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I am a person who gets really excited about really small things. These small things include my (obvious) love for pineapples. They typically symbolize hospitality, but I think they're just so happy and wonderful that they can bring joy to everyone! 

Okay, sappy part over.

I want my own apartment as soon as I can and plan to have a fantastic array of pineapple decor to spruce up my home. After grueling over interior design websites (ha I say that like it was hard to do, I could spend hours on West Elm and Lulu & Georgia...and definitely have...), I have found my favorite pineapple-inspired decorative items!

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Any type of pineapple print (preferably with a white background) is super fun. Honestly I think I could paint one myself if I forced myself to sit down and get it done.

Even though I gave up alcohol, I can still surround myself with hilarious drinking paraphernalia with an added pineapple flair. The bottle stopper. THE SHOT GLASS. THE COCKTAIL SHAKER. I'm pretty obsessed with the cocktail shaker, I have never even used one and yet I have to have it. 

I already have the lamp (changing the lampshade though) so at least that's locked down.

Otherwise, fun accents include just plain ole pineapple figures. Gold is always a plus.

Now begins the series of things that I already own that have pineapples on them. I'm passed borderline obsessed and just full blown consumed. 

Do y'all have any weird obsessions? Any tips for apartment decorating? Comment below!


  1. I love this! I'm the same way with anchors :) They are everywhere in my house!

  2. I'm totally obsessed with pineapples right now, too! I'm trying to not buy EVERYTHING because I'm scared I'll grow tired of them!

    Emma | Seeking the South


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