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Obviously a very different look here at Whimsical Charm today!

Unfortunately I change my mind every five minutes so let's see how long I actually last with this template. 

I wanted to have a tropical vibe while still keeping it clean and crisp. I love me some black and white but I needed a little more pop of color (hello PINK!) to balance everything out. 

I actually really enjoy playing around on Photoshop, and I take advantage of my hour and fifteen minutes of commuting time every morning and night to work on the blog.

Things to know about:

YouTube I’ve been saying this all summer but I plan to start making YouTube vids, specifically for hair and makeup purposes. Unfortunately this weekend is all booked up (MY BEST FRIEND IS VISITING I’M SO EXCITED hi Jess I know you’re reading this!), but after that I don’t really have anything planned until October (lol) when I go to Wake for homecoming. Aka I have a lot of time to get ish done. SO be on the lookout in the next few weeks for my awkward entrance into the vlogging world. Comment with requests!

Snapchat So I made a blog Snapchat. Will I use it? Hopefully. Will it catch on? Who knows. There’s no way to tell what shenanigans what I get into, but I don’t really want to bombard my personal Snapchat with things about style, makeup, and what my salad of the day is. Regardless, follow me @whimsicalcharm. 

I'll be adjusting things for the next couple of weeks, so excuse discrepancies, but I hope y'all like the new Whimsical Charm! 

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