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lifestyle + vanity desk organization

I truly contemplated naming the post "lifestyle + organizing my makeup and hair products so basically everything i hold dear."

Last night while watching the Tony's (secret obsession with musicals, I haven't missed watching the Tony's since like 8th grade), inspiration struck and I decided to clean out the nook. 

To make things easier, the room that juts off of my bedroom is called "the nook." Always has been, always will be. 

My nook houses all my makeup, hair products and tools, jewelry, and anything and everything to do with those three major categories. 

I'm a makeup and hair product junkie, and I have a really hard time throwing things away. In another life I would be featured on "Hoarders: Beauty Edition."

Another thing. I am messy. Extremely so. I am psycho organized with planning, my calendar, my computer, etc but when it comes to places like my room, I find it very hard to keep organized.

(I'm working on it)

I am constantly working to be more organized with my room (it comes in waves), and thank the good Lord for Pinterest because of the constant inspiration it gives to me actual attain my goal of being organized. 

Click "read more" to read this ridiculously long and detailed post. 

This is the desk I have currently. I like it for my bedroom at home, but I know when I move out I'll get something (most likely from my true home, IKEA) that has much more storage capabilities. 

I feel like I need to include a "before" picture so y'all can really understand the gravity of how messy I can truly get. 

WHY ON EARTH DO I HAVE SO MANY JEWELRY HOLDERS? Slash jewelry in general! I wear the same freaking pieces every day! This makes no sense.

I also have makeup that I used in high school. No guys! No! Not okay! 

Suffice it to say that I have a very full trash can right now. 

The purge is real, y'all.

I also found the ghosts of frat parties past: a collection of hoop earrings, but with only one of the two hoops. None of which matched. NONE. 

I was briefly sad that I wouldn't get the chance to lose one earring in a dirty frat basement anymore, but then I realized how depressing that statement was, and how much money I'll save since I won't have to make emergency trips to Claire's to replace my lost hoops.

Moving on.

I took everything out of my drawers and baskets and organized them by type (like bronzers, moisturizers, eye shadow palettes, etc). I did throw away a lot, something that was much needed. I also realized how much I needed to restock (like are you kidding me). 

Obligatory mirror selfie! Also apologies for the awk reflection of me in the mirror in half of these photos. No good way to take pictures of a desk with a mirror on it!

My drawers aren't very deep, so I basically had to organize them by what would literally fit. 

Top left drawer: lips
Bottom left drawer: eye shadow
Top right drawer: bronzer, powders
Bottom right drawer: moisturizer
Middle drawer: eye shadow palettes, brows, eyeliner, brushes, highlighter, concealer/foundation/BB cream, mascara, bobby pins (aka everything else)

In terms of hair products and tools, I piled them underneath the desk in baskets. I have a basket full of hair products (don't ask why I have so many, I can't really answer or understand why). Then, another basket is for curling and flat irons, my blow dryer, and hair brushes. Easy enough.

In between those two baskets is another basket just for makeup and jewelry bags. I also have my double sided mirror under the desk, only because there's not enough room for it to remain on top of the desk permanently. 

I kept my Oribe products on my desk (the only hair products worthy) just because they're so pretty and wonderful. Also my lovely Benefit face serum

Okay, now jewelry. I have fun, sparkly, colorful necklaces on display on top of the desk, while layering and long necklaces are elsewhere. 

Bracelets are on a bracelet holder and earrings are on an earring display (surprising right?). 

I've put especially pretty/loved pieces on various trays. Perfumes got their own tray (my favorite being Acqua di Gioia which I keep on my bedside table). 

Not kidding this took like two hours. When I grow up and get an apartment, get ready for an obnoxious amount of posts about organizing my beauty supplies in a new way! For the time being, I'm happy with how the cleaning binge turned out and I hope I'll be able to keep it like this for a good amount of time. 

Happy Monday!

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1 comment:

  1. I also love the Tony awards! It was such a fun show last night. I love how you organized everything! Jess at Just Jess



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