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You've probably seen it everywhere, but for good reason. The banana leaf print has been taking over and I can't complain. It's tropical without being obnoxious, and the specific color of green isn't offensive or unflattering.

Both of the rompers above are super cute and definitely something I would wear. As it gets closer to summer, this print is perfect for a variety of occasions.

I need to stop buying unproductive phone cases as I'm about to go to the Apple Store to get my screen fixed for the fifth time since I started college....however, this case is awesome and just simple enough without being boring.

It's a long way off until I get my first apartment (need a job first LOL) but the pillow shown above would be a fun option.

Lastly, THIS ONE-PIECE. I really need to do a post on just one-pieces because they've totally made a comeback in my mind. I love this one from Revolve and it's perfect for summer!

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