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It's tricky, but I'm trying to become someone who actually looks halfway decent when I work out...meaning opting for something other than an oversize date function t-shirt and Nike Tempo Track Shorts.

I know that working out is about something greater than what you wear, but whatever.

I don't like wearing form fitting tops (in general, but especially when I'm vigorously moving), which is really not ideal considering I go to Lululemon for my workout gear, and almost everything is meant to hug every (wanted and unwanted) curve.

However, I do have a Lulu giftcard burning a hole in my pocket, so I thought I would begin a little hunt for cute summer workout clothes. The goal is to be lightweight because I exercise outside as much as I exercise inside.

As far as I'm concerned, there is only one pair of shorts that anyone should wear to workout in. I previously wrote a post on the glorious Lululemon Speed Shorts, and let me tell you, the obsession has not subsided. I honestly would wear them year-round if I didn't choose to live in cold climates, and also because I really don't like exercising in leggings; athleisure, sure, but I'm too busy pulling them up and making sure my butt looks good to actually care about working out.

I really like all of these loose but still fun 'n flirty tops. My fave tops so far have been from Nordstrom, which actually has a pretty impressive selection of workout clothes. Added bonus: they always have great sales!

Hydrate ladies! The S'Well bottles are a fan favorite, and I honestly don't know what brand my current water bottle is...but it's always good to check out Target, Nordstrom, Lululemon, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.


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