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Is it too early to already buy an agenda for 2017? 


Shame on me I bought an agenda that I can't even use for two more months because I have an all too real obsession with planning things just for the sake of writing them down.

Also Kate Spade agendas are straight fire.

I had a bit of trouble choosing one last year because tbh everything looked average and boring and I wasn't a fan of anything on the market. 

But then I saw this

Endless virtual kisses to Kate Spade for this agenda.

The cover is crazy original. It's so Kate Spade girly meets tongue-in-cheek meets retro. Other than this agenda, they have the classic black and white stripe, gold polka dot, and a new floral design.

I would show y'all more of the inside, but considering it begins in August...and I have nothing except for birthdays and homecoming to put in it right now, I'll save that post for later.

What's great about this version of agenda is that there's a note section PLUS an additional two pages of notes after each month. I always run out of space in the regular note section, so I love that there are so many extra pages.

So much room for activities!

Each month has an adorable themed "cover art." I wish I was a a better artist because I absolutely love all the drawings and totally would want to do some myself. In another life, I guess.

Hope y'all have a great Monday! I started Jane the Virgin at the beginning of last week and finished it last night (THAT SEASON 2 FINALE I'M DYING I'M DEAD LIKE WHAT) I'm in desperate need of a new show to binge-watch if y'all have any suggestions! And, if anyone needs a show to watch, go to Netflix right now and watch Jane the Virgin. All the feels in the best way. 


  1. I loooove this planner Hannah! Have you watched Gilmore Girls yet? It's my favorite show of all time and so fun to binge watch!

  2. Such a cute planner!! I started season one last week and was obsessed too!! Where were you able to find season two by chance?! Ha.

    1. I found some on random sites on Google and the rest on the CW's website!

  3. Is this the medium or large?

  4. I bought the same agenda and I agree. It's so pretty and well made. I can't wait to use it!


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