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what to wear + labor day weekend

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The fact that there are two days until September is unreal. Let's have a cliché moment and discuss how this summer has flown by. Let's take a moment to grieve at how I'm now real person, and there's no difference between summer and fall now; I work 5 days a week regardless.

If I have to see one more Snapchat from my younger college friends about how great Wake is, it's not going to be pretty. And it's only orientation weekend.

Good thing there are 8 weeks until homecoming! Let the diet and exercise get taken to a whole new level.

This weekend is the last hurrah of summer, and praise Jesus hallelujah that I have a four-day weekend. I dropped the ball and didn't make any plans, and I am totally okay with that. I have been going non-stop since I started work 7 weeks ago, with a normal workweek and then staying and going out in the city most weekends. I'm so excited to just relax and sleep and tan and workout and actually write some posts for this darling blog!

I can't wait to wear gym clothes and bikinis for 4 days.

However, for those of y'all who have more exciting social lives than I do (although I must say, I have gone from 0 to 100 if you think about how antisocial I was immediately after graduating. Now I actually interact with people!), you obviously need to wear some stylish outfits for all those fun and flirty instas.
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beauty + makeup wishlist

Counting the minutes until Labor Day Weekend. I just want to sleep and tan and relax. 

And it's only Monday.

Anyway, here are the current makeup products I have my eye on. I've been definitely getting into face makeup more (I'm so pale that my freckles have disappeared) and I'm trying to find the right brushes and tools with which to apply said face makeup.

Pretty much every YouTube tutorial includes the beautyblender Makeup Sponge in some way. I had one once, but was an idiot and threw it away because I was completely unaware of what I was doing. Ugh. I also have heard good things about this Tarte Airbuki Brush

I'm currently using an amazing Benefit primer, but it's honestly more like glue. That's great, don't get me wrong, especially when it's hot and humid outside, but I've been looking for something a little more illuminating. Becca obviously is my go-to for all things glowy, so the Backlit primer seems like the right choice.

In terms of foundation, Becca has the Complexion Creme and the Aqua Luminous Foundation. Both are majestically glowy and amazing, but I can't really get a hold of what the difference is between them. I also need to switch my concealer at some point, because the Erase Paste that I usually use is much better suited for my tan, summer skin. Since I work in an office all day and don't have the luxury of lounging by the pool anymore (tbt), that tan has left the building. I've done my research and have narrowed the search for the perfect concealer down to the Naked Weightless Concealer and the Becca Aqualumious Concealer.

And lastly, have to stock up on my new favorite lashes from Sephora. So fun.
I just want samples of all these products so I can figure out if they're worth it. Dream on. 

Happy Monday!

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style + bodysuits

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Happy Friday everyone. I have decided I'm just going to be sleep deprived for the rest of my life. This commute is a killer, plus I've been hanging out with friends after work so I don't even get to the train until much later. Last night I actually stayed with a friend in the city, and I got to wake up at 8 in the morning for work. It was unreal. I usually wake up at 5:45!!! 

I don't have a full day of work on Friday's (gamechanger), but I'm staying in the city for the weekend, so I have to find something to keep me occupied until my friend gets of out work. 

Aka shopping.

I gave away all my college going out clothes, and now I'm on the hunt for post-grad options. Goals include a leather mini skirt, lace camis, and bodysuits. I've never worn one before, but today is the day for experiencing new things.

I went to a friend's birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and one of the girl's there had on this amazing black bodysuit from American Apparel with a pair of high waisted skinny jeans. Literally perfect outfit. It was very simple but crazy cool. Definitely a day to night type of outfit too; converse or sandals in the day, booties at night.

I'm trying to recreate that outfit. 

Based on my research (webshopping), the best places to find cute bodysuits are:


Bodysuits are great for layering under skirts, shorts, and jeans. You can wear them for going out as well as hanging out. 

Have y'all worn a bodysuit before? Any other places I should look?

Have a great weekend! 

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beauty + an ode to false lashes

Let’s talk falsies.

The lash kind.

Last Friday, I was bored, and when I’m bored, I usually end up spending money on something dumb, and definitely something I don’t need.

Like false eyelashes!

Just the strip kind. Though I do have my eye on lash extensions (hit a girl up if you have any opinions/fave places to get them done, slash if you have a hookup cause #broke). I'm very into lashes. I tint my lashes every six weeks, use growth serum at night, and mascara is 100% the beauty product I'd bring with me on a desert island. I'm very proud of my lashes.

But sometimes, you just gotta try something new.

If you go to Sephora and buy a pair of false lashes, they can put them on for you for free! Well, technically free, it’s a complimentary service with purchase, but still!

