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beauty + makeup wishlist

Counting the minutes until Labor Day Weekend. I just want to sleep and tan and relax. 

And it's only Monday.

Anyway, here are the current makeup products I have my eye on. I've been definitely getting into face makeup more (I'm so pale that my freckles have disappeared) and I'm trying to find the right brushes and tools with which to apply said face makeup.

Pretty much every YouTube tutorial includes the beautyblender Makeup Sponge in some way. I had one once, but was an idiot and threw it away because I was completely unaware of what I was doing. Ugh. I also have heard good things about this Tarte Airbuki Brush

I'm currently using an amazing Benefit primer, but it's honestly more like glue. That's great, don't get me wrong, especially when it's hot and humid outside, but I've been looking for something a little more illuminating. Becca obviously is my go-to for all things glowy, so the Backlit primer seems like the right choice.

In terms of foundation, Becca has the Complexion Creme and the Aqua Luminous Foundation. Both are majestically glowy and amazing, but I can't really get a hold of what the difference is between them. I also need to switch my concealer at some point, because the Erase Paste that I usually use is much better suited for my tan, summer skin. Since I work in an office all day and don't have the luxury of lounging by the pool anymore (tbt), that tan has left the building. I've done my research and have narrowed the search for the perfect concealer down to the Naked Weightless Concealer and the Becca Aqualumious Concealer.

And lastly, have to stock up on my new favorite lashes from Sephora. So fun.
I just want samples of all these products so I can figure out if they're worth it. Dream on. 

Happy Monday!

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