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style + off the shoulder obsession

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

I'm literally obsessed with every single one of the pieces shown above. They're so fun and flirty and chic and pretty and I'm trying to figure out a way for me to make enough money to grow a little off-the-shoulder collection. 

Off the shoulder dresses/rompers/tops are great for summer outfits. Pair dresses and rompers with high-tying lace up sandals, and tops with white jeans. 

So far, the best places to find off the shoulder items are ShopbopRevolveJ. CrewMadewellForever 21, and Nasty Gal. Unfortunately, since this trend is really taking off, a lot of it is sold out.

I just pre-ordered option number one from Revolve and have my eye on number nine if my size comes back in stock/if it goes on sale. If I could have an infinite number of Revolve gift cards, I would be a very happy girl. I also love the striped Nasty Gal dress. 

What are y'all up to this week?

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health + summer snacks

Thank the good Lord I finished my first week of the Tone it Up eight week challenge. I say this like I dislike the workouts, which I really don't; I actually enjoy everything I'm doing, and I'm not too tired every day to the point where I don't want to exercise. It's a bit daunting that I still have seven more weeks of straight working out, no breaks (we'll see how that goes, I'm determined to not cheat but really??? No days off???), but I've already lost a good amount since graduation so I think losing the remaining amount of extra weight will be motivation enough.

I'm hungry basically 90% of the time, and it's not because I have anything close to a fast metabolism (unfortunately). I've learned which healthy snacks will hold me over for a good amount of time. Summer is when I'm healthiest, and I've fined tuned my favorite snacks over the past few years.

"Skinny" Popcorn This obsession began last summer with having Skinny Pop probably every day at work, but I've also found that I really like Boom Chicka Pop too. The latter has a few more "flavor" options in case you're not a fan of just regular popcorn. Plus, they're already split up into portion and calorie controlled packages which helps so much. If it's in front of me, I'm going to eat it.

Frozen Grapes I love regular grapes, but frozen grapes are beyond perfect for summer. They get this odd but good kind of consistency, and kind of act like a little dessert (sad but true).

Almonds Specifically the 100-calorie pack almonds. Usually I'll pair them with a handful of dried cranberries (plain almonds make me sad).

Justin's Almond Butter I usually stick to the regular size Justin's Almond Butter (vanilla is my favorite and oddly less calories than regular), but they've come out with mini packets of almond butter too! They're great if you're hungry but in a rush.

Veggie Straws WEIRDLY OBSESSED WITH THESE. My sophomore year roommate and I ate these like it was our job (actually brought them to Mountain Weekend with us and they were oddly a huge hit), and since then I like to have them in the pantry every time I'm home. I've discovered the zesty ranch flavor too, which is amazing. I think that it's 35 veggie sticks to a serving? That's crazy.

Greek Yogurt Chobani plain is my favorite (I have a weird thing about food floating in other food, like flavored yogurt with pieces of fruit in it, don't ask why, I have no idea), and I'll add some honey or Truvia to make it not so harsh tasting.

Grapefruit So so so good for you and so so so delicious. I probably have like 2 or 3 grapefruits a week, as a snack or side item with breakfast or lunch. I also have this cool little knife that is specifically designed to cut a grapefruit. Can't find the link but it makes the job a lot easier.

What are y'alls favorite healthy snacks during the summer? 
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style + memorial weekend sale finds

one | two | three | four (top / bottom) | five | six | seven | eight 

I love holidays, not only because it happens to be my last name, but also because there are so many wonderful sales each holiday weekend. Memorial Day sales are great because you can get so many must-haves for summer before it's too late.

I gave away probably half of my closet after graduation (because do I really need 5 Tobi tops that all look the same, sadly no, I won't be in frat basements anymore) and I'm in a very very very very strong mood to shop. Thank the Lord for tax returns!

I've wanted the hot pink Lilly halter dress for a while now, and they were having a promotion for the weekend anyway, so it worked out perfectly. I also got the white off-the-shoulder top to instigate my off the shoulder obsession even further. 

