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Christmas came early this year, and it was glorious. Carolina Cup is one of my favorite events of college, and yesterday did not disappoint. Click read more to see other pictures from the day!

I wore this dress with cowboy boots. I'm not a fan of cowboy boots and Lilly dresses, but unfortunately it was raining until literally right before the event so the ground was in pretty gross shape.  

The day consists of waking up at 5 to be in a fraternity lounge by 6 to leave by 7 to get to Camden, SC by 10. It's absurd but totally worth it. I ended up seeing people from high school and my Vineyard Vines internship! I was super lucky because I fell asleep the entire way home, so the ride back wasn't bad at all.

Weighing the pros and cons of returning to the Cup next year...

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