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Hello everyone. Let's have a great Tuesday!

Not technically summer yet, but it basically is, so here's my summer style guide.

Let's jump into it. 

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Embroidered Dress This dress from Madewell is a nice little alternative to the blue and white embroidered dress I wear all the time. V summery, v casual, but nice enough that you can be proud of wearing it in public (instead of Nike shorts and a tee). 

Badass Sunglasses Last night I found a pair of sunglasses I lost last fall. Miracles happen! Regardless I still think that these sunglasses by Quay are crazy cool. 

Colorful Romper I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS ROMPER. It is comfortable looking and such a fun color and just so amazing it's so perfect for summer. What a wonderful thing that rompers are such a big deal now. They're definitely a main staple in my wardrobe from April to September!

Bikini If you're looking for cheap but cute, go for Forever 21 and H&M. Mid-range, American Eagle, Pacsun. Slightly more expensive, Monday Swimwear, Triangl and anything from Revolve or Shopbop

Off the Shoulder Top Given my previous statement of love for off-the-shoulder anything, it should be of no surprise that an off-the-shoulder top would be included in my summer style guide. I especially like this denim top from Madewell. 

Seasonal Phone Case If I wasn't such a hazard to everything I touch (I tend to break things, specifically my phone), I would be all on this Kate Spade case. 

Beach Perfume Literally, Beach by Bobbi Brown.

Espadrilles I just found a cute pair of blue espadrilles at ASOS, but I think neutral is the way to go to last the entire summer. Bonus points if there are long laces!

Beach Bag My pick just happens to match the phone case! I like summer because you can wear and use pieces that are brighter, crazier, and bolder than any other month. Example: this tote bag. 

Denim Shorts No surprise. Distressed is you're going for the casual look, cuffed if you're dressing them up a bit. Pair with an off-the-shoulder top, espadrilles and betchy sunglasses haha see how this all works together!?

Printed Pants Okay so I have a love/hate relationship with printed pants. I love how they look, I hate how they look on me, ya feel me? I honestly think this is what ever female ever feels about some type of clothing. Anyway, I saw the new Lilly Pulitzer catalogue and one outfit that was highlighted included these pants and a navy cami. Super cute right? God bless the girl that can rock these pants. 

Comment with items y'all would include on a summer style guide!


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