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health + post-grad diet and exercise

I’m slowly but surely trying to navigate the world of work, from what to wear, how to commute (properly), and how to stay healthy and active.

Just a warning: I could talk for days about health and exercise so this is going to be a long post.

I essentially sit at a desk from 9 to 6, with a break for lunch. I pretty much keep the same schedule every day.

6:30 AM – Eat breakfast
8:40 AM – Get to NYC
9:00 AM – Get to work
11:30 AM  - Snack
2:00 PM – Lunch
6:00 PM – Leave work
6:30-7:00 PM– Dinner, leave NYC
8:30 PM – Get to CT, Work out

This is the life of a girl living in Connecticut and working in New York City.

I quite enjoy it because although I’m quite healthy normally, I’ve become some kind of health psychopath because I’m in full control of my meals Monday through Friday.

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style + the backless shift

Happy Wednesday!

Take a little trip to your nearest Lord and Taylor because of the amazing "buy one get one 50% off" sale.

Like that's unreal.

It's also where I picked up this adorable BCBGeneration dress.

I don’t really know what else to say about this dress, it’s very pretty and flowy and an interesting color…so I’m just going to talk about other things.

How’s everything going?  Can’t believe the week is flying by so quickly. Unfortunately I am tired all the freaking time and haven’t been as productive on the train home/when I actually get back to Connecticut because I have started sleeping on the train. It’s a sad life.

Here’s a question: how can I feel more awake before/after work without caffeine? I’m not one of those people who is adamant about caffeine being an addictive drug, mostly because I’ve never really experienced the effects fully. I could literally drink a Redbull and then fall asleep. In fact, I have. Isn’t that depressing? I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t depend on coffee or stimulants but lord, that means I have to remain alert naturally throughout the day. It doesn’t help I wake up early, plus last weekend I definitely did not get the sleep I was craving.

Anyways, hope everyone has a great day! So close to the weekend!

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lifestyle + what's in my work tote

Good morning lovelies! Time for a work related post. I know I'm only in the very beginning of my work life, so I've got a lot to learn, but I thought I would share with y'all what I bring to work every day. I change the tote bag depending on what outfit I'm wearing (shocker), but the contents are pretty consistent. 
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style + my new favorite outfit

This outfit is so unbelievably chic I can't even handle it. 

Like look at this dress.

Look at these shoes.

THEY'RE FRINGE BOOTIES they actually deserve their own appreciation post honestly. Instead I'm just going to wear them in every outfit post until it gets too cold to expose my heel and toes. 

I got this dress from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and good Lord it's perfect. The material is very thick, which is nice because it won't wrinkle as easily when I'm sitting down most of the day. It's also PERFECT for all seasons, in my opinion. I'm totally wearing it with tights and over the knee boots when it stops being a million degrees outside. 

I also have a newfound appreciation for Topshop. Number one it's British so I naturally am obsessed with it, number two they have really cool choices for workwear. It's just edgy enough without being too out there. 

Shop the look below! The dress is on sale still, so pick it up while it's at a discounted price!

Have a happy Monday!

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style + the blue midi

dress (similar) | shoes | sunglasses

Good afternoon lovely readers. Time for a post. Sorry for the inconsistency, I've been super busy with work and commuting and everything but fear not! I'll be back to my regular posting tomorrow.

I didn't get this dress in the fabulous Nordstrom Anniversary sale, however it is from Nordstrom. Unfortunately it's unavailable now, but it's literally too hot to live so I'm wearing the lightest, floatiest type dresses I can find so I don't succumb to heatstroke.

These shoes are great, too. I've been wearing them a lot lately, mostly to work, and they've never failed me. The nude color really opens up a ton of options of what to wear them with!

Shop the look below!

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what to wear + night out

Wake Forest was a strange land where girls wear cutoff shorts and sorority tees with colored Chuck Taylors to every party. 

Suffice it to say, the real world is not so easy.

I would also like to say I am not a fan of the whole crop top and bandage skirt type of outfit. It’s so Spring-Break-Club-Scene and honestly really generic and tacky. I went out in NYC a couple of weeks ago and every single girl looked exactly the same and exactly as desperate looking.

Desperate is not the way, ladies!

That’s why I prefer the jeans and silk top route. 

It’s very hard to go wrong. 

Although I miss the ease of just throwing on my SENIORS v-neck when I didn’t know what to wear one night, it’s time to grow up. Now it’s time for the fun stuff; wedges, silk tanks, and daring makeup. Time to graduate from Forever 21 and red solo cups of punch in a frat basement.

The more I talk about it the more I’m ready to move on.

Anywho, let’s talk about ASOS. Great price point, consistent and reliable, and so many options. I love ASOS. I turn to the site when I’m looking for workwear, party dresses, and going out tops. I’m weird about pants/skirts (aka I’m not very adventurous and tend to stick to the same few pair of jeans, help me), so I stick to dresses and tops on ASOS. 

So I have this thing for the color black, shocking I know, but really like why wouldn’t you have a million black going out tops? It’s the perfect color for going out!!

For jeans, I prefer dark rinse or white. I wore a new pair of black jeans yesterday that I’m obsessed with, so those will definitely make an appearance at a bar or two, and I’m saving up for the FRAME denim distressed jeans. 

