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beauty + drybar

I went to dinner with some college friends last Monday, and while waiting for an Uber to take me back home (aka Grand Central), I walked past a Drybar. I had always heard of Drybar, and blowdry bars in general, but I had never actually tried one before.

I’m not the most spontaneous person, I admit, but I let my inner daredevil come out when I instantly made an appointment at the Drybar closest to my office for a few days later.

I get off of work early on Fridays, like really early, and I knew I was going to stay in the city that night anyway, but my friends hadn’t gotten off work yet. What’s a girl to do? Obviously get her hair washed and blowdried for a ridiculous $45.

Drybar, in my opinion, is the top blowdry bar chain. While they’re not everywhere yet (luckily for me, they’re all over the city), they do have their products and tools sold at Sephora so you can try to get the Drybar look at home. 

Funnily enough, I had a Drybar Full Pint brush and Hold Me clips  in my Sephora shopping cart prior to my appointment. 

Drybar also has a menu of creatively (and in my opinion, ideally) named blowdry styles, otherwise known as cocktails. There’s the Straight Up (straight with a little bit of body), the Manhattan (sleek and smooth), the Cosmo (lots of loose curls), the Mai Tai (messy, beachy hair), the Cosmo-Tai (a little Cosmo, a little Mai Tai), the Southern Comfort (big hair, lots of volume), and the Dirty Martini (tousled and textured). 

I would like to point out that I do not like when other people do my hair. I pride myself on being fully capable of styling my hair in almost any style (length permitting, of course), and tbh I just don’t trust other people to know the quirks of my carefully-managed hairdo. 

But sometimes, you gotta chill out and let someone do their job. 

Before the appointment, I weighed the pros and cons of each hairstyle. My top choices were the Straight Up, the Cosmo, the Mai-Tai, the Cosmo-Tai, and the Dirty Martini. 

Given that the Dirty Martini is my go-to look normally, I scratched that from the list (because why would I pay money for something I know how to do really well?).

After thoroughly stalking the Drybar instagram, I decided on the Mai-Tai. I know for sure that when my hair grows like 2-4 more inches (kill me like can something please just make my hair grow as fast as possible NOW), I will be more willing to try different styles. I am dying to get a Straight Up with long hair! For right now, I know that loose waves look best!

The Mai-Tai is basically the perfect wavy hair that you've seen all over Pinterest.

You sign in, you sit down, your stylist goes over the different hairstyles while you try to actually make a decision for once, and then they wash your hair. There are lots of magazines to browse through, and I talked to my stylist a little bit, too.

Did I mention you can drink WINE while someone fixes your hair? Oddly buzzed by the end of the appointment.

With the Mai Tai, your hair is blown out and then curled, so it took about 45 minutes total.

I was an idiot and only took pictures of myself during the appointment, but I do have one picture of me post-blowdry so I can give y'all a glimpse of what the Mai Tai looks like.

I was an idiot (part 2) and decided to go to Drybar when it was a million degrees outside, and I was running around the city (literally and via subway) after my appointment. Good thing my hair was supposed to be messy and loose.

Could I do this hairstyle myself? Absolutely. Would I go back? Definitely. I really liked the whole experience, and shockingly I ended up loving the finish product (which never happens). 

Channel your inner princess and go to Drybar. It's worth it.

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  1. I love going to Drybar. They always do such a great job styling my hair!

  2. I love Drybar! I used to go before job interviews but it can get expensive! I like the wavy look!



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