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beauty + fave hair tools

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Last summer I didn't use a single heated hair tool.

This summer is a bit different.

I was in the drastic stage of "I need to grow my hair like twenty inches between now and when senior year starts." This meant no more bleaching (I was over the Barbie blonde look anyway, so not too hard) and no more heat products (a bit trickier). First off, obviously impossible to grow your hair that much that quickly. Secondly, I honestly think I was way more patient then because if I had to wear my natural curls every single day I think I would go crazy. 

Yes I'm blessed to have naturally good hair (sorry), but let's be real...we always want what we can't have, and that is one hundred percent related to hair. 

I very rarely just straighten my hair, but I really do love my hair straightener. Pretty much anything from the Infiniti Pro line by Conair is my go-to. I try not to turn up the heat to the full 450 degrees, but I like that I have the option. 

The two heat tools I use the most are my hair dryer and curling iron. The dryer shown above is majestic, I've had it for about two years now and it's its own powerful being, like it is super strong and gets the job done so fast. I have a couple different sizes of curling irons, but I think that the 1 1/4 inch is the most versatile and the best if you just need a go-to. 

Lastly, I think I've gone through thousands of the hair clips by Sc√ľnci in my lifetime. They're the best. They're perfect for everyday use and when I'm sectioning my hair. Definitely my top choice. 

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