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I think I've talked about this straight for the past four days but the Manus x Machina exhibit at the Metropolitan is literally majestic. I highly recommend it to everyone

Number one, I'm obsessed with the Met. Like, I could probably spend a full day there, and still come back the next day. 

Number two, this was a fashion exhibit, so I was automatically in.

On Friday, post-Drybar, pre-meeting up with friends, I spent an hour at the Met so I could see the Manus x Machina exhibit. I had been meaning to stop by all summer, but I finally had time to kill and I was on the Upper East Side anyway, so it was a perfect match. 

The exhibit was all about technology in fashion. I luckily brought my camera with me, so I was able to get some amazing pictures (mostly so I could relive my happiness even once the exhibit ends). 

As per usual, I ended up getting lost in the Met. My lack of sense of direction mixed with my high emotional response to MxM did not help. Whatever, I got enough future Instagram posts to last me for a while.

I might make going to the Met a Friday afternoon tradition. Follow me on Snapchat (@whimsicalcharm) and see how dramatic I can truly get about the Met.

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