Clothes keep my motivated to keep up my health, so as a present to myself for losing six pounds since I've been home (more posts to come on this subject), I bought one of the Monday Swimwear bikinis half off (!!!!). Fingers crossed that wearing this instantly makes me look like Tash and Dev. Ha. 

J. Crew bucket bags have become a little collection of mine. I'm usually not a big fan of J. Crew factory, but they were having an amazing sale and I'm a sucker for sales...and the light pink is so great for summer! Also at J. Crew factory, I found a white eyelet midi-skirt (so chic) and a blue and white mini skirt. For some reason I'm really not big on wearing skirts but I'm determined to change that. 

Lastly, ASOS, one of my all time favorites, is having a 20% everything sale, so I obviously had to take advantage of this. I found a black romper which is super cute, and wanted to buy gladiator sandals from ASOS too, but they didn't have the ones I wanted in my size. It's a shame having the most popular foot size. Also, thanks to a lovely commenter, I found these adorable oversize tortoiseshell sunglasses on sale at LOFT! 


What goodies have y'all found this weekend? 

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lifestyle + beach towels galore

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven 

Happy 200th blog post day! I'm a fan of the whimsical here at Whimsical Charm (get it), so it shouldn't be much of a surprise that this also applies to my taste in beach towels. The brighter and maybe even funnier, the better. 

I have enough Lilly beach towels to last me a life time, but you can only come across those with their summer promotions. Otherwise, I haven't come across one brand of beach towels that covers my funny/bright/witty/summery requirements. So far I've found the options shown above, and I'm still looking for more!
I'm not a huge beach go-er, even though I live basically on the coast. I prefer our pool, so I'm not even showing off a fun towel anyway because I just walk to my backyard and continue reading my Harry Potter alone. This makes me realize that maybe I should go to the beach more, as to have more human interaction besides the salad lady at Garelick and Herbs and my parents. 

Round towels have been popping up more frequently recently, and I know I've seen them on the A Bikini A Day insta. I think they're really cool, especially if you get an intricate, slightly free spirit type of design. 

I think my favorite option from the ones above is the ice cream cone towel. How cute is that!? It's almost Jonathan Adler-esque. I like optical illusions, especially fun ones. 

What are y'all up to today? Comment with plans to inspire me! 

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what to wear + memorial day

Normal, functioning adults view this holiday as a great chance for a long weekend, however I, a barely-to-semi-functioning adult (ha), view this as just a regular string of days. Thanks, unemployment.

Okay done with self pity. I'm quite excited for this weekend because it's another chance to lay by the pool. I've taken up re-reading the Harry Potter series which really consumes the time that I don't spend working out and applying for jobs (sidenote: if any of y'all have suggestions of where I should work, slash want to help a girl out, email me at thanks thanks thanks), and honestly reading by the pool makes the time go by super fast. I'm also way past borderline obsessed with Harry Potter so this is very nice indeed. 

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven

Go USA color scheme National American holiday, red white and blue, duh. That's the basic theme. You can't really go wrong with red, white, and blue...I don't really look good in the classic, bright red that screams patriotic holiday, so I stick with just white and blue. The dress from Revolve (number four) and the romper from Nasty Gal (number nine) are literally perfect for summer, especially this weekend, because it's not hot enough yet (at least in the Northeast) so longer sleeves still work.

Lilly Beach Shorts I have the Lilly beach shorts and they're a crazy kind of comfortable. I wear them more of a lounge type of short rather than for the beach.

Sunglasses HOW CUTE ARE THESE SUNGLASSES? They're straying from my usual reflective-obsession but I'm totally willing to go against my norm because of how amazing they are. Starting a crowd tilt fund now for me to buy these, donate today.

Festive Bikini I'm really liking this new style from Triangl. The bottoms can come in regular coverage as well as cheeky (I'm leaning towards cheeky). Total inspiration for my workouts so maybe I can wear it (attractively) by the Fourth of July!

Sunscreen Duh.

