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health + the post-grad detox

This semester (slash college in general) has taken a hit on my general health due to copious amounts of subpar cafeteria food and alcohol. The only thing that I'm excited about in my post-grad life is to end the cycle of college-era binge drinking and actually eat fruits and vegetables. 

Usually, my summers consist of working out a lot and eating v healthy, so I'm looking and feeling good when I'm back to school in August. Well now that's my entire life since I won't be going back to frat parties and hungover brunches. 

This all being said, I'm making a plan to get my body back on track.

This detox began when I left Winston on Tuesday.

I don't necessarily want to be pre-college Han, considering that was four years ago and no one can ever look like they did in high school, but getting fit and losing unwanted pounds is key. 

Let's call this my mid-year resolutions.

My main thing is a complete liver detox. Like no drinking for a loooooong time. To be honest, my high school friends are moving out of the area post-grad, I only have a couple of friends moving to NYC, and I don't have any work friends to go out with due to the fact I have no job. So this won't be hard.

I generally eat much healthier when I'm at home, so the second part of my detox plan is to just eat healthier! No bread, pasta....basically main "gluten" items, no fried food, more veggies and fruits...y'all know the drill. Water water water water water until I don't want to see any more water. NO MORE SODA I think the not being hungover and not needing mixers thing will solve that issue v quickly.

(I really sound like I drank my way through college I swear that's not true, but y'all know how college is.)

Of course, third part has to deal with exercise. I'm really good about exercising because I genuinely enjoy it. I really want to run a half marathon, so upping my running game is definitely something to do. Planks every day, squats every day, working with my trainer, mixing it up with kickboxing and weight training, all that jazz. I haven't exercised since right before Myrtle (kill me I feel like a sloth) because Wake closed the gym so I'm SUPER happy to be able to start my workout plan today! YAY!

I will be using my trusty Fitbit Alta to track my exercise and steps, and the Lose It! app to track my meals. I will hold myself accountable!

What else, what else....

That's all I can think of at the moment. I will keep y'all updated, especially with workout plans and recipes!

Let's get my body back!

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