beauty + summer nails

I'm not really one to be super adventurous with nail colors, even in the spring and summer. I stick with a light pink (most likely Ballet Slippers or whatever gel equivalent there is) on my fingers and a bright color on my toes. 

I just got my nails done yesterday, and I stuck with my formula. I got "e-nuf is e-nuf" on my toes so I wouldn't be completely boring. 

Pretty sure I've had my nails constantly painted since I was eleven years old. It really ties everything together. Honestly if I had it my way, I would have my usual dark-grey-almost-black or dark red nails all year round, but that really crosses the line into vampire territory when it's 75 and sunny. 

I hands down prefer gel nails over regular polish. If you're like me, your polish will be chipped by the time you leave the salon. I need the guarantee of a few weeks use. 

What are y'alls favorite nail colors for summer?

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