I’m pretty proficient in applying individual lashes, but I’ve never tried the full strip kind. I also had a stroke of inspiration when I wasn’t at home, so getting them done by a professional was the right move at the time.
I went straight for the inexpensive lash row at Sephora, and after minuts of deliberating, I finally chose the Quill Luxe False Lashes. They were big, but not too big, fluffy and voluminous, and probably the most natural while still making an impact.

Basically, these lashes are a gamechanger. 

I intend to try out a bunch of these different Luxe False lashes, since I've noticed they have a larger variety on the website than in the Greenwich store, but I'm a huge fan of the Quill's. They're reusable, too, which makes it so much more worth it. 

The Sephora cosmetician was the best. So friendly, complimentary (I don't care if they're being fake, I like compliments), and made sure my lashes looked perfect before I left.

I've already worn the lashes twice since I've bought them (I have them on right now), and I can definitely tell I'll be experimenting a lot more with falsies in the future. One of the best things about them is that it's not completely necessary to do a whole eyeshadow/liner look when I have them on. Obviously I still put on a stupid amount of eyeliner when I'm going out on the weekends, but for work, I can just pop them on and I'm good to go.

What do y'all think about false lashes?

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lifestyle + packing an overnight bag

I spend at least one night a week with my friend in New York City (usually Friday or Saturday night, depending on when we want to go out), so I’ve become an expert at packing the essentials for an overnight getaway. 
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style + the slip dress

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Slip dresses are ridiculously hot. Also, one of the most effortless trends out there. 

Like, "Hello, I just rolled out of bed with my messy waves and sexy slip dress. I'm just going to put on some heels now."

Slip dresses have taken the boudoir-chic trend to the extreme. I love it. They're supposed to be loose and slinky, and right now it's so hot in the city that this seems like the perfect type of dress to wear!

Pair with ankle strap heels or over the knee boots. For jewelry, opt for a choker or long, delicate necklace. 

I currently do not possess a slip dress, or else I would be wearing it to go out tomorrow night. Le sigh. 

Shop this post below! 

Happy Thursday!

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beauty + i hate this humidity

I really enjoy doing my hair and makeup. I'm good at it, and it's fun most of the time, until I perfectly blow out my hair for thirty minutes for it to be INSTANTLY destroyed in my ten-second walk from my front door to my car.

I'm not kidding.

In ten seconds, my hair went from Kate Middleton bouncy perfection to something I cannot even describe.

Thanks humidity.

I rarely wear my hair straight, and now that it's finally long enough to not annoy me when it's straight, I have felt the need to blow it out at every opportunity.

Y'all know my hair is naturally loose-ringlet curly, and honestly works better when it's humid outside. Why I have failed to acknowledge this when getting ready in the morning is just proving my own stupidity, but I digress.

New York City has been ridiculously disgusting lately, to the point that I actually bought a hair straightener on my way to work in a lame attempt to salvage my once sleek and straight hair.

Take a shot every time you hear someone in the Tri-State area complain about how hot and humid it's been.

Regardless, I’ve been doing my best to try out anti-humidity products so I can at least try to have straight-ish hair all day. Today I used a little cocktail of MoroccanOil’s Frizz Control spray and Oribe’s Anti-Humidity Spray. I’ll keep y’all updated on how well they work together.

I’ve used MoroccanOil for years now and it’s definitely one of the best. I used to use the entire Sleek and Shine line by Garnier Fructis when I started college, and I thought they worked really well for their price. Of course, anything by OGX is automatically amazing in my opinion, and even though I haven’t had the chance to test out the Kukui Anti-Frizz Hydrating Oil myself, based on their other products I would say it’s a winner.

If y'all have any anti-humidity tips, share them! I need all the help I can get!

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style + the black shift

Everyone needs a go-to outfit, and this is mine. 

1. Lord and Taylor has amazing sales, and they rarely disappoint. I got this BCBGeneration dress from L&T on sale, and it's one of the best purchases this summer. It's very lightweight and incredibly comfortable, yet still black so it fits into my ideal closet color scheme. It's not too short, also, so I can wear it to work without feeling like I'm about to go to a bar. 

2. If you're ever in need of a double-wrap necklace, just make one yourself. Thanks Hobby Lobby for providing me with endless amounts of black beads. So much easier to have a little DIY project than to search on Etsy, especially with a plain black beaded necklace. 

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style + chokers

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

The choker trend has really taken off recently, and thank the good Lord for that.

I went through the double-wrap necklace phase my senior year of college. I wore them everywhere. I have dropped the double-wrap part of the choker obsession, and have just stuck with the choker part. 

I bought the ASOS double cord choker a couple of weeks ago and I literally wear it every day now. Actually I'm wearing it right now, too (#practicewhatyoupreach).

Tbh I'm not a fan of the ultimate throwback choker, aka the black "tattoo choker" from the Claire's obsession of my childhood. Wear a choker all you want, just not this one.