Dresses and rompers are always cute, but so much better for spring and summer than the months to come. HOW CUTE IS THAT PINK ROMPER? It’s so dainty and pretty and honestly it could definitely be a day to night kind of outfit. 

I stick to wedges when I go out, even though the increased foot support does nothing to stop my ridiculous amount of complaining about how my feet hurt. But, I have been wearing block heels almost every day to work and I’m getting quite tough! The fringe Vince Camuto booties are my new favorite things in the world (post to come next week) and they’re perfect for a night out, too! 

When going out, I like to have a crossbody bag because you can literally strap it across your body to prevent losing it. I’ve lost bags when I’m stone cold sober, so I take extra precautions when I’ve had some margs. 

What do y'all like to wear for a night out? Let me know for some extra inspo! 

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beauty + highlighters

It feels as though every couple of weeks there’s a new beauty trend, and after a while it honestly does get tiring keeping up. One trend I can get behind is highlighting. I really don’t know if anyone else notices my diligently applied, natural-but-not highlight on my cheekbones and brow bone…and I really don’t care.

I notice.

Makeup is so much fun.

I’ve tried a few highlighting products throughout the years, yet haven’t really used them correctly or as intentionally probably the past year.

The holy grail is Becca. Start and end with Becca, and you’ll be set.

Becca products are basically separated into three categories: pressed, poured, and liquid. Pressed is powder, poured is a cream, and liquid speaks for itself.

In terms of pressed versus poured, it's really just personal preference. I have the poured in Champagne Pop and I love it, but I think that if you want the highlight to really stand out and last longer, layer pressed on top of poured. I don't have any powder highlighter right now, so I actually apply a little bit of NARS shimmery-nude eyeshadow instead. Works just the same!

If you're unsure of what color Becca liquid highlighter is best, depending on where you buy it, there's a travel size option! I bought the travel size version of Opal when I wasn't super into highlighting, so I didn't use it that much, and then it mysteriously disappeared during the weird makeup raid of my dorm room this past spring. What a shame. Reminder to pick up some more next time I'm shopping for makeup...

If you want to stray from only using Becca products, have no fear; there is a life outside Becca. Benefit, one of my favorite makeup brands, has a really nice assortment of highlighters. I currently own “Watt’s Up,” and I used it up until I bought Champagne Pop. I never used the smudger end, but that’s just me. They also have “High Beam,” something that I had when I was in middle and high school, yet never really knew the right way to wear or use it. It’s really pigmented, so save if you want to be reflective as a disco ball (in a good way, of course). Lastly, there’s “Girl Meets Pearl,” which tbh I’ve only used in sample size form a long time ago. Given that it’s Benefit, I give it a high rating, but take my opinion with a grain of salt considering I don’t really remember using it that much.

Urban Decay has a highlighter, which, again, I trust because I use UD all the time and typically like their products. I’ve tried in on in-store, and you have to be super careful when applying because a little goes a looong way. Lastly, I’ve only seen the Anastasia palette in-store and haven’t actually tried it, but it’s crazy pretty. Also, it comes in three palatte shades, depending on your preference for highlight colors.

Now, go out and buy some shimmery perfection for your cheekbones. You’ll thank me later.

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style + black jumpsuit search

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

You know when you have the perfect outfit in mind, yet you don't actually have any of the specific pieces in the outfit? I have a picture in my head of the black jumpsuit I want, but I can't seem to find the actual version in real life. 

Thus begins the hunt for the perfect black jumpsuit.

I've searched the regular places, like Revolve, ASOS, and Nordstrom, and I'm shooting blanks. There are some that are close to what I have envisioned, just not exactly what I have in mind. I think I just have to bite the bullet and buy one so I can figure out whether or not I need to adjust my "ideal" image of a black jumpsuit.

Anyway, here are eight jumpsuits that have struck my fancy. The fourth option is just for giggles though, considering it's a $500 DVF jumpsuit and hahaha that's not happening with my budget. As you can tell, I like the slightly cropped, tapered leg, and although I'm always open to a high neck, I really like the wrap top (if it's not too low cut).  My favorites are the second, fifth, and it looks like I'm shopping at Revolve. 

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style + first day of work

dress | bag | sunglasses (similar)

Hey team. Happy Friday. It's a busy weekend here so I'll make this quick.

Thank the Lord for Nordstrom's speedy delivery because I would literally have no clothes to wear to work without it. This dress is from Nordstrom's Topshop collection, and it's so wonderful that I ordered it in two colors. 

I have a very wide waist, so I do what I can to make it look smaller, aka love the belt. The color of this dress looks extra good with a tan, but it's so pretty and feminine that I'm going to try to extend its use past summer. Also, given my inability to walk in heels, I opted for Schutz's mid heel, which actually worked quite nicely. 

At least I wore this outfit on my first day on Wednesday, instead of yesterday when it literally was monsooning. Light colors, suede shoes and water do not mix. 

Have a great weekend! My brother is visiting with his college friends for the weekend, and I'm seeing some sorority sisters in the city tomorrow. Everyone decided to come to the tri-state area the same weekend! No idea what I'm wearing to the city, it's supposed to be a million degrees out which I'm not looking forward to, but hey, it's summer.

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