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beauty + august makeup picks

Let's talk makeup, one of the subjects I could go on about forever.

I’ve gone against all my previous beauty routine posts and have started to wear a full face of makeup everyday. That’s right, kids, primer + foundation + concealer + loose translucent powder + bronzer + highlight.

The whole shebang.

Do I like wearing this much makeup? I actually don’t mind it, but that’s mostly because I love makeup and don’t dislike the entire application process.

I didn’t want my freckles to disappear because if you’ve read any of my previous beauty posts, I love my freckles. So, I’ve started using L’Oreal Lumi Foundation. It’s sheer to medium coverage, which I like, and it promises a dewy finish, which is my #skingoals.

That being said, be careful with this foundation because it can very quickly turn from dewy glow to radiating oil slick.

I have to put translucent powder on top of this foundation to make sure that it doesn’t go crazy on me.

I also have a face that’s completely devoid of any angles (where did my cheekbones go? Did I ever really even have them?), so I have to channel my inner Kardashian and bring out my contouring skills.

I used to just apply bronzer as my contour and a little bit of cream-to-powder highlighter on my “cheekbones”, but after hours of YouTubemakeup tutorials, I decided on the Anastasia Contour Kit and Becca Pressed/Liquidin Opal.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOTH OF THESE PRODUCTS. If you’re a makeup junkie like me, put them on your wishlist. The highlighter is perfect, duh, I wish I could just bathe in Becca highlighting products, But the real winner is this contour kit. It comes with three light “highlighting” shades (I use them as a concealer sometimes) and three “contouring” shades.

Note: I don’t do the whole triangle-concealer and contour face map thing that a lot of beauty bloggers do. That’s just way too much for me right now…maybe when I’m not as tan/my summer freckles fade. But, I apply a little bit of each contour shade with my Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush (link) (until I find a cream contour brush) and blend blend blend.

Next up, brows.

So I’ve used Gimme Brow in the past, but recently Benefit has completely revamped their brow line so I thought I would go in for a restock. I used to get the brow gel in the lighter color (aimed at blondes), but I’ve been into bolder, darker brows recently (hi Cara Delevigne), so I opted for the second color (aimed at brunettes).

Gimme Brow never disappoints, so buy it if you want to up your brow game.

Okay so here’s the deal. I love the Kylie Lip Kit, I love how it comes with a lipstick and lip liner, I love how long it stays on, I love the packaging, basically I think it’s a real winner. This is no surprise, considering I dedicated an entire post to this (link).

I’ve already confessed my love for Mary Jo K, aka the perfect red lip. So, I went ahead and ordered the next kit on my wishlist, 22. Two of my friends have it and it looks great on them, so I picked up one for myself.

The color is…okay? It looks fine, not as good as the red…I mean it’s really orange, and it didn’t look that way on my two friends’ skin tones. Am I going to keep it?  I mean, well I have to, there are no returns, but I think I’m going to have to try it out a few times before I decided whether or not I really want to use it consistently.

Lastly, Tease by Tarte. We know I love Tartelette (even though I’ve opted for the no eyeshadow, gel liner look recently), so obviously a miniature version of the glorious palette would be an obvious A+. And  it is.

Tease has two light base shades, two shimmery golds, and two darker colors (dark khaki and maroon). I love the gold colors and I really love the maroon. If you mix and match with Tartelette, this color goes really well with the middle horizontal line of shadows (my favorites).

What products have y’all picked up recently? Anything I should know about? I change my daily routine probably every other day so I’m completely open to new tips, tricks, and products!

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