I like to stick to black or gold, and I definitely prefer thin over thick. Wear one to work, to chill, or to go out!

Apologies for the lack of posting, it's been one hell of a week. Happy Tuesday!

Shop this post below!

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what to wear + work

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

I’ve been working in the real world for a month now, so obviously I know all about what to wear to work, right? 

Last summer when I interned at Vineyard Vines, I literally had no dress code. Like, everyone wore jeans and t-shirts, and cute summer dresses to work every day. So not realistic, especially since I work in the city now, but that's what I was used to. 

Sorry for being a workwear snob, I just honestly never pictured me in a job where I would have to wear something business-y. I am happy because I don’t have a very strict dress code, and it’s more stylish business-casual than just regular business casual. Like, think black jeans with a white sleeveless top and booties, or a "workwear bodycon" with block heels. 

If I ever have to wear a suit to work every day, please just euthanize me. I'm serious about this one. 

No judgment to girls who do work in business formal environments, more power to you, but that is just not my style.

I have had amazing luck at places like Nordstrom, ASOS, and Banana Republic. I like to wear alternate wearing a dress/top and pants, just do I don't get bored with my outfits. 

I obviously like to stick to like 3 main colors, but that makes it easier to recycle outfits, plus style them up with different accessories. I've become obsessed with shoes lately, so it's fun to try new heels with each different dress. Of the options shown above, I actually have number 2 (wore it on Monday). My faves are 5 and 6, so obviously ASOS is calling my name.

Here are my top places for stylish workwear. Comment with y'alls suggestions!

What do y'all wear to work? 

Happy Wednesday!

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lifestyle + manus x machina

I think I've talked about this straight for the past four days but the Manus x Machina exhibit at the Metropolitan is literally majestic. I highly recommend it to everyone

Number one, I'm obsessed with the Met. Like, I could probably spend a full day there, and still come back the next day. 

Number two, this was a fashion exhibit, so I was automatically in.
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beauty + drybar

I went to dinner with some college friends last Monday, and while waiting for an Uber to take me back home (aka Grand Central), I walked past a Drybar. I had always heard of Drybar, and blowdry bars in general, but I had never actually tried one before.

I’m not the most spontaneous person, I admit, but I let my inner daredevil come out when I instantly made an appointment at the Drybar closest to my office for a few days later.

I get off of work early on Fridays, like really early, and I knew I was going to stay in the city that night anyway, but my friends hadn’t gotten off work yet. What’s a girl to do? Obviously get her hair washed and blowdried for a ridiculous $45.

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style + leather jackets

one | two | three | four | five

Fall is when I like to wear black on black all day every day. 

Not that I don’t do that in the summer.

But it’s more “acceptable” in the fall. 

My style recently has definitely gotten trendier and edgier (HA! Who would have thought the Pink and Green Prep would buy trendy and edgy clothing), and with that comes my psycho obsession with leather.

Leather pants, leather booties, leather over-the-knee boots, leather tops, leather dresses, and most importantly, leather jackets. 

I picked up this BLANKNYC leather jacket in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale (hallelujah) and I am dying to wear it. It’s one of those things where I put it on and just am like OOH YES AH and “Pour Some Sugar On Me” starts playing in the background. 

If you don’t want to spend your life savings and give your first born child to buy a nice leather jacket, never fear for there are options. 

Praise the Lord for ASOS and Topshop.

It's also always better to see a (faux) leather jacket in person. There's a fine line between it looking chic or obviously faux.

Where have y'all found leather jackets? Comment with ideas!

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lifestyle + friday five

Happy Friday! I'm going to start doing Friday Five again. Let's get into it.

1. I'm putting this as first because it's most important and I need y'alls helpI have my first appointment at Drybar today, and I honestly have no idea what type of blowout I want. I'm obviously doing a major post on this for next week with more details, but for those of y'all who have gone to Drybar: what is your favorite style from the menu? I can't decide between Mai Tai, Cosmo Tai, Cosmo, or Straight basically I haven't made any decisions yet. My appointment is at 2:15 so comment now with your vote! 

2. I don’t care what you’re doing, go on to Spotify or iTunes or whatever and listen to Nick Jonas’ “Teacher” remix. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, but I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with this song. Follow me on Spotify and you’ll understand that literally every other song I listen to is this one. You're welcome.

3. Let’s talk alcohol. Obviously I’m a fan of it, but I cannot seem to find a “go-to” drink for bars in the real world. In college, my friends and I would drink bottomless margaritas and Long Island Ice Teas for days. Like yes those are great, but LIT’s are so aggressive it hurts. I feel like I’m cheating on my fave Wake Forest bar if I get them somewhere else, also they taste disgusting at places other than this bar.