Nineties Throwback I don't really know how this really falls in line with Memorial Day, but number one and number two of the collage above really speak to me. The off the shoulder white top is great because it fills the white of the red, white and blue theme, and off the shoulder is chic AF (done correctly, of course). Also, I have mixed feelings about the denim skort (mainly because it's a skort), but my BFF has a denim skirt she wears frequently and I think it's amazing.

Tote Bag To put all your beach accessories. Even if you're staying at your own pool, buy the tote. It's too freaking cute.

I'll hopefully be posting to the Whimsical Charm insta, maybe even my own insta (haven't posted in a week, longest I haven't posted in years, thanks post-grad), so check y'alls social media! Keep me updated on what everyone's doing for the holiday weekend!

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lifestyle + closet organization (aka HELP)

Dear Lord help me.

I'm in a situation. A pickle if you will.

I have come back for the summer (slash the rest of my life) and am back to living in my parent's house until I A) find a job B) find some form of income C) find an apartment. 

With moving back home brings all of my college clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, hair tools, blah blah blah blah blah THERE IS WAY TOO MUCH OF IT FOR ME TO HANDLE.

The worst part of all this is that I gave away so much stuff when I was moving out of my dorm room. Like bags of clothes and most of my room decoration were given to Goodwill. And I still have an ungodly amount left over that I really don't know what to do with, really don't want to deal with, and that I really don't want. 

However, I had to bite the bullet and actually get my ish together and clean the tornado that is my room.

Remember how clean and pretty it used to be

I don't get anxiety, and my room is giving my anxiety.

I am currently trying to figure out a good way to organize my closet. Sounds pretty simple right?

The architects that designed our house made everything look great, yet function was not high on their to-do list when making our closets. I have built in shelves, but they're oddly sized. They're also really high, and being the 5'5 girl I am, this requires me to use a ladder or risk another injury and climb up these shelves (I do this quite often, actually). 

one | two | three | four

I'm trying to find storage bins/baskets that are cute and functional, but I will still use when I move into my own apartment. This is key. TBH I had storage bins but I wasn't a fan of them, and they honestly didn't hold much. Out with the old and in with the new.

I went to IKEA on Monday and was underwhelmed with their selection of storage bins and overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I fell in love with. If I could move into IKEA, I would. Same goes with Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I don't know why but I'm weirdly obsessed with both those places. So much room for activities.

I tried Home Goods too, which usually serves me well. Alas, nada. 

I'm thinking the Container Store is going to do the trick. Hopefully. Otherwise I'm just going to have to deal and let my shelves be less than organized until I move out. 

So. If y'all have any suggestions on where to get storage bins, HELP A GIRL OUT! My days are pretty much spent thinking about my closet, applying for jobs, and working out. Give me a reason to leave my house.

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what to wear + brunch

Being the basic white girl that I am, brunch is a frequent pasttime in which my friends and I recap our nights and plan our shenanigans for the following days. 

I love brunch. I could eat breakfast food all day, every day. 

In my opinion, there are two routes you can go when enjoying your basic bitch brunch: boozy or hungover. Boozy brunch, aka brunch with bottomless mimosas to kickstart your day, is more of a Saturday type thing, where you're still excited about more events to come that weekend. Hungover brunch is so a Sunday thing. Pretty self-explanatory.

Click read more to see what my outfit picks are for both brunch options!

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style + the little black bikini

one (top / bottom) | two (top / bottom) | three (top / bottom) | four (top / bottom) | five (top / bottom) | six (top / bottom) | seven | eight (top / bottom)

I'm a firm believer that every girl needs to own at least one, preferably more than one, black bikini. My most worn bikini is 100% my black string. 

The LBB is really cool without trying too hard. It's also really easy to find, because literally everyone sells black bikinis. 

Obviously I wear my black string a lot (the perfect tanning bikini), and my Monday Swimwear black bikini is another fave...but unfortunately everything from Monday is currently sold out. 

I bought the strappy strapless (number four, above) for Myrtle Beach, and it was one of the bikinis I actually wore. H&M and Forever 21 have awesome cheap bikinis if you're looking for something in a rush.

