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beauty + blowout must-haves

It's funny, when I started Whimsical Charm I was in a strict "no heat styling" phase of my hair-routine-life. I did not use a flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer for three months straight, and my hair was better for it. Earlier that year, I cut 7 inches of damaged, buttery blonde hair to attempt to rectify my cycle of endless heat styling and excessive bleaching. I went a tad darker, removed all the dead ends, both of which helped my hair grow. When my junior year of college ended, I went back to my natural hair color (except for some face framing highlights, we all need those) and cut heat styling cold turkey. My hair grew two inches in three months, and the condition of my hair was radically different from the year before. 

My hair is now the longest it's been since 7th grade, and the healthiest since probably 5th grade, when I didn't use any heat products (you know, because I was 11 years old). Now that I color my hair once every six months (instead of every six weeks), my hair grows like a weed. I use deep conditioning treatments a few times a week, and opt for soft curls instead of straightening my hair until it's fried.

Something that I love to do, though, is blow-dry my hair. 

I consider myself to be very good at hair and makeup. Ask my sorority sisters, whom I did their entire beauty routines for for 3 years in college. I have taught myself to do the perfect blowout, complete with round brush and an easily flippable part. 

The way I look at it, my hair is so healthy now, and I use the right products, and it's not bleached out, so I can indulge a little and blow-dry my hair every other morning. 

I start by separating my hair into three main sections; I split my hair straight down the middle and separate right and left, then take out my shorter, angled face framing pieces. I blow-dry the front section first, parting it to the left, right, and middle so I can flip it to whatever part I want later in the day. I use regular Conair clips for sectioning, but I have my eye on these drybar clips.

I then remove the clip from my left side, brush it out, and put half the hair up in a clip. I blow dry the bottom section with a big, round brush until smooth and dry and then take out the clip so I can make a "middle" section of hair. Blow dry, unclip top section, blow-dry, repeat with left side. 

I then like to flip my hair upside down just to make sure I've blowdried my whole head. Give it a blast of cold air for 10-20 seconds and you're done!

In terms of products, I always use the Bumble and Bumble Repair Blow Dry Cream. In a perfect world, I would use Oribe products exclusively. I got to try the Supershine Moisturizing Cream last weekend at my hair salon, and it's wonderful. I've heard excellent things about the Royal Blowout Spray and the Imperial Blowout Crème (a girl can dream) and I'm planning on picking up samples of these ASAP. 

Obviously I loved drybar, the one time I went lol, but regardless, their Hot Toddy Heat Protecting product is a fan fave. DO NOT BLOW DRY HAIR WITHOUT A HEAT PROTECTANT. I literally use as least two every time I blow out my hair. I'm a huge fan of the product cocktail.

After I blow-dry my hair, I do Lauren Conrad-esque everyday waves (the pretty, super quick and super easy curls that have been part of the sorority girl uniform for years) and set them with Nexxus Comb Through Touchable Hold Finishing Mist. There's nothing I hate more than crunchy curls. I want my hair to be long-lasting without the dead giveaway of maximum hold hairspray.

What are y'alls favorite hair products for a blowout? Anything I should know about?

Have a great day!

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