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Hello hello! Happy Wednesday! Not a fan of the term "Hump Day" so we're sticking with plain old Wednesday. 

First off. This dress. I'm done. I mentioned I preordered it from Revolve on a previous post, then I un-preordered it, only to regret it so I tried to order it again but it was sold out, so I put my name on a waitlist only to have it be delivered like 2 days after! It's fate. 

I love love love love love seersucker, especially blue seersucker, so I obviously love this dress. It's very light which is perfect for summer, while still sticking with the off-the-shoulder trend that is sweeping the fashion nation. 

Secondly. These sandals. Y'all know I've been on the hunt for gladiator sandals for basically the past year now, and I think I've finally found my pair of lace-ups. They're tricky because I've yet to find the perfect way to tie them so that they don't fall down every couple of minutes, but I am v determined. 

Third. Probably wearing this outfit when I go into the city this weekend. I've been feeling very apathetic towards shopping lately, mostly because I can't find anything I like. I'm in the process of redoing my closet (literally gave away everything when I graduated college), but it's hard because (1)  I don't have a job, so it's tricky to know what I'm going to be wearing most days, and (2) nothing is really catching my eye. 

Except for this dress. It 100 p caught my eye. 

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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