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lifestyle + apartment essentials

Real talk: I'm one step closer to being a functional adult.


But really, I went on my first set of apartment tours yesterday.

Exciting, right?

Obviously I'm much more into decorating an apartment then the logistics of actually acquiring an apartment (let's be real, not surprising at all), so let's talk about apartment essentials.

AKA my apartment style moodboard.

Your first apartment is a huge step in a post-grad's life. And it's a step I plan on taking, soon. 

From furniture to wall decor, your first apartment needs it all! Casper, the new mattress brand (that delivers a bed to your house in a box - no crazy set up trying to get your bed up flights of stairs!) has inspired me to think about the life steps I'm about to take as I search for my new place and start my post grad life!

Take my "essentials" with a grain of salt. Of course there are more practical things you should have, but I'm here to talk about the fun stuff. So, without further ado, here is my breakdown of my apartment inspo. 

Black, White, and Gold If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that this is a given. 

Pop of Color Since I want to have so many neutral colors in the apartment, there needs to be something to spice it up. Whether it's a hot pink couch or chair, even rug, I want something obnoxiously bright to spice up the room. 

Animal Print Blankets, rugs, pillows, everything. Bury me in animal print. I will 100% be bringing my absolute favorite thing ever (from my room at home), my faux fur blanket. Technically not animal print, but it's animal-inspired, so close enough. 

Gold and Glass As you can tell from the product collage, I have a thing for glass tables with gold accents. Luckily they're everywhere.

Absurd Wall Art Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein prints, spray painted animal heads, weird but cool modern art, it has to make a statement. I've also noticed that a bunch of the modern art pieces on decor sites are basically a brush of paint on a white like, why can't I just do that myself? My friends make fun of me but I fully expect to paint something like this for myself. It's not that complicated. Why not take the hands-on approach, ya feel me? 

Pineapple Accents Because I did a post dedicated to this. 

Gallery Wall I'M SO BASIC IT HURTS however gallery walls are fun and all over Pinterest these days. I know for sure that I want Garance DorĂ© prints in my gallery, though. Obsessed with her, for starters, and I wish I could draw like her, so the next best thing is to decorate my apartment with her fabulous artwork. 

Have FUN with your first apartment! I know I'm going to!

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  1. Looks like you are going for a modern living space with pops of color, which I am all about. Art is a must for me. I am thankful that most of my art I have I didn't spend money on (advantage of most of my friends having art degrees and giving me pieces from their senior exhibits).

    1. I completely agree! I can't only have black and white, need some bright artwork to liven the place up.

  2. I have that gold pineapple lamp from Target and love it! I also recently got this piece from Hobby Lobby for my new apt and it's super cute:




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