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I'm a firm believer that every girl needs to own at least one, preferably more than one, black bikini. My most worn bikini is 100% my black string. 

The LBB is really cool without trying too hard. It's also really easy to find, because literally everyone sells black bikinis. 

Obviously I wear my black string a lot (the perfect tanning bikini), and my Monday Swimwear black bikini is another fave...but unfortunately everything from Monday is currently sold out. 

I bought the strappy strapless (number four, above) for Myrtle Beach, and it was one of the bikinis I actually wore. H&M and Forever 21 have awesome cheap bikinis if you're looking for something in a rush.

If you want to splurge a little, go for Mikoh. Their crazily strappy bikinis ooze cool. One of my friends has number eight (shown above), and it looks so cool I can't even explain it. 

The next on my list (rewards for successes in my post-grad detox include bikinis and Lululemon) is the Triangl black neoprene bikini. They have a couple in stock in different styles, and I'm definitely not edgy enough to wear them, but I love them. I've had my eye on these spy-esque almost latex looking bikinis for years now.

Wishing it was warm and sunny in Connecticut instead of dreary and chilly...

...also wishing I wasn't spending my day cleaning out my closet (HELP ME)...

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