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what to wear + post exams

For the next five days, I will be back in Dirty Myrtle for Wake's post-exam celebration. We like to think of it as the beginning of Senior Week, the time from Posties to graduation that involves a lot of sun, a lot of parties, and a lot of time together. 

Basically this is my last chance to wear my typical-college-going-out clothes. Wake students spend a majority of their nights out in dirty frat basements, so nice clothes going out clothes aren't really the norm. Let's give my ripped jean shorts and Forever 21 tops a nice last hurrah!

Click read more to see what I'm packing on my trip to Myrtle Beach!

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven (top, bottom)

My best friend and I went to the mall yesterday to pick up some items for Myrtle. Let me preface this by saying the Hanes Mall is subpar at best. The most best places to go are Victoria's Secret and Forever 21. I got lucky at Pacsun (no real explanation, probably the second time I've been there ever) and American Eagle had some really great items.

Considering I'm not really in a place to splurge on swimwear, and since I'm really sick of what I currently own from spring break and days at the pool, I visited H&M and Forever 21 to find cheap (but cute) bikinis. Guys literally unreal, found four awesome bikinis for $35 like are you kidding me? I'm bringing a hot pink string, palm print string, black strapless, and light pink with lace string. I also continued on my route of outrageous one-pieces, I bought this. But then, I went to Pacsun and found this one. Can't stop a good thing. I think I'll end up returning the American one, but we'll see.

I don't really know what kind of shenanigans I'm going to get into in Myrtle, and keeping in mind my ability to lose or break everything I touch, I'm not going to bring my nice sunglasses with me on this trip. Pacsun had a really cool pair that are essentially the same size as my face, but they're super fun. Then, AE had a nice little promotion with sunglasses so my BFF and I got two pair at a discounted price. She opted for a heart shaped pair and mine are tortoiseshell with multicolor reflective lenses.

When we get to Myrtle, a couple of my friends and I are going to one of the local beach towel and t-shirt stores (which are frankly pretty terrifying) to pick up fun t-shirts and beach towels. Inexpensive, good for a couple of days, and seriously, when else can I wear a t-shirt with a shark on it as a coverup?

Guys I can't control my excitement for leaving tomorrow. This is probably the last fun and social trip I'm going to have in a very loooooooong time (here's looking at you, post-grad life) and I can't wait to live it up in good ole Dirty Myrtle!

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