style + my new favorite outfit

This outfit is so unbelievably chic I can't even handle it. 

Like look at this dress.

Look at these shoes.

THEY'RE FRINGE BOOTIES they actually deserve their own appreciation post honestly. Instead I'm just going to wear them in every outfit post until it gets too cold to expose my heel and toes. 

I got this dress from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and good Lord it's perfect. The material is very thick, which is nice because it won't wrinkle as easily when I'm sitting down most of the day. It's also PERFECT for all seasons, in my opinion. I'm totally wearing it with tights and over the knee boots when it stops being a million degrees outside. 

I also have a newfound appreciation for Topshop. Number one it's British so I naturally am obsessed with it, number two they have really cool choices for workwear. It's just edgy enough without being too out there. 

Shop the look below! The dress is on sale still, so pick it up while it's at a discounted price!

Have a happy Monday!


  1. That dress is amazing! Love the blocks of color :) Perfect for a summer evening!

    1. Thank you! Definitely going to be wearing it a ton!


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