Still, what do y’all get to drink at bars? I like wine, tequila, and rum. Sometimes vodka. I hate vodka sodas, and I would prefer something that isn’t packed with sugar or hyper-aggressive. Any ideas? I would love to just drink Tequila Sunrises until the literal sun rises, but I’m pretty sure I would die before that even happens. 

Save my liver and awkward drink deliberation and help a girl out.

4. I bit the bullet and ordered a black jumpsuit. I know guys, it is exciting. Now I can finally shut up about how I want to buy one and actually just talk about how amazing they are in real life. With the jumpsuit I picked up a black choker (because I think I’m cooler than I actually am) and lace up block heels. A five star outfit, if you ask me. 

The black jumpsuit and choker arrived yesterday (thank God, it was my outfit plan for today) BUT THE SHOES HAVE FAILED ME, apparently Lulu's takes their sweet time with shipping, so they won't get to me until Monday. 

Missed opportunity. 

Obviously I'm going to wear them like every day, and I guess I'll just have to pull a Lizzie McGuire and be an outfit repeater. 

5. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is v close to ending, so make sure to get back to your shopping cart in case you forgot any items. I picked up these Topshop booties and I'm obsessed! I wore them to work on Tuesday and I felt so cool and trendy. I still love this leopard print bomber, but they ran out of my size!

Have a super weekend everyone. I'M SO EXCITED FOR MINE, I'm bringing my camera everywhere with me this weekend too, so I'll have outfit and food and location pictures to share with y'all!

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recipes + gluten free shrimp scampi

I am trying my (almost) hardest to eat gluten free. I really am. It helps that I live in a gluten free household, which is probably one of the only reasons why I would lean towards this gluten free shrimp scampi recipe, rather than a good ole gluten filled one. 

This recipe is from Damn Delicious, aka something found on Pinterest. I've included the recipe at the bottom of the post, but basically it's super easy and not that time consuming.
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style + august wishlist

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

The fact that it's already August 4th is unreal. My younger friends are ending their internships this week and then heading back to school soon. Number one that's depressing for me because I won't be going to school (I need to accept this at some point) but also number two pretty exciting cause I won't actually have to go to school. I also won't have to drive from CT to NC in the smallest excuse for a car, my MINI Cooper.

Anyways here's what I have my eye on for the month of August. 

Fun Tops Madewell has some new fun things recently, like this mock neck top. Obviously anything closely resembling to a turtleneck I'm a fan of, especially when I could wear it for multiple seasons. There's also a theme of showing my back, with the Revolve low-back top and the Madewell split-back top

Black Ripped Jeans I will continue to put the FRAME Le Rip black jeans on my wishlist until I stop spending money on really useless things and finally buy these. They're an important part of my end of summer/fall wardrobe, and I don't even have them yet. I really wish FRAME would release regular denim with the same kind of distressed look, because honestly I haven't found anything ripped that I like besides these jeans.

Round Brush I also need a new brush (mine is falling apart ha) so why not get the one that Drybar is famous for?

Block Heels I basically only wear black heels because I can actually walk in them. Also all hail Steve Madden shoes; they're such a good price range, they always have sales, and I always get a lot of use out of them.

"I need skirts" I hate the way skirts look on me, but that doesn't stop me from trying.

Suede Jacket One of my favorite online shopping destinations EVER is ASOS. Since the perfect BLANKNYC suede jacket sold out in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I have been looking elsewhere for a similar look. Thanks ASOS!

Shop my wishlist below!

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lifestyle + blog redesign

Obviously a very different look here at Whimsical Charm today!

Unfortunately I change my mind every five minutes so let's see how long I actually last with this template. 

I wanted to have a tropical vibe while still keeping it clean and crisp. I love me some black and white but I needed a little more pop of color (hello PINK!) to balance everything out. 

I actually really enjoy playing around on Photoshop, and I take advantage of my hour and fifteen minutes of commuting time every morning and night to work on the blog.

Things to know about:

YouTube I’ve been saying this all summer but I plan to start making YouTube vids, specifically for hair and makeup purposes. Unfortunately this weekend is all booked up (MY BEST FRIEND IS VISITING I’M SO EXCITED hi Jess I know you’re reading this!), but after that I don’t really have anything planned until October (lol) when I go to Wake for homecoming. Aka I have a lot of time to get ish done. SO be on the lookout in the next few weeks for my awkward entrance into the vlogging world. Comment with requests!

Snapchat So I made a blog Snapchat. Will I use it? Hopefully. Will it catch on? Who knows. There’s no way to tell what shenanigans what I get into, but I don’t really want to bombard my personal Snapchat with things about style, makeup, and what my salad of the day is. Regardless, follow me @whimsicalcharm. 

I'll be adjusting things for the next couple of weeks, so excuse discrepancies, but I hope y'all like the new Whimsical Charm! 

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