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beauty + an ode to my clarisonic

When I was a wee junior in high school, my mother and I were passing through Neiman Marcus when we were bombarded by a spokesperson for Clarisonic. 45 minutes (at least) later, we knew her entire life story and had also purchased two Clarisonics (to be fair, mine was the mini-me version of my mother's). 

Well, six years later, I'm still using my Clarisonic. I love it. 

I can honestly tell that my face is drastically cleaner when I use it. Regardless of how "deep cleaning" a cleansing product claims to be, nothing will be even close to the prowess of my Clarisonic. 

I've always used the Mia, but tbh things got pretty iffy in the six years of owning it. My mother, however, just gave me her Plus. Ahhhhh it's wonderful, for starters it's bigger than the Mia which for some reason makes me feel more adult (idk). It also has it's own charging stand which actually helps me out a lot, considering I lost my last charger for a couple of months (found it with my lost sunglasses from a couple of posts ago, oy vey) so I had to ration out my Clarisonic uses so I didn't use up too much battery.  

Bonus points: the Plus is pink.

It's my second favorite body-focused technology product, right behind my Fitbit (because let's be real, nothing I repeat nothing can replace my Fitbit).

I was reminded of my love for this glorious device when I went to Ulta (sidenote: an Ulta opened 15 minutes from my house and I've already been there twice in one week...hello darkness, my old friend) and picked up a new cleansing brush. The cool thing is that there are different brushes for your particular need; for example, radiance, deep pore cleansing, acne cleansing, delicate, normal, etc etc etc. I've always used a "normal" brush but I chose "radiance" this time around and holy wow it's fantastic.

I don't have difficult skin to begin with, but using this radiance brush is a game changer. First off, it's crazy soft, which is always a plus. Second, my face wash reacts super well to the brush and actually seems to last longer than if I was just washing with my hands (does that make sense?). Also, after the one minute of power cleansing, MY SKIN IS SO FREAKING RADIANT IT'S UNREAL. I'm a total beauty-addict through and through, but I haven't grown above an average love for skincare until this product. Wow guys. Just wow. 

In the spirit of having graduated one month ago (what), I've thought of a positive for being done will college: I have the motivation and concentration to fully appreciate a good, consistent skincare routine (aka not sleeping with my makeup on because I got back too late, ja feel), beginning and ending with my Clarisonic. Baby steps! 

Real talk: who has a Clarisonic slash is in love with it as much as I am? 

Also. Received the off the shoulder blue seersucker dress from Revolve that I preordered a couple of weeks ago. IT'S PERFECT I LOVE IT I'M DONE. Pics to come soon. I'm going into the city next weekend so maybe I'll wear it then! The big debut, ooh la la!

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