If you want to splurge a little, go for Mikoh. Their crazily strappy bikinis ooze cool. One of my friends has number eight (shown above), and it looks so cool I can't even explain it. 

The next on my list (rewards for successes in my post-grad detox include bikinis and Lululemon) is the Triangl black neoprene bikini. They have a couple in stock in different styles, and I'm definitely not edgy enough to wear them, but I love them. I've had my eye on these spy-esque almost latex looking bikinis for years now.

Wishing it was warm and sunny in Connecticut instead of dreary and chilly...

...also wishing I wasn't spending my day cleaning out my closet (HELP ME)...

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lifestyle + pineapple decor

I am a person who gets really excited about really small things. These small things include my (obvious) love for pineapples. They typically symbolize hospitality, but I think they're just so happy and wonderful that they can bring joy to everyone! 

Okay, sappy part over.

I want my own apartment as soon as I can and plan to have a fantastic array of pineapple decor to spruce up my home. After grueling over interior design websites (ha I say that like it was hard to do, I could spend hours on West Elm and Lulu & Georgia...and definitely have...), I have found my favorite pineapple-inspired decorative items!

Click read more to see my picks.

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health + the post-grad detox

This semester (slash college in general) has taken a hit on my general health due to copious amounts of subpar cafeteria food and alcohol. The only thing that I'm excited about in my post-grad life is to end the cycle of college-era binge drinking and actually eat fruits and vegetables. 

Usually, my summers consist of working out a lot and eating v healthy, so I'm looking and feeling good when I'm back to school in August. Well now that's my entire life since I won't be going back to frat parties and hungover brunches. 

This all being said, I'm making a plan to get my body back on track.

This detox began when I left Winston on Tuesday.

I don't necessarily want to be pre-college Han, considering that was four years ago and no one can ever look like they did in high school, but getting fit and losing unwanted pounds is key. 

Let's call this my mid-year resolutions.

My main thing is a complete liver detox. Like no drinking for a loooooong time. To be honest, my high school friends are moving out of the area post-grad, I only have a couple of friends moving to NYC, and I don't have any work friends to go out with due to the fact I have no job. So this won't be hard.

I generally eat much healthier when I'm at home, so the second part of my detox plan is to just eat healthier! No bread, pasta....basically main "gluten" items, no fried food, more veggies and fruits...y'all know the drill. Water water water water water until I don't want to see any more water. NO MORE SODA I think the not being hungover and not needing mixers thing will solve that issue v quickly.

(I really sound like I drank my way through college I swear that's not true, but y'all know how college is.)

Of course, third part has to deal with exercise. I'm really good about exercising because I genuinely enjoy it. I really want to run a half marathon, so upping my running game is definitely something to do. Planks every day, squats every day, working with my trainer, mixing it up with kickboxing and weight training, all that jazz. I haven't exercised since right before Myrtle (kill me I feel like a sloth) because Wake closed the gym so I'm SUPER happy to be able to start my workout plan today! YAY!

I will be using my trusty Fitbit Alta to track my exercise and steps, and the Lose It! app to track my meals. I will hold myself accountable!

What else, what else....

That's all I can think of at the moment. I will keep y'all updated, especially with workout plans and recipes!

Let's get my body back!

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beauty + summer nails

I'm not really one to be super adventurous with nail colors, even in the spring and summer. I stick with a light pink (most likely Ballet Slippers or whatever gel equivalent there is) on my fingers and a bright color on my toes. 

I just got my nails done yesterday, and I stuck with my formula. I got "e-nuf is e-nuf" on my toes so I wouldn't be completely boring. 

Pretty sure I've had my nails constantly painted since I was eleven years old. It really ties everything together. Honestly if I had it my way, I would have my usual dark-grey-almost-black or dark red nails all year round, but that really crosses the line into vampire territory when it's 75 and sunny. 

I hands down prefer gel nails over regular polish. If you're like me, your polish will be chipped by the time you leave the salon. I need the guarantee of a few weeks use. 

