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beauty + highlighters

It feels as though every couple of weeks there’s a new beauty trend, and after a while it honestly does get tiring keeping up. One trend I can get behind is highlighting. I really don’t know if anyone else notices my diligently applied, natural-but-not highlight on my cheekbones and brow bone…and I really don’t care.

I notice.

Makeup is so much fun.

I’ve tried a few highlighting products throughout the years, yet haven’t really used them correctly or as intentionally probably the past year.

The holy grail is Becca. Start and end with Becca, and you’ll be set.

Becca products are basically separated into three categories: pressed, poured, and liquid. Pressed is powder, poured is a cream, and liquid speaks for itself.

In terms of pressed versus poured, it's really just personal preference. I have the poured in Champagne Pop and I love it, but I think that if you want the highlight to really stand out and last longer, layer pressed on top of poured. I don't have any powder highlighter right now, so I actually apply a little bit of NARS shimmery-nude eyeshadow instead. Works just the same!

If you're unsure of what color Becca liquid highlighter is best, depending on where you buy it, there's a travel size option! I bought the travel size version of Opal when I wasn't super into highlighting, so I didn't use it that much, and then it mysteriously disappeared during the weird makeup raid of my dorm room this past spring. What a shame. Reminder to pick up some more next time I'm shopping for makeup...

If you want to stray from only using Becca products, have no fear; there is a life outside Becca. Benefit, one of my favorite makeup brands, has a really nice assortment of highlighters. I currently own “Watt’s Up,” and I used it up until I bought Champagne Pop. I never used the smudger end, but that’s just me. They also have “High Beam,” something that I had when I was in middle and high school, yet never really knew the right way to wear or use it. It’s really pigmented, so save if you want to be reflective as a disco ball (in a good way, of course). Lastly, there’s “Girl Meets Pearl,” which tbh I’ve only used in sample size form a long time ago. Given that it’s Benefit, I give it a high rating, but take my opinion with a grain of salt considering I don’t really remember using it that much.

Urban Decay has a highlighter, which, again, I trust because I use UD all the time and typically like their products. I’ve tried in on in-store, and you have to be super careful when applying because a little goes a looong way. Lastly, I’ve only seen the Anastasia palette in-store and haven’t actually tried it, but it’s crazy pretty. Also, it comes in three palatte shades, depending on your preference for highlight colors.

Now, go out and buy some shimmery perfection for your cheekbones. You’ll thank me later.

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