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health + summer snacks

Thank the good Lord I finished my first week of the Tone it Up eight week challenge. I say this like I dislike the workouts, which I really don't; I actually enjoy everything I'm doing, and I'm not too tired every day to the point where I don't want to exercise. It's a bit daunting that I still have seven more weeks of straight working out, no breaks (we'll see how that goes, I'm determined to not cheat but really??? No days off???), but I've already lost a good amount since graduation so I think losing the remaining amount of extra weight will be motivation enough.

I'm hungry basically 90% of the time, and it's not because I have anything close to a fast metabolism (unfortunately). I've learned which healthy snacks will hold me over for a good amount of time. Summer is when I'm healthiest, and I've fined tuned my favorite snacks over the past few years.

"Skinny" Popcorn This obsession began last summer with having Skinny Pop probably every day at work, but I've also found that I really like Boom Chicka Pop too. The latter has a few more "flavor" options in case you're not a fan of just regular popcorn. Plus, they're already split up into portion and calorie controlled packages which helps so much. If it's in front of me, I'm going to eat it.

Frozen Grapes I love regular grapes, but frozen grapes are beyond perfect for summer. They get this odd but good kind of consistency, and kind of act like a little dessert (sad but true).

Almonds Specifically the 100-calorie pack almonds. Usually I'll pair them with a handful of dried cranberries (plain almonds make me sad).

Justin's Almond Butter I usually stick to the regular size Justin's Almond Butter (vanilla is my favorite and oddly less calories than regular), but they've come out with mini packets of almond butter too! They're great if you're hungry but in a rush.

Veggie Straws WEIRDLY OBSESSED WITH THESE. My sophomore year roommate and I ate these like it was our job (actually brought them to Mountain Weekend with us and they were oddly a huge hit), and since then I like to have them in the pantry every time I'm home. I've discovered the zesty ranch flavor too, which is amazing. I think that it's 35 veggie sticks to a serving? That's crazy.

Greek Yogurt Chobani plain is my favorite (I have a weird thing about food floating in other food, like flavored yogurt with pieces of fruit in it, don't ask why, I have no idea), and I'll add some honey or Truvia to make it not so harsh tasting.

Grapefruit So so so good for you and so so so delicious. I probably have like 2 or 3 grapefruits a week, as a snack or side item with breakfast or lunch. I also have this cool little knife that is specifically designed to cut a grapefruit. Can't find the link but it makes the job a lot easier.

What are y'alls favorite healthy snacks during the summer? 
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