What are y'alls favorite nail colors for summer?

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lifestyle + i'm a college graduate!!

Well...I'm done with college...

I wore this Lilly dress and was very thankful for my gown during the ceremony because it was actually pretty chilly. 

The commencement speaker (Eboo Patel) was surprisingly good (considering none of us knew who he was), and the majority of the event was reading off the names of the grads. 

I was definitely happiest on graduation day when I got to have dinner at my favorite W-S restaurant, Mozelles. 

I drove the long ten hours home yesterday from Winston-Salem, and they were not very pleasant due to my stark resistance against actually leaving Wake. I actually have a lot to do this week so it's nice that I get a chance to keep my mind off the post-grad reality!

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lifestyle + pre-grad fun

Hahahahahaha I'm graduating college today.

I would really rather not do this. I've said this many times and I really don't think I've said it enough.

My brother got to Wake on Friday night, and my parents came on Saturday. Basically this weekend has been comprised of cleaning out my dorm room, taking more pictures than prom and high school graduation combined, and trying not to cry every time someone says the word "graduation." 

Saturday morning a bunch of my sorority sisters and I took pictures in our white grad dresses while prancing around campus. Honestly getting a camera for Christmas was the best thing that could have ever happened considering the pictures this semester have been better than any I've taken ever. 

I wore my Lilly Pulitzer pineapple dress, because pineapples. I'm actually wearing a different white Lilly dress to the real graduation ceremony (#princess) so I'm glad I'm getting to take two different sets of pictures.

Yesterday morning we had Baccalaureate, which was surprisingly great. Our speaker was amazing and it was short and sweet. 

After Baccalaureate my friend group had a grad party at our favorite hipster Mexican restaurant, The Porch. Guys this place is my fave. If y'all are ever in lovely Winston-Salem, go to the Porch. We basically rented out their outside area and had a Mexican fiesta buffet with an open bar. There were seven families there and I had such a great time! 

insta: @hanholliday @whimsicalcharmblog
Wish me luck that I don't fall in my wedges while picking up my diploma, and that I have a decent day despite A) moving out B) saying goodbye to all my friends and C) freaking not being a college student anymore. Cheers!

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lifestyle + trays for days

Let's begin planning my future apartment, shall we. 

I am living at home for a while, mostly because it's a nice money-saver and I happen to live in a really convenient location. But, that won't stop me from planning what I want my apartment to look like once I get a job get on my feet.

If any of y'all follow me on Pinterest, you know I consistently post apartment decorating ideas on my board "my future apartment"(clever, I'm aware). For the past few years, I've been picking and choosing my favorite items from coffee table books to trinkets to how I'll organize my clothing.

I already have a small collection of for jewelry, little items, etc etc etc. They're super cute and add a little personality while staying bite size. 

In my room at home, I have the gold zebra tray and one with pineapples on it, and a couple others that I can't remember off the top of my head. I spent a while trying to find other fun ones (def check out Jonathan Adler, Lola and Jeannine and Shopbop) and have officially compiled a list of everything I like.

Obviously anything animal inspired is a go-to. Rawr.

The "champagne s'il vous plait," "Swanky" and the gold eyes trays are my three favorites. I like to go for the wittier slash lightly risqué ones because they are fun without drawing too much attention.

I obviously like to stay within the same color palette of gold, white and black (SHOCKING), but throw in a pineapple and I'll literally foam at the mouth.

When I have my lovely future apartment, be prepared for pictures on pictures of more trays than you have ever wanted to see.

On another note, it's graduation weekend (finally, ugh). My brother is driving down today, and the parental units are joining us tomorrow. Packing has become the bane of my existence and I have a major scare with a broken phone yesterday. I honestly think I could work at an Apple Store because I had more competence than the people I was dealing with yesterday. Thank the good Lord that's fixed because obviously I have to take a million pictures in the next four days to document the fact I'm leaving my comfortable, albeit borderline irresponsible life as a college student. Hurrah.

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beauty + an ode to the dry brush

If you believe in the statement "Beauty is pain," then you'll really believe in the power of the dry brush. 

