward to his classes each Sunday. I missed one two weeks ago because I was out of town, and was actually sad.

Soul Cycle’s whole philosophy is that each rider is on their own personal journey, so each class is dictated by what is best for you at that moment. They really push personal growth and strength, as shown by the huge mantras plastered on the wall. The instructor isn’t yelling insults at you, either…it’s more of keep going, do this for yourself, prove you can do this, etc.

Right now, I go once a week (Sunday). It’s a nice way to break up my Kayla Itsines and regular cardio workouts. I am all about routines, but it’s actually not good / effective if you keep doing the same workout every time you exercise.

It really is a full body workout, too. You’re constantly moving up and down, leaning forward, doing pushups to the beat of the music, and there’s even an arm section towards the end of the class. You think that 1 to 2 lb weights aren’t anything at all, but your muscles are aching by the end of the 5-minute segment because the constant repetition of tiny movements. 

So, moral of the story. Go to SoulCycle. It's a downward spiral once you get addicted, but it could be a whole lot worse. 

Do y'all go to SoulCycle? Has anyone tried FlyWheel or Joy Ride? Let me know!

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