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lifestyle + i ate a lot when i was in new york

Ugh it's Monday we all hate them but honestly I'm kind of happy that it's not the weekend because it means I can get back on track with diet and exercise considering how much I stuffed my face this past weekend in New York, no regrets at all but I don't think I'll ever be hungry again. 

That was a long sentence.

Hopefully y'all get the point.

I took the train into the city on Friday afternoon to have a mini reunion with some college friends. Two came in for the weekend, and one just moved to the city a couple of weeks ago. We spent the majority in Chelsea, Meatpacking District and SoHo, places that I'm not too familiar with (despite living in the area for most of my life).

Friday night we went to Catch, a seafood and sushi restaurant in Meatpacking. I got sushi for dinner, but the real winner was the dessert.

I'm a self-admitted not-dessert person. I would much rather have an appetizer (preferably drowned in cheese), but in the spirit of being a free spirit in a trendy restaurant in the city, I ordered a cinnamon roll donut with coffee ice-cream.

(Also all my friends ordered dessert and I didn't want to be the odd one out)

GUYS IT WAS CRAZY GOOD first off I hate coffee but I looooove coffee ice cream, so that was amazing but the donut was so cool, I don't know how this is possible but there was a cinnamon roll inside of the donut. I am impressed/entertained easily, but this was a whole new level of excitement.

That night we went to a couple of bars, which was fun because A. I haven't been out since graduation and B. I've never been out in New York before. I made the mistake of ordering tequila sodas...first off, ew, secondly, I was sipping the drinks so slowly that I ended up not really drinking anything at all, which I guess is good in the long run? 

Oh well.

Anyway, the pride and joy meal of this weekend was at Dos Caminos in Meatpacking District. 


I love Mexican food more than the average person, I admit, but goodness gracious this meal was un-freaking-real. The brunch deal was that you get coffee or tea AND either a mimosa/screwdriver/frozen maragarita/etc. and then whatever food you want. I ordered the breakfast quesadilla and a frozen marg, and I was so, so happy. 

I tried shopping, but I just couldn't find anything that I loved. I've started this new phase in my life where I'm not going to buy anything unless I cannot live without it. Hopefully this will be easier on my wallet, and I'll end up loving everything in my closet. 

Okay so here's my fun little story. All my friends who read this blog are rolling their eyes right now because of how excited I get when I talk about this, but whatever. We went to LadurĂ©e in SoHo (my first time, I was very pleased) and my friend and I were at the counter buying our macarons when I noticed something weird about one of the customers in line. There was a woman with a forearm piercing, and all I could think of was why on earth would anyone get anything besides their ears pierced, let alone their forearm. But, then I looked up and she looked very similar to Amanda Bynes...long, platinum hair, HUGE sunglasses, cheek piercings and all. GUYS I SAW AMANDA BYNES I know she went off the deep end, but I still love her and I can't believe I actually saw her just out and about in NYC! I know for sure it was her because my friend googled a picture of her and she does in fact have a forearm piercing! 


Saturday night was a winner too. We went to Rana in Chelsea Market, which is the great little Italian restaurant. One of my favorite things on this planet is truffle, so I obviously had to get the truffle ravioli. 

Obviously I did spend my entire weekend consuming delicious food, but I walked 17,000 steps on Saturday so whatever. 

I had so much fun seeing my friends, and have warmed up slightly to New York as a whole (baby steps)! 

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