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lifestyle + friday five

Happy Friday! I'm going to start doing Friday Five again. Let's get into it.

1. I'm putting this as first because it's most important and I need y'alls helpI have my first appointment at Drybar today, and I honestly have no idea what type of blowout I want. I'm obviously doing a major post on this for next week with more details, but for those of y'all who have gone to Drybar: what is your favorite style from the menu? I can't decide between Mai Tai, Cosmo Tai, Cosmo, or Straight basically I haven't made any decisions yet. My appointment is at 2:15 so comment now with your vote! 

2. I don’t care what you’re doing, go on to Spotify or iTunes or whatever and listen to Nick Jonas’ “Teacher” remix. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, but I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with this song. Follow me on Spotify and you’ll understand that literally every other song I listen to is this one. You're welcome.

3. Let’s talk alcohol. Obviously I’m a fan of it, but I cannot seem to find a “go-to” drink for bars in the real world. In college, my friends and I would drink bottomless margaritas and Long Island Ice Teas for days. Like yes those are great, but LIT’s are so aggressive it hurts. I feel like I’m cheating on my fave Wake Forest bar if I get them somewhere else, also they taste disgusting at places other than this bar.

Still, what do y’all get to drink at bars? I like wine, tequila, and rum. Sometimes vodka. I hate vodka sodas, and I would prefer something that isn’t packed with sugar or hyper-aggressive. Any ideas? I would love to just drink Tequila Sunrises until the literal sun rises, but I’m pretty sure I would die before that even happens. 

Save my liver and awkward drink deliberation and help a girl out.

4. I bit the bullet and ordered a black jumpsuit. I know guys, it is exciting. Now I can finally shut up about how I want to buy one and actually just talk about how amazing they are in real life. With the jumpsuit I picked up a black choker (because I think I’m cooler than I actually am) and lace up block heels. A five star outfit, if you ask me. 

The black jumpsuit and choker arrived yesterday (thank God, it was my outfit plan for today) BUT THE SHOES HAVE FAILED ME, apparently Lulu's takes their sweet time with shipping, so they won't get to me until Monday. 

Missed opportunity. 

Obviously I'm going to wear them like every day, and I guess I'll just have to pull a Lizzie McGuire and be an outfit repeater. 

5. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is v close to ending, so make sure to get back to your shopping cart in case you forgot any items. I picked up these Topshop booties and I'm obsessed! I wore them to work on Tuesday and I felt so cool and trendy. I still love this leopard print bomber, but they ran out of my size!

Have a super weekend everyone. I'M SO EXCITED FOR MINE, I'm bringing my camera everywhere with me this weekend too, so I'll have outfit and food and location pictures to share with y'all!

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1 comment:

  1. please give us some details about your new job in NYC! hope you find an apartment soon



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