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beauty + an ode to coconut oil

I know everyone and their mother has jumped on the coconut oil train, but I’m a late bloomer.

After finally getting my hands on some of the glorious magic known as coconut oil, I have been converted to a die-hard fan. Right now, I use it as a deep conditioner and moisturizer. I know I’ll end up using it for way more than just those two things, but for now, the deep conditioner is my new go-to.

What does coconut oil do for your hair? For starters, it adds a ton of moisture back to your hair. It's the only hair oil that can actually get "inside" the hair, instead of just sitting on the surface. Your hair can absorb the vitamins and nutrients from coconut oil way more effectively than regular products. 

It's excellent for scalp health and supports hair growth by preventing split ends. It improves circulation when directly applied to the scalp, which also is great for growing your hair out. Also, if you the tiniest amount on dry hair, it works as a frizz-tamer to smooth out your hair. 

Basically, you scoop out a tablespoon of the oil, which is a solid at room temperature. After heating it up a little in the microwave (30 seconds should do it), it becomes a liquid. 

A rule of thumb for coconut oil: a little goes a looong way. The first time I used coconut oil as a hair mask, I was unconvinced that I would only need a tablespoon, so I scooped out a little more. I ended up having way too much oil, and my hair was close to dripping the stuff.

So, lesson learned.

When it’s nice and liquid-y, just start scooping it in your hands and applying it from root to tip. Really massage it into your roots. It should be evenly distributed throughout your hair. Then, put it up in a bun and either put a shower cap on, or sleep with a towel on your pillow. Considering it’s an oil, it doesn’t dry, and you definitely don’t want it spreading to your pillows. 

I like to sleep with a hair mask on, but really it’s up to you. You can leave it on overnight, or just 30 minutes, whatever your fancy. I’m thinking I’m only going to do a coconut oil treatment once or twice a week, because I really do like my other deep conditioning treatment cocktail that I sleep in usually.

Do y'all use coconut oil? Any clever uses for this amazing product? Let me know!
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