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I spend at least one night a week with my friend in New York City (usually Friday or Saturday night, depending on when we want to go out), so I’ve become an expert at packing the essentials for an overnight getaway. 

Makeup I don't really think I need an explanation for this. By the time I'm done with work and have trekked across Manhattan to my friend's place, I am in desperate need of a makeup refresh. Basically I pack every makeup essential I own, because I also do my friends' makeup before we go out! Nothing has changed since college. 

Dry Shampoo For the morning after bedhead look.

Eye Makeup Remover Last week I forgot this important little item. I love my eye makeup, especially my dark eye makeup, when I go out. Mix that with a tequila sunrise (or four) means not taking off my smokey eye when I get back to the apartment. I looked like a baby prostitute on Sunday morning. Conclusion: bring eye makeup remover. Your shameover-ridden self will thank you.

Sleepwear Just a t-shirt.

Clothes for the night... Like my go-to LBD for going out. 

...And clothes for the next morning Like the off-the-shoulder seersucker dress that's perfect for brunch.

Shoes I bring heels for night and sandals for morning.

Other accessories Don't forget sunglasses, a water bottle, phone charger, deodorant and perfume!

I like to use a tote bag for all my goodies, as well as a crossbody for nighttime. 

What do y'all pack in your overnight bag?

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