If you like brushing away dead skin and cellulite while simultaneously helping drain out your lymphatic system, then you'll like dry brushing.

My favorite blog The Skinny Confidential frequently discusses the amazing benefits of dry brushing, and I completely agree. Whenever I feel a gross, a nice dry brush session works wonders.

Basically, your skin is the largest organ of the body, whether you notice it or not. It needs to be detoxed from time to time, and dry brushing is a great way to do that. I've been dry brushing since last summer, and it's honestly really relaxing when you get into a routine of doing it. 

Exfoliation, reducing appearance of cellulite, removes toxins, increases energy, increases circulation, smoothes skin 

Start from your ankles and work your way up to your arms and chest, always up towards your heart. Use long strokes upward. I'll try to dry brush a couple of times a week, but it's recommended to do it every day. It won't be as uncomfortable if you do it consistently.

Do it y'all.

Just do it.

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lifestyle + posties recap

I'm back from South Carolina! I'm sleep deprived, physically exhausted, and am in desperate need of a juice cleanse/month long detox, however I have 7 more days until I can really relax. But, Myrtle was a fun time and a great way to hang out with all of my friends before we graduate.

I stayed at the great ole Avista Resort, a ridiculous place where most mornings are spent calling to your friends across the balcony and the rest of the day is spent on the beach.

personal insta: @hanholliday blog insta: @whimsicalcharmblog
I got to wear my new favorite one piece! It was extremely comfortable and got a ton of compliments. 

One of the best parts of North Myrtle is Senor Willie's Taco Shack. No lie, most post-games are spent eating quesadillas and tacos. My friends and I have been obsessed with this place for years, and the picture above is unfortunately the only picture I've ever taken of the phenomenon. The shack is open until 3-4 in the morning which is ideal. 

Today marks the beginning of Senior Week in North Carolina, and I'm actually spending the day on a mountain with 500 of my closest senior friends! Prayers, y'all.

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wishlist + may

The fact that it's May really blows my mind. Yes I'm happy that it's finally closer to the summer season, but time is going by way too quickly!

Regardless, here is my wishlist for the month of May. 

Tarte Bloom Palette One of my hobbies at the peak of my boredom is to watch makeup tutorials. One of my recent fave vloggers is always using the Tarte Bloom palette and I've become quite a fan. I don't really know how I feel about wearing such warm, rosy colors (I wear the same black and nude eyeshadow every day of my life), but rose-toned colors really compliment green eyes (my eye color), so it's worth a try. 

Pink Reflective Aviators I detailed my obsession with these glasses recently, and boy the love is still strong. 

Silk PJ's Preferably a cami/short set for the warmer weather. They're so fun and flirty!

Show Me Your Mumu Romper I think this romper is crazy pretty. Plus, the light colors will really accentuate my (hopeful) tan.

Oribe Dry Texture Spray My not-so-secret weapon to my perpetually messy hair. I used up my can of Oribe at spring formal, and have been relying on other sea salt sprays to keep my hair rumpled and beachy...but it's just not the same.

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Okay so I saw this water bottle on Urban Outfitters and I think it's just the coolest thing. You put fruit at the bottom (most likely lemon) and you get infused water! Lemon water is so flippin' good for you and this is provides easy access!

Kate Spade Watch I use my Fitbit Alta to tell time, which is great and all, but I feel like in the "real world" I'm going to want a fancy "adult" watch. But guys look at this Kate Spade literally highlights when Happy Hour is. That's amazing. I saw it and was like okay Kate, you're directly marketing to me right now.

Chrissy Teigan's Cravings As a lover of anything Chrissy Teigan, this book is a no-brainer. However I don't cook, I don't know how to cook, and the thought of making anything but avocado toast sounds way too complicated for me to handle. I also would like to start collecting coffee table and cookbooks for my post-grad life.

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lifestyle + favorite pool accessories

I will be home in a total of eight days, meaning my life as an unemployed college graduate is vastly approaching. It's depressing, yes, I'll be v sad about not going back to college in the fall, yes, however my family home has just acquired a lovely pool and I'm beyond pumped to be able to be depressed and sad about my post-grad life, all while being very tan. 

My mother has collected an assortment of pool floats and accessories that I plan on using to the best of my ability. Cue an obnoxious amount of insta's featuring me on a swan float. 

I don't know when a lot of pool floats becomes too many pool floats, but I like to surround myself with things that make me happy, and all of the pool floats above make me very, very happy. The popcorn? The ice cream sandwich?? The pizza??? I don't even really like pizza (I apologize) and I love the pizza float. Long gone are the days of boring, single primary color rectangular or round tube floats. As the pool towel says above, "I am fun!"

Given my (obvious) obsession with all things pineapple-themed, my two favorite items shown above are the pineapple pool float and ping pong set. They're so flippin' summer-y and cute! 

I also love the themed ice cube trays. 

Most of all, there are mini float drink holders! LIKE OKAY COOL. 

See me in eight days when I'll be fantasizing about frat parties and the Upper Quad...on a perfectly happy and fun pool float.

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style + reflective sunglasses

Ridiculously colored mirrored sunglasses are one of the best ways to look cool, while still not having anyone know at what you're looking. I'm a huge fan of them, and am slowly but surely beginning to collect various styles and colors of mirrored sunglasses. 

When it comes to reflective lenses, I think it's better to stay with round frames or aviators. Wayfarers with blue mirrored lenses just look like the freebies brands give away as promotions. Ray Ban and Illesteva are the best if you're going for brand names, otherwise BP at Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters have some great inexpensive options.

The Dior So Real sunglasses look pretty ridiculous on me (my edginess level is not on par with these glasses), plus they're a whopping $600 (no thanks). But, there are a few people around campus I've seen sporting these glasses (kudos to them) and they're really cool.

I tried on the pink reflective Ray Ban aviators the other day and I am not kidding when I say I believe in true love after this encounter. I have had the blue version for three years now, they're a staple in my constant rotation of accessories, however holy wow the pink ones are fun AF (so are the green ones, a close second, but guys PINK). I immediately texted my brother and tried to coerce him into getting them for me as a graduation present. He didn't say no. Updates to follow.

If you're not into spending a lot of money on real Illesteva's, I found cheaper lookalike at American Eagle the other day. Much better if you're not as responsible with nicer sunglasses (says the queen of irresponsibility with nicer sunglasses). 

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style + my one piece obsession

I didn't start wearing bikinis until I was a sophomore in high school. Before then, it was a whole lotta one pieces. And trust me, fifteen years of one pieces makes you not want to see another one ever again.


The obsession is real. Like in the past two and a half months. Basically since the Bae Watch phenomenon of Cancun 2016. I've never had so much fun in an article of clothing. 

My eyes have been (re)opened to the world of ~fun n flirty~ swimwear, so take note ladies; sometimes covering up more on the beach is so, so worth it. 

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

Today is the day I leave for posties, and my stars and stripes and palm print one pieces are anxiously awaiting their use. While I do love a good basic, solid color suit, I've found the more outrageous (not inappropriate), the better.

I once saw a one-piece that looked like a shark had taken bites out of it. That's hella funny.

Too many girls at my school wear suits that would be better off requiring an instruction manual for how to put it on. If your swimsuit rivals bondage, take a step back.

Anything by Private Party is fair game. Sayings on their suits include "Bae Watch" (duh), "Beach Better Have My Sunny," "Cake Cake Cake," "Fuego," "IDFWU," "Or Nah," and "Spicy Margarita" LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME I'm dying. I might be one of the few that finds these suits hilarious. I pride myself on my sense of humor.

Show Me Your Mumu has great topical print options. Blue Life is sassy and super pretty, and basically you can find anything under the sun at Revolve.

I prefer wearing one pieces to parties or fun little shindigs rather than just tanning. Gotta check those tanlines.

I hope my enthusiasm for one pieces has translated well. Now go order